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  1. This has been an enjoyable game.
  2. He's never gonna get that sand out of those shoes.
  3. I'd like to point and laugh at baylor in the end.
  4. Here to point and laugh when this is over. Dude stole money for 4 years.
  5. DaysOff


    There are too many fucking tourists in London now. Every year I say I'm done traveling during spring break, and every year I get sucked back in. Fuck them kids. This is it.
  6. Jesus Fucking Christ. Who has time for this many grievances and conspiracies.
  7. My last renewal required a new picture. I thought fuck you and proceeded with the online renewal steps and it worked.
  8. This is a fascinating discussion. Can my 401k go up now?
  9. Don't know which sock you are, but are you implying an anthropogenic climate change isn't happening? I also think the GT quote was about reaching the tipping point of the feedback loop of climate heating, which we probably have, so adaptation is our only option. Don't give a fuck if homo Sapiens adapt or not.
  10. 99.9% of species on this rock have disappeared. Homo Sapiens think they're different because an invisible man watches over them, and everything will be all right. I give us another 200 years tops. We've come close to extinction numbers several times and lucked our way out.
  11. Get your shit back in at Delta. Scooter is a lying fuckface.
  12. I use Captain Oveur as my avatar on our Family Life 360.
  13. Buying opportunities, gentlemen. Buying opportunities.
  14. They truly have Texas Derangement Syndrome. I always thought the saying living rent-free was silly, but here it it in living color. I feel like Don Draper getting out of the elevator. I won't think of them until 2024. Of course, I don't do aggy. They're not in my life whatsoever.
  15. He's a baseball player. He shouldn't be out there.
  16. Haven't followed this at all, but binged the Netflix series last night. Holy shit this family is full of ginger pieces of shit. Death penalty for all of them on principle alone.
  17. 1450 is great; submit the score. These assholes are lying. They'll look at the scores and consider everything.
  18. Because fuck you that's why. There's the good side and the bad side. Guess which one you and that orange baboon are on, but you're just asking questions. I just flew 10 Ukrainian soldier (kids) from Minneapolis to New York. I guess they were at Mayo getting fitted with prosthetics because every one of them was missing 3 limbs.
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