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  1. You're good, dude. My post wasn't intended as criticism of you or this site. I just wanted to diss Chicago.
  2. First pizza, then Whataburger, now Surly. What's left for Chicago to ruin?
  3. Not how I saw this series starting.
  4. It's around the 5:30 mark, for those who want to be outraged. Dude clumsily tried to lasso the dog for five minutes, got frustrated, and then just gave up and shot it twice.
  5. OMG, you kids will argue about anything. All this energy wasted on quarrelling about Clark, Reese and the WNBA, when there are more important things we as a society need to address. For example:
  6. The general consensus seems to be that Putin is finally addressing the underperformance of the Russian army due to the corruption.
  7. That's where I was going. But Pesci is shooooooooooooooooort. Like barely 5-feet, and tone deaf (he's got music out there; listen to it, I dare you!).
  8. Those would be great prices for Idaho. Fuck all y'all.
  9. Shitsville or Shitsburg, please. Hell, I'll even accept Schitt's Creek. But, please, Shittown needs to be shut down.
  10. Thought the guy on the bottom was JFF for a moment there.
  11. This would be a great case to set some precedents. 1. All on-duty LEO are to be equipped with body-worn cameras (BWCs). 2. BWCs are to be on and recording whenever there is any interaction with the public. 3. If an incident occurs and an officer's BWC is for whatever reason disabled/inactive, then that officer's statements/account will be disregarded. Said officer will also be subject to potential punishment, including but not limited to suspension without pay and/or termination. BWCs should be a peace officer's best friend. Good cops should want BWCs recording during their interactions with the public because they have nothing to hide and the videos will only exonerate them.
  12. Depends on whether Jawas would be included. Don't think they were with the original Kenner offering, so this could be a potential improvement.
  13. Agreed, but it won't work if they split them up cuz the magic happens when those two get together and start clowning (on players, fans, entire cities, countries, each other, etc.). Ernie referees and helps keep them somewhat on topic. Not really sure what Kenny brings to the table.
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