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  1. Schloss's first meeting with the current pitching staff -
  2. Lake testing a 2024 Tige Z3 tomorrow here on Canyon Lake. Here's the boat they just trucked down from the NXTLVL shop in Ft Worth. Will report back...
  3. Like my buddy Lat22 used to say, aggy will take a dump and call that a "tradition".
  4. Fantastic example. Little reflection in the stat book.
  5. I do not remember him, but that's natural at my age.
  6. He also just did a lot of great, clutch shit that isn't reflected in any numbers. The guy was smart, blocked balls in the dirt like a mofo, and seemed to come through in tight situations time and time again.
  7. It was this. In order for Canyon Lake to really catch water it has to rain big time in Kerrville, Comfort, Sisterdale. It all starts around the Hunt, TX locale.
  8. Silas, in his final year, was as good as I've ever seen behind the plate in a Texas uniform (over 40 years of watching).
  9. It came down in sheets for over 2 hours here at Canyon Lake yesterday. Monsoon type rains. I had to putter the boat back to the marina and take refuge with everyone else out on the lake in the restaurant above it. Woke up this morning to check and the lake level not only didn't come up any, it went fucking down. FML
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