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  1. When have college student protests been on the wrong side of history?
  2. I just had a 48-hour layover in Guyana. Zero stars; would not recommend. No wonder those people offed themselves.
  3. One of our 2 ac units committed suicide yesterday. This portable Toshiba is at least keeping the master bedroom tolerable. Not bad for $319.
  4. I turn 58 this year, and I'm 90/10 and will probably stay there until my dirt nap. Every monte Carlo simulation agrees.
  5. "But the other guy is a catastrophe." She betrayed a million people that voted for her after she dropped out. Honestly, this betrayal will have more holding their noses and pulling the blue handle for the first time.
  6. It's not just our area. You can't throw a stick in this state without hitting one of those dipshits.
  7. Did you ever work at Astroworld? Best worst job I ever had.
  8. Well, I'm glad Sark can recruit nationally.
  9. Imagine how early he has to get up to change his diaper and do hair and makeup.
  10. They really don't give a shit about player or fan safety.
  11. I enjoyed the film and only had a passing awareness of the family growing up in Houston. We were raised on wrestling promotion by Paul Boesch.
  12. Goddamn this place is better with a Slorch 'Pull yourself up by your bootstraps take.'
  13. Pink Floyd on the turntable. 40 minutes until 5 o'clock. I'm not an animal.
  14. Even better. They had Texas at 6.
  15. MLB APP is so used to putting an L up they couldn't help themselves.
  16. That's hysterical and fuck ou.
  17. Can those socialist pussies fly F-22s and F-35s? We've got 9 floating cities positioned across the oceans to drop on Muhammed if he steps outside his tent. Checkmate commies.
  18. Alex Bregman and his shitty salsa and punchable LSU face can fuck right off too.
  19. Last year, UTSA and UT Arlington CAPed students were required to attend summer classes on campus. I believe they pull this nonsense because those are the two most popular choices to thin the herd.
  20. I even start UT games 10 minutes late to fast forward through the bullshit. Put the ball on the tee and start the fucking game.
  21. I'd wager the publisher convinced her to keep the story in because he/she is sane and knows Noem shouldn't be near the seat of government.
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