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  1. I’d forgotten about Kai. The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker is a quick watch at under an hour and a half.
  2. What a great win with the icing on the cake being the last play of the game. https://twitter.com/Steelersdepot/status/1610027511689412609?s=20&t=CPlhmo9LiWvrDaNlFPhPdw
  3. This quote from the AD about playing the bowl game hits me in the feels: "It's only fitting that we play this game and honor Coach Leach in a stadium that has a pirate ship," Brett said.
  4. One of a kind. Fair winds and following seas, Pirate.
  5. Fuck you, Sark. I’m actually starting to miss FUPM Mack.
  6. Who does Jimbo blame this loss on?
  7. Love/hate relationship with Bobs. They always startle the shit out of me when they flush if I’m not in area I’ve seen them previously if I don’t have a dog ahead. Every god damn time.
  8. San Antonio here. I have not yet, but am open to giving them a chance. If not this week, the following week and I’ll report back.
  9. I’m the fucking idiot that keeps watching second half collapses, yet believe it won’t happen again because we will learn from the mistakes and make adjustments blah blah blah
  10. It’s hard keeping up with unbranched family trees. I should have specified it would be your half sister that is your mom. My sincere apologies.
  11. I’d say I love your mother, but in reality it is likely biologically your sister. So, I love your sister mom. She was great.
  12. I like aggy tears. It helps dry mine.
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