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  1. Among his many pathologies, Elon (1) has no ability to understand how other people think and feel, and thus assumes everyone thinks like him, and (2) is monumentally insecure. He therefore believes that by suggesting he doesn’t need the advertisers, they will come to him begging. After all, that’s what he would do (and has done in other contexts). In his mind, this brilliant Machiavellian plan is 4D chess.
  2. Rudiger

    USMNT 2023

    An uncapped 24-year-old MLS player. Neat.
  3. You're in South Dakota once every 5 years, and you're going to avoid creating joint tax residency in another state by......?
  4. Good strategy if you‘re trying to commit tax fraud.
  5. I don’t remember the prices at The Brown Jug being in Euros.
  6. Somewhere Greg Davis is coughing uncomfortably.
  7. As long as your husband has a real grill, you should be alright.
  8. Probably bet the farm when Bitcoin was at $50k.
  9. Same. I love my private bankers at Chase.
  10. Derek Wills? I took Quasars and Cosmology with him.
  11. Dude, he was all-district. Show some respect.
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