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  1. "We were worried there were too few concussions in football, so we decided to play on ice."
  2. *This statement brought to you by the American Pork Council.
  3. I can’t rate your sweater until you post a picture of it.
  4. And here I thought it was just a book about an anthropomorphic cat.
  5. Plus, you can see “A&M” on the cap.
  6. Carano is about to find out that paying and saying you’ll pay are two different things.
  7. Tennessee requested injunctive relief, so the NCAA is arguing points that relate to the legal standard for granting injunctive relief. Shocking!
  8. Looks like Six Nations is going to suck this year. England bad. Wales bad. France bad. Scotland and Italy are Scotland and Italy.
  9. Best looking pair of Crocs I’ve ever seen.
  10. Yeah I mean as long as it’s not some colossal Ponzi scheme…
  11. That’s not America! That’s not even Mexico.
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