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  1. Glad I’m not the only one missing points.
  2. Trust me, I’m not a fan. Pops up in my feed for some reason and his headline was what put the word in my head. I didn’t even read past all the holy roller shit in his first paragraph. It was a Dude “parlance of our times” whathaveyou. I was thinking Monty Python “Sir Robin ran away…” minstrel show, but Cajunfail made sure my foot landed squarely on the mine.
  3. I'll bet Lowell Galindo is really hoping to get a gig at Colorado.
  4. No argument. It was a bad word choice that simply popped to mind from a Jason Whitlock article I had just read and I meant nothing by it other than sideshow/circus/snake oil. The aspect of race never entered my mind, but believe what you wanna believe.
  5. No, it’s on brand for Jason Whitlock.
  6. They should be embarrassed for a LOT more than just that.
  7. From "We're going to dominate" to "Better get us now!" LMAO at the Deion minstrel show. Wish granted Mr Look at me! You just got gotten and there's a lot more to come.
  8. Cut her some slack, she was probably boogered by the entire Briles roster.
  9. Put a Boston Butt & a rack of spare ribs on the Homo Joe for the game in honor of Baylo. You know, because they like to pork young girls without consent and all…
  10. So, atmosphere is solely dependent on opponent? Got it.
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