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  1. This flag football game is more fucked up than a screen door on a submarine.
  2. RPM


    "You're a hunter, not a sailor." He got that shit right.
  3. Woody Harrelson then Steve Martin & Martin Short next 2 shows.
  4. Didn't they check the radar range?
  5. Definitely surfing. I'd try to work in the Arizona Memorial, too. Kids might not appreciate it now, but later it will pay off.
  6. Watched it from the flying bridge tied up at Pier 36 in Seattle. We had a volcano party. Also, I tried towing a motorcycle like that once behind a Jeep Wagoneer and made it about 5 feet before shit went sideways.
  7. Like Bob Stoops with a bag of dicks
  8. Excellent episode even with Coldplay as musical guest. Loved Punxsutawney Phil on WU.
  9. The guy that narrates Aerial America is also the promo announcer for The Ticket. Jim Conrad.
  10. You talced me! You fucking Bitch!
  11. Actually, he wasn't and Garner was well known as a racer. You should watch the behind the scenes promo they made. Giant Panavision cameras strapped to the cars at speed. They handled like a camel.
  12. You buy a big truck like that you need to learn to park it correctly.
  13. RPM

    The Menu

    I'm going to have to get a double/double Herdburger this weekend.
  14. I may or may have not driven over an hour to catch Loverboy at some rando club off SPID in Corpus circa 1980something. Pretty sure I hauled some primo tail outa there, too. Or I could have been blackout drunk. Either way, good times.
  15. Are they working for the WEEKEND? Everybody needs a second chance.
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