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  1. Alfa was asleep on the job, but they’re now in. Spicy.
  2. Nearly every team has released the same statement now denying involvement and supporting Susie (without saying her name directly). I feel this is an MBS vs FOM thing. Edit: every other team except Alfa as of this post.
  3. It’s aimed at the garbage tabloid rag that published the story, which has quite a history of BS. They have lost several libel lawsuits over the years, and I’d expect that they may add another to the pile once this is over with.
  4. It’s a lot, especially when on 3 different platforms. 3 is good. 4 is probably too much, but I’m a degenerate.
  5. Somehow, all 4 of my teams made the playoffs. Two at 10-3, two at 8-5. Won 7 in a row after starting 1-5 in one. I’m sure it will all fail spectacularly.
  6. I can also vouch for Sendero stuff being quality. Nice gesture.
  7. My post on Logan from a week ago on the old thread:
  8. Aqui https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/topic/33169-formula-1-2024/
  9. Here we go again. This is apparently the first time ever that the driver lineup will be the exact same for two years straight.
  10. Since there’s not really another Charles/Russell/Lando/Albon in the F2 ranks currently, teams probably aren’t willing to risk a new driver going through a steep learning curve again unless/until they have to. Even then, getting on top of these cars and especially these tires can take a little while. Oscar Piastri, who by all accounts is pretty damn good, hasn’t really even come close to getting on top of race tire management yet.
  11. Yeah, I figured that or the “bumper paint” I’ve seen.
  12. Speaking of ARB Bull Bars, anyone ever repainted one? Mine is kinda shitty looking now.
  13. https://www.epiphone.com/en-US/Electric-Guitar/Epiphone-Kirk-Hammett-Greeny-1959-Les-Paul-Standard/Greeny-Burst This is pretty sweet.
  14. Pretty sure it was Chase Carey.
  15. I heard that comment too but it was odd, because they definitely did have them. You can see the 200m one here on the right of Charles, counting down to 0.
  16. I use RushSync, which has just about every racing series. It’s great.
  17. Oops, too slow. Removed duplicate.
  18. Lol. Good job, good effort.
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