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  1. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise
  2. you might want to take a moment and consider your quotes around problems and you might consider how fucking difficult it is for people to ask for help given the stigma that comes with it. just something to think about and/or consider. everyone says f cancer, and rightfully so, and everyone understands it can be a lifetime struggle to overcome cancer. most people say f addicts not f addiction. most focus on the falling off the wagon and not on the bravery to even get on the fucking thing. truly sad story.
  3. welp i know of at least one guy who hasn't done his own research
  4. wait which side are the virtue signallers again? rittenhouse was a test. so was this. the test is over. now the fight begins i guess
  5. that call was horseshit, the cowardly upholding the bullshit call was bullshit but goddamn bis dropping the draftkings on the ref phone was almost worth the bullshit
  6. so if this guy was drugged with a positive ghb drug test, fell off a bridge, thinks he was pushed, LAST FUCKING YEAR, and this is the first we are hearing of it? interesting
  7. I'm getting tired of all the fucking dire weather predictions. goes from kvue all the way to the nws. when i was a kid a tornado watch meant get ready to take cover at any moment and a warning meant your ass.
  8. oh right. i see that important distinction is indeed made in the text. carry on no big deal. nevertheless, it's my opinion that the statement was unnecessary and I'm not particularly happy about it. in fact, a statement like this, the votes of confidence from old guard types, rarely ends well for the person in question. hartzell needs to go. throw eltife out with him. the call is coming from inside the house
  9. i just got a mail from the exes declaring support for hartzell in my name. I'm fairly unhappy about it but I'm just a nobody so whatever
  10. when everyone is telling you that you are being crazy, you're probably being crazy and should take a step back sorry yall. end of the month stress got to me. misplaced frustration all around. special apology to @SydneyCarton for my prickly defensiveness
  11. congrats! you've won an internet point today. hope that helps the kids vote! you've since real good work today Sydney!
  12. hold on i need to check Newsmax. you come at me with ad hominem bullshit like that and expect civility? go fuck yourself. biden is a boomer doing or allowing cruel boomers to do boomer things. did i miss where he decried our governor sending in goons to back up a peaceful protest? he's always had a tough on crime old school boomer mindset. that's why he isn't succeeding with the youth. but keep telling kids about infrastructure I'm sure they fucking love that
  13. oh hey guys I'm totally over here trying to have a serious discussion with Newsmax guy here. from the jump, i came into this discussion like a reasoned, calmer than you are person, you all saw, and Newsmax guy over here might have sarcastically stated that old man crime bill biden might enjoy uppity youngsters getting smacked around. WE CAN'T HAVE THAT GET THAT NEWSMAX SHIT OUT OF HERE KNOWN POSTER WITH THE SAME USERNAME FOR 25+ YEARS! STOP TROLLING LIKE INCREDULITY whatever yall keep telling young people what to care about
  14. *heads to Newsmax for opinions and a response*
  15. if only the protesters would stop nonviolently breaking stupid rules. it's almost like stupid rules are put in place to be broken so those making the rules can make some examples or of the rule breakers don't yall see the protesters are making the cops do this???
  16. of course you're right I'm just parroting Newsmax
  17. lol dumb authoritarian bullshit rules are meant to be disregarded and discarded.
  18. i know i know if course your are right but fuck. i don't even want him to go free Palestine but you know some part of him enjoys watching protesting kids get their heads cracked by state police riot goons
  19. hey I'm team biden. but he's leaving a ton on the table because he's a fucking boomer who can't get past simple boomer issues. i think he is trying but he's an old school politician fighting an enemy that doesn't care about the rules because they aren't just immoral but pretty much amoral. biden saving union jobs in the Midwest looks and sounds good to boomers but we all kind of know that ship has sailed and young people cannot at all identify with that kind of thing when they and their friends are getting the old shareholder value layoffs. union jobs lol.
  20. biden is suffering because he doesn't give a fuck about young people and young people issues
  21. so.... what the fuck happened with a bunch of cops on bikes this weekend? did someone die? I35 northbound was shutdown at 10ish Saturday morning. shutdown for real. like the flyover from ben white was closed with people out of their cars waiting. then yesterday it looked like some kind of cop parade was shaking up downtown. horses and flags and the whole bit. anyone know?
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