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Hey Steel Shank!

Judge Roybeanbag

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When I figure out how/where to upload images (I'm used to doing it via my phone on Tapa), I'll share my breakfast this morning:

A slice of cold sausage, pepperoni, mushroom and anchovies pizza (with lots of red pepper) and a hot cuppa Holiday Inn coffee in my hotel room as I worked.  Who's winning?  This guy.  Who can't get a pic here yet?  Also this guy.

Also, who had the two cholas at the bar, as he picked up the pizza, admire said pizza and tell him they'd go home with him if he shared his pizza with them?  Also this guy.  Who declined?  Definitely this guy.  Cuz I ain't Vic.  And, you know, I'm married and stuff.

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24 minutes ago, Paco said:

I think I added an extra space between lazy and fuck because I'm drunk. 

you also couldn't tell they are, in fact, Trappey's beans, for the same reason, my dude.  2 cans, 4 strips of bacon. added diced japs, because HEB quit carrying the jalapinto version.

continuing this theme:  in the on-going battle for flatulent supremacy on The 40, a key tactic is to deprive the enemy of fuel.   breakfast today was very similar to the other day.  chipotle Tabasco on one, Valentina Black on the other.  Meyer's jap-cheddar sausage, because fuck HEB for putting only 5 in a package of theirs.


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