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  1. Glad to get one back. Surprised and impressed, if I'm honest. Ain't no quit in this team, these players. Love to see it.
  2. These right here. On a per-minute basis, don't think anyone on the team gets more criticism than Brock, yet the dude continues to ball and prove them wrong. He's only a role player, but he plays an important role and has his entire time on The Forty.
  3. Perimeter D is a problem. Surprisingly. Still, very fun team to watch.
  4. What's with all the shade being thrown at @Al_4_ISU? Dude's always been gracious in victory or defeat. On that note, the majority of fans who support other schools yet post here are excellent contributors. This place would be boring if it were all 'Horns, all the time. Variety is the spice of life.
  5. Conference is almost always among the best--if not the best--but this season, it's just straight nasty.
  6. Completely understandable. Hate what happened--total gutpunch--as it seemed Beard was laying the foundation for a dynasty ... but the players, Terry, and the rest of the program deserve our support. They are balling out and finding ways to win despite suffering a huge kick to the nuts. Plus, those Jabari headfakes are the gift that keeps on giving!
  7. Posted this in the wrong thread earlier today but it bears repeating. Any chance we could doctor his birth certificate or transcript or maybe find a second or third COVID exception year? What a great team player.
  8. KD deserves much of the criticism and skepticism that's been lobbied against him for some of his professional and social media decisions. But nobody should be questioning his worthiness as a Longhorn. He's been a fantastic ambassador and reps the 'Horns every chance he gets. He's absolutely done more for the university than it ever did--or could have done--for him. In short, Texas was--and is--lucky to have him around the program. Fifteen years on, he is still relevant and a major draw for young athletes.
  9. I wish Rice had three more years of eligibility. Love the whole team and every player, but Rice is a joy to watch. And that head fake still never fails to get the defender in the air and to make us laugh.
  10. Completely understandable. If I had an aggy jersey, I wouldn't wanna wear it, either.
  11. Braff Zacklin

    USMNT 2023

    Can't stand Berhalter but digging up something from more than three decades ago that he and his wife have obviously worked out and moved on from is completely inappropriate and bush league. Glad to see him go (if that's what's happening), but this seems superfluous and malicious. No kudos to you, Gergg, for how you managed the team but sympathies to you over this bullshit.
  12. It was a piggyback ride. Christ, how does that NOT get called? Wait ... never mind.
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