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  1. Yeah, not watching races at 7/8am feels weird at this point.
  2. Holy balls I did. I have no excuse. I love TBC’s track layout. A classic.
  3. Ok, I started it. https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/topic/28267-formula-1-2023/
  4. Alright, it’s that time. Starting this sooner than last year, but mostly because last year’s season actually went into mid-December. There are a few new faces (De Vries, Sargeant) this year, and least 5 drivers have expiring contracts at the end of 2023. Discuss.
  5. Anton Chigurh


    Nice. I ain’t that fancy, but did add an MP-500 stylus to my Nagaoka cart (MP-150/200 body) recently. Saw a tip from a guy on a Nag FB about a Japanese site to buy Nag stuff from that is way cheaper than everywhere else (even Japanese eBay sellers). I’m enjoying it. Had been using elliptical styli before, so the fine line is very precise sounding.
  6. E100 Still not happy with my 120 film holder for scanning. Going to switch to a Valoi setup. Film was also filthy on the Delicate Arch shot, oops.
  7. Here’s a few from the Mamiya RB67. T-Max 400
  8. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClULWdXvOHv/?igshid=Nzg3NjI1NGI=
  9. They have to have two timing transponders, installed in any of these positions. Edit: elfenix beat me to it. In any case, the distance traveled is all relative anyway. The only time it might matter is when cars are crossing the finish line, but you can visually see that. If it’s close enough to where you can’t, you could use transponder data.
  10. They actually went to Hakkasan and not the Salt Bae restaurant. Some guy in twitter just tried to assume things after Salt Bae posted this receipt at around the same time. Hakkasan isn’t as high end but is a Michelin star restaurant.
  11. That’s fuckin awesome, dude. I’m excited for you.
  12. I was able to find it. The original insta post is deleted now, though.
  13. ^^ You can actually see FiFi on the runway in some of the views of the incident.
  14. Also, that’s most definitely Marko in the photo above.
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