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  1. Rut Roh. Had that happen once on my Nautique. Turned out to be a MAP sensor that needed replacing.
  2. Of course, the chicas love to get in on that actions too. I told her the tits flash would bring the fish up. I don't think she was aware of my GoPro mount...
  3. Cajun


    Sunset down at my place near Bigfoot last evening. I'm feeling much more confident about Saturday now...
  4. Down at my family's place near Bigfoot, TX last evening. I'm feeling good about Saturday...
  5. I love driving S TX. On my way to Choke Canyon on Friday I got behind a dude in a big ass F250 towing a small bay boat with the words, "In Tow" spelled out with orange tape on the back of the boat. I shit you not. "Oh man, I'm sure glad he put that there! I was beginning to think that boat was somehow just cruising all by itself down 37." I also love some of the back window artwork I come across in Devine...
  6. You're being waaaaay too kind here, based on what I watched today. Jeebus Christo, they were Manny Diaz bad. And that's not hyperbole.
  7. Both were stoooooopid things to say irrespective of whose pom poms you (the Royal "you", the editorial) wave.
  8. And, yet, here you are. Bro. Btw, I ripped Sark a new one for his “Ran out of time” line. Maybe you should consider not being a flaming pussy and follow suit regarding your regard of a coach. Mmmkay?
  9. No one here claimed it did. See the difference?
  10. I’m about 15 miles from you just south of Bigfoot and have had exactly the same experience. Went from good numbers to a trickle and those are very high flyers.
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