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  1. Cool you pissed your trousers about a throwaway line and completely missed the point and focused on the stupidest shit possible. Because that’s what you do… Again though…something something great players make great plays when the game…something. putting aside this foolish and pointless tangent, until sark and pk are run out of town (complicated by the recruiting class if they have a prayer of keeping it together), there is not a game on the schedule that one can assume is a victory.
  2. Yeah, if I was a simpleton, that would be my takeaway from the post as well. It wouldn’t be the type of incompetent coaching that leads to giving up six fourth downs is unacceptable. but regardless, fumbling the ball on the first play of overtime against a mediocre ass team is not a great way to get a win.
  3. Imagine being so fucking incompetent that you hire a head coach who has never lost fewer then four games in their career as your head coach. i hope the football know-nothing like immamac and wulaw say I sound like a pussy again for pointing out that this team is not good and the bama LOSS was fool’s gold. If we were smart, WE would be the one to go poach the Kansas coach. But no, more lambos for guys that fumble with the game on the line.
  4. Can we get more Aaron judge at bats while we are on defense?
  5. They did not convert that fourth down. The ball wasn’t even close to past the first down marker. That was absurd that they did not look at that.
  6. Ever since he and his 15 yard personal fouls on each play left the game, chaps have cruised because it isn’t 3rd and 25 each time to kill the drives. Not a fucking chance. If that is true, the. This must be the single worst oline class in history.
  7. had not checked in on this thread in a few weeks. i come back and you guys are arguing about paul reed smiths again? this guy owns this board.
  8. wait, i thought you still wanted to be part of england and under the rule of the king...
  9. lots of bretts out there. $100 plus "Dear Bob, my friend Brett is going through a tough time in life. He has a big decision to weigh this week as to whether or not he should let his friend DeMarvion play in a gig for his band this week. Brett is reluctant for some reason but everyone at this music conference we are attending is a big fan and thinks the DeMarvion should play. It would be a big help to us...since Brett is a huge OU and Coach Stoops fan...if you would send him some words of encouragement telling him he will do a better job in the future, and that he should let DeMarvion play this weekend."
  10. umm, yeah. are you familiar with their prime minister? https://www.npr.org/2022/08/04/1115541985/why-hungarys-authoritative-leader-is-drawing-conservative-crowds-in-the-u-s
  11. i would love to make fun of all you for sounding like such incredible tools on this page bitching and moaning about the banalities of local sports radio (which, to be clear, you absolutely sound like) but i would seriously pay money to never have to hear justin wells' dumbass east texas twang spewing endless koolaid flavored cliches about what grown ass men everyone is in practice and on the recruiting trails.
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