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  1. Gotta be honest here, Nap: I don't see that working for you. I figure a chronic masturbator such as yourself will find a way to power on through, ads or stream blockers notwithstanding. Probably a side effect of trying to watch scrambled Skinemax as a kid. I'm rooting for you, though!
  2. LoL damnit. Saw that coming a mile off. Czechia just so exposed on that left side.
  3. Cynical referees are best referees.
  4. Not sure if anything can raise that, but Turkey's second golazo of the day is at least a "call."
  5. Here's the gamewinner (NSIAP):
  6. A header, slightly blocked, catches the post. So unlucky! And then Turkey notches an empty-netted third. Been a while since I've seen a group play match this riveting from end to end, start to finish. Standing O to both sides.
  7. You just described half of the battlegrounds on the Eastern Front in WW2.
  8. Wow, what a save! EDIT: Eh, kind of right at the keeper on replay. But still ...
  9. @NorthLoop's wife comes over that often?
  10. Too unselfish from Turkiye there. And to be fair, Georgia's score was quite handsome. Not in the same class as Turkey's, but still a world-class goal. And EDIT: OMG, Georgia with nearly a second equalizer that bounces off the crossbar. What the fuck is going on here? What a match!
  11. OMG, that one is also a cracker. Hard to say which was better--the opener or that one just now. Jesus Christ!
  12. You're obviously jealous of his new 'do.
  13. Wow, what an equalizer! That was nifty.
  14. Young Turks sowing their oats right now. EDIT: Think that's coming off.
  15. Holy shit! Wonder strike! Goal of the tournament so far, imo.
  16. There's a version of uBlock Origin for Firefox, as well. Actually works better for Firefox than for Chrome because Google regularly updates Chrome to get around the content blocking since it owns YouTube and wants to serve as many ads as possible.
  17. uBlock Origin is your friend.
  18. Start here. Only two streams up so far. https://redditsport.live/watch/football/uefa-euro-group-f/Turkey_vs_Georgia/12198159/1718726400
  19. Even sneks know: channel cats taste gooood.
  20. My name is Braff Zacklin. I was an international race car driver. One day, a baby carriage rolled out onto the track, so I swerved into the retaining wall to avoid it. The car burst into flames, but the baby miraculously survived ... I was that baby!
  21. I will share some links before the match. They usually become available about an hour before first touch.
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