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  1. Somebody needs to stream the debauchery on our Discord channel.
  2. Can't you watch it on demand from your provider?
  3. That was an error on my part. I saw HZ and was thinking HL.
  4. RPM

    97.1 The Freak

    Jake may have gotten wind of what might possibly happen if everything came together, but that was long before pieces started moving. Timing is everything.
  5. Yeah, it sucks. But big picture it was a noble intention. You don't want stations only running ads for 1 person and refusing others. Escalate that to network level and it's an even bigger problem. The real problem is now dark money PACs are running ads at orgasmic levels. We need to change that SCOTUS ruling on PACs. Money does not equal free speech.
  6. Disney doesn't need Hulu. They already have Disney+. Hulu is redundant.
  7. No. They are required to run any political ad at BTA (Best Time Available) a/k/a cheapest rate. Small market stations live for election time. It makes their budget for half the year or more.
  8. Maybe they are planning on taking it over. Universal and Disney are definitely bailing soon.
  9. Bowen has been kind of hamstrung by the sketches he was given. Not many roles written for gay asian guy. Now that he's senior cast and getting better roles (like the rainbow fly) he's showing some range. He reminds me of Will Forte in that he has no fear to go there for a skit.
  10. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year. Work sucks. Muledick!
  11. It is illegal for them to refuse to run the ads. This points out how f'd up that is.
  12. Thank God Gregg Abbott is rated A+ by the NRA!
  13. Not disagreeing with you.
  14. RPM

    Below Deck

    Hannah is on the Aussie version not the US version. Both were filmed simultaneously in the Med. The Aussie version can be found online if you know where to look. Hannah Ferrier (pictured) ensured all eyes were on her on Tuesday when she attended the exclusive premiere of The Real Love Boat hosted by Princess Cruises in Sydney.
  15. RPM

    97.1 The Freak

    Yeah, but he didn't do it long before he moved on to a more fruitful grift. TV was his goal from day 1.
  16. RPM

    97.1 The Freak

    Do you remember the Ticket's original morning show? I get what you're saying though. Realistically all they need to do is equal or beat 105.3. Not exactly climbing Mount Everest.
  17. I'm not hating the back in the lab story. New wrinkle dropped at the end of Ep 3 that may take things another level, literally.
  18. What do you need other than money and a room? Hell, I'd ditch the toothbrush and buy one there.
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