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  1. Concur on Paloma Blanca. Great atmosphere, but their food has taken a full step back from the old days.
  2. I lean towards fucks. But that might mean "fucks" us. Not sure yet.
  3. That whole thing was life - Carne guisada, refried beans, sausage, bacon, cheese, and roasted Serrano peppers. It is by far my favorite non puffy taco in SA, which means anywhere.
  4. I put them there for scale.
  5. The Guisadilla at Rolando's this morning. I hate myself-
  6. This was the Island Teriyaki brand btw -
  7. I found an Island Teriyaki bottle half full in my pantry, but it wasn't enough, so I poured about 1/4 cup of juice from a jalapeño jar into it and then rummaged up one of those spice shakers of powdered ranch dressing you get from Costco. Shook up the bottle and bathed those wings in that stuff then coated them with the ranch. At first I put the wings on the top shelf of the grill at medium heat to render out some of the fat (maybe 12 -15 min) and then I moved all of them to the bottom shelf and turned up the heat full blast to get them charred up. After that I put all of them back into the pyrex that I marinated them in and then put that back on the grill in the pyrex at low heat to render down all of that marinade and kill whatever salmonella was creeping around in there. Once that started to caramelized I pulled the whole thing off, let it cool down, mixed the wings around in that gooey sauce, and then ate the ever livin' shit out of them. Best I've ever had bar none and it was all mainly just an accident. I had no plan.
  8. @IncredulityI'll give you the full play by play tomorrow. Having granddaughter time right now.
  9. Teriyaki/Jalapeno/Ranch wangs. Just got a wild hair and threw what I could find in the pantry at 'em. There are good wings & then there's next level. These are the 2nd one--
  10. H-Berg's BBQ, where something good is always cooking. Don't forget to try our Blue Margarita! YO, SCIENCE!!!
  11. Saw this just down the road from my house here at Canyon Lake. If it's for sale I'm going to buy it and get yellow hazmat suits for me and my buddy to smoke briskets in on the other side of the RV out where everyone is driving by --
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