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  1. The problem for me at least is his music is just not that interesting
  2. elguapo

    New Music 2024

    Uncle Acid's new album is a vibe, I dig it
  3. I don’t understand how or why we as a society have deemed that a person on stage pushing play on laptop is an acceptable live music act
  4. If you are into climbing docs like Free Solo then Valley Uprising is excellent - young Alex Honnold is in it.
  5. I’m really digging the jazz funk sound like below right now. Y’all have any favorite jams in this style?
  6. You have a thing for projecting feelings onto others don’t you? I’m not morally outraged, that would be very silly. I think steroids being featured in MLB again is great!
  7. Not at all, but I’m not surprised that a ranger fan would struggle with basic reading. As I very clearly wrote I’m worried that Adolis’ head is about to explode.
  8. I agree that it would be upsetting if the rangers comically roided up outfielders head exploded during a game
  9. Congrats to the Rangers on your dominating win! Also, y’all might want to tell Adolis to chill on the roids for a bit, I’m worried his head is about to pop!
  10. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few tunes.
  11. Morons who want to push conspiracy theories are always going to find something that they can distort to fit their beliefs.
  12. Obviously we need more guns
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