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  1. Yeah, a couple weeks too long. Like most seasons I'm half paying attention and may have missed something but seems like Victoria may hold the title for biggest 180 to villain ever on the show. She seemed pretty normal from what I can recall and then shows up with a new dude and tattoo and just went to get a drink in Rome. I hadn't heard anything about it and it was wild.
  2. Appreciate the replies guys. Curious, does the alcohol make the egg nog "last" longer? Just curious as to why that might be. Apologies for asking a dumb question.
  3. LOVE egg nog and interested in trying the Alton Brown recipe and curious if anyone has ever made it non-alcoholic or does it just ruin it?
  4. yea, we win. Kelleher made three saves. Bajetic and Firmino miss theirs but Ox, Dawrin, and Elliott make them to advance, Harvy with the game winner.
  5. He goes for 90 minutes! 0-0 going to penalties
  6. Felt bad about watching the show at first, but it was great. Season 2 starts next week I think. Surprised this didn't get more attention and wonder if the title had anything to do with it.
  7. bump Any luck learning anything or questions now?
  8. watched the first season mainly because it annoyed mrs. pied but it was kinda new and different. Got bored of it pretty quick. Seems like they're still getting people many would recognize. Eric Idle - Monty Python Chris Kirkpatrick - NSYNC William Shatner - duh Jeff Dunham - no clue but apparently a ventriloquist Montell JOrdan - "This is How we do it" song The Bradys Mike Lookinland - Bobby Barry Williams - Greg Christopher Knight - Peter Daymond John - Shark Tank Mario Cantone - no clue but apparently a TV/Comedian guy Gloria Gaynor - "I Will Survive" Jerry Springer Kat Graham - no clue on TV apparently
  9. I hear you, but that's also what makes guys like him. I also recall a bunch of times where we had similar conversations about Mane/Salah and one being mad with the other. I may be in the minority, but I want my strikers to shoot. After we get him settled in, then start working on the other things.
  10. I liked that better than the crazy statement deal of the last two seasons. Kind of clever and it seemed to make them work. I was surprised both got them in the end.
  11. Used to listen every morning, every afternoon, and ~50% of lunch time(started when I moved back to DFW in the summer of '94). Over the last 3-4 years, started listening to podcasts then audio books and rarely listen now. I suspect myself and most other "long" time listeners will be tuning in just to see what's up.
  12. Just wanted to be on page 1.
  13. Kind of an interesting comment at the end of the broadcast where Palmer was like ~"yeah we heard you Bachelor Nation".... Guessing there was a lot of pushback to the two contestants at the same time.
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