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  1. and yet we amazingly lost both. that's why predicting anything with any level of certainty here is dumb.
  2. sidis

    Austin FC

    that lafc game was so much fun...what a great time. and what an absolute fucking shitass letdown ever since.
  3. trying to imagine maninblack and weasel's heads exploding if this happened... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/george-soross-nephew-considering-everton-takeover-bid-f5zb3d7jr
  4. I’m taking my kids this weekend since they have four days off and we are staying at 1hotel right off the park. I have stayed there before and enjoyed it. it is my 9 and 7 year olds’ first time so mostly the classic hits but I could use a rec for something new/fresh for dinner before wicked on Sunday night. No per se lunch, eleven Madison park dinner on the same day this time. My girls love when I cook out of the Balthazar cookbook so headed there Saturday evening for the og. Vanderbilt summit experience, moma, cp, high line, ferry round trip for statue all on the agenda along with wicked. Also, where is the current zeitgeist on unmatched pizza and bagels that no one’s ever heard of these days (besides sbarro of course)?
  5. sidis

    iowa city

    that game was boring AF. iowa's offense is as bad as advertised. michigan should win all their games until columbus. iowa city was fine...nothing special, nothing terrible. the most white people i have ever seen in my life.
  6. and the horns were coming off an absolutely humiliating rape job in fort worth.
  7. pretty much. the experience is in the front 7 along with cook in the dbfield and none of them have really panned out to be difference makers at all. just not that good. combined with incompetent coaching...not a good mix. the offense has to not disappear for entire halves at a time to win and that is hard to do with so much youth.
  8. it is remarkable that this site has not figured out that this season is going to be a weekly crow eating exercise...texas is not good enough on defense and it does not have the second half quality play to just assume that there is a single opponent on the schedule left that is a free win ala a kansas in 2014 or something. the big 12 probably has the greatest level of parity this year than any conference in the history of college football. there is not a single just outright garbage team and there are no great teams. everyone is good enough to win each week - especially at home. everyone is inconsistent and everyone struggles a bit more on the road than at home. no one except okie state and maybe tcu have done anything this season to set themselves apart in terms of quality. most everyone has played incredibly lame non-conference schedules so we know nothing about them until the coming weeks. okstate and tcu (and a little bit estate) both have the material advantage of having 156th year starting qbs. so every week, the stupid ass false bravado "mudhole bla bla bla" that this board seems to trade in so frequently for 24 hours after we happen to win at home against a not great, not horrible team will end in crow. similarly, the "we suck we will never win, show me another possible victory" will have the same comeuppance whenever they actually play well enough in the first half to cover their second half ineptitude. texas is an incredibly frustrating team to root for this year. they show flashes of genius and their talent shows out every once in a while. but they are simply the worst team in history at stepping on a team's throat to end a game and always have to either make it interesting to the end or collapse with their utter inability to mitigate or stem momentum shifts. hell, even on saturday, if prather doesn't go full dipshit on the onside kick, shit gets a bit uncomfortable. sark is who he is...a 7-4 guy who is incapable of winning on the road as the only single game he's won away from dkr required bijan to go full hero mode against a pretty lame tcu team. he's one of the best o.c.'s in history and a terrible head coach. pk is embarrassingly bad at his job and opposing offensive coordinators and quarterbacks don't have their best career days ever - despite throwing horrible picks the week before and after - for some mysterious reason...it's obvious. but we have talent to pull through on some of these. so every single game from here on out is a coin flip except maybe iowa state at home where it is more like a 70% win probability and okstate where it is probably a 25% probability to win. as utterly ridiculous as it is to say that, after wandering through the desert for 12 years, it is what it is. when every game is a coin flip, you win some and you lose some. you guys let yourself get way too high after wins and way too low after losses for a team that has been so consistently inconsistent. it is inevitable with a young, talented team with an underperforming coaching staff that the inconsistency is how it will go. we all know deep down that even though ou looked embarrassing last week, we have absolutely no idea how it will go. if we had our 2008 team and ou looked like that, we would be confident in a 28-42 point win...that's what it is like to have a great team which we were then. that's not who we are now. but after seeing them blow the lead they did last year (that should have forced a coaching staff with any pride to completely disband themselves in some sort of honorable seppuku), that's just who texas is right now. literally no outcome in that game would shock me except maybe a full blown blowout ou win. and frankly, that is pretty much true for every game remaining on the schedule. the one thing that sark has going for him this year is that quinn played really well for a quarter against an above average defense under the brightest of lights before getting hurt...so it has convinced a lot of us that we are playing with one arm tied behind our back and when quinn gets back, we will take a huge leap forward. maybe there is some truth to that. card being literally the worst deep ball accuracy qb i have ever seen may make that at least a little bit true but that doesn't fix giving up 6 fourth downs, a lack of edge rush, incompetent onside recovery fundamentals, predictability, never throwing out of the roschon wildcat, misuse of bijan, and defensive second half collapses in any way. we aren't terrible, we aren't great. we are inconsistently good. some (me) would say that is a frustrating place to exist. some would say it makes the sport great and the uncertainty makes it more entertaining and interesting. but going full on despondent fatalist after every loss or going full blown false bravado message board chest thumping after wins with this team are equally dumb when this is what we have. ugh, i didn't intend for such an outrageous wall of text.
  9. sidis

    iowa city

    At Shorts now. Pretty good.
  10. Huh, didn’t know immamac was your nephew.
  11. this may be the ultimate reason i murder you.
  12. PSA for you all, Blonde is out. You’re welcome.
  13. sidis


    assuming you have watched mindhunter but if you haven't, it is the best show for this phenomenon in my opinion. the hybristophilia aspect of it that follows is an even more bizarre pathology in my opinion. those are some seriously broken people.
  14. it is primarily that she belongs to the "brothers of italy" party which is a descendant of the msi - a party founded by facists in the aftermath of ww2. a lot of those fascists were part of the republic of salo which was a pro-nazi regime during ww2. she is a blowhard right winger who pumps a lot of anti-secular, pro-theocracy christian bullshit. she trades in the same culture war boogeyman horseshit that maga simpletons do here...homophobia and anti-woke terminologies railing against the problems in society stemming from people using different pronouns. however, the reason for her (party's) rise is as simple as being in the opposition position when the tougher side of the economic/business cycle hit amidst inflation, stagnant economy, etc... much like this country almost always voting in the opposition in the first mid-term after a changeover in president like clockwork. combined with the fact that italians are having to cope with extraordinary immigration challenges and feel invaded from both the south and the east, they are understandably frustrated. all contributed to an easy rise of a right-winger. however, if dipshits like cruz actually understood how italian politics and government worked, they wouldn't be using that result to dunk all over internationalist, non-fascist windmills they construct. moreover, if they actually consumed information beyond these bite-sized clips they like, they would see that meloni has mellowed significantly in the last couple of years. she has criticized putin, extended olive branches to the e.u., really pulled back on the party's criticism of the union, etc... moreover, now that they are in the position of governing, they will of course be blamed for everything not going perfectly for everyone and will have a very short-lived term in power. same as it ever was everywhere...particularly in italia.
  15. i actually was there. and unfortunately, i have been around for every year since...the majority of which have been further proof that there cannot be a god...or if there is...he's a sick fuck.
  16. it blows my mind that awful, ugly people like this never receive the horrific, terrible fucking deaths and suffering that they so clearly deserve...yet you people can believe in an interventionist, personal god.
  17. question for you guys. i very much enjoyed the lord of the rings movies and have enjoyed this series. but i have never read or reviewed all the background canon of this universe in any detail. for all of you that have, am i right in assuming that...
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