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  1. Was surprised to see that Rouse defeated Liberty Hill 28-17 on Friday.
  2. Incorrect, she was free to disagree with them all she wanted, she was run off because she chose to publicly air said disagreements.
  3. She committed the cardinal sin of broadcasting that she is a total moron to a national audience
  4. This one has hit me hard. I grew up on Buffett, he was the soundtrack of my childhood. The first concert my parents took me to was Buffett, my summers as a child were primarily spent on our sailboat with a Buffett tune on in the background. Thanks for all the memories Jimmy!
  5. I think its a slight reach but not totally unreasonable
  6. Wait so @Texzilla58is full of shit? No way!
  7. Personally I’d put Baker and McKinley as 1a and 1b. We need to stack elite line talent with the impending SEC move.
  8. Banks vs these dudes in practice for 1 season is going to be fun
  9. Am I crazy or do the Oktoberfests get rolled out earlier every year? It’s only 8/7 and it’s 107 fucking degrees out people! By the time I’m in the mood to drink some they’ll all be gone from the shelves.
  10. Fuck cumulus and fuck the ticket (except Gordo) #TeamDumbZone
  11. This years Texas Nike zoom sneaks will be available this week.
  12. If only they had consulted with you first they would know how the talk radio industry works.
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