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  1. No surprise at all. Dude's heart is gonna blow up some day and we'll all immediately know why, but we'll also enjoy the ride.
  2. What's a little arsenic between rivals?
  3. Thought I was still in the IBIHB subforum and, uh, totally misread the thread title.
  4. A cheese hinge? More like a cheese foundation, bruh.
  5. I thought the manger's job was to hold food for livestock ... or at least temporarily store a baby.
  6. Pefok playing like the target the USMNT needs. Hope his form holds and that Gergg is taking note.
  7. So you're implying that an ultra-high-powered telescope would be necessary to see it?
  8. Braff Zacklin


    It's my favorite article.
  9. What a parody of the human condition Russia is ... and probably always has been. There aren't really any good governments but, geez, the Russkies seem intent on setting the bar when it comes to the shittiest.
  10. First dude's laugh is extremely contagious, and love how the second dude just sits there the entire video. Thanks for sharing.
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