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  1. we couldn't have fucked this whole situation up worse. who the fuck do we think we are as a basketball school? this man should have had a decent contact with incentives out the ass the second the season was over. now it's a fucking disaster
  2. basketball has ruined my brain. we have a healthy lead coming out of the last media timeout but I'm still fucking worried
  3. These fucking refs. You have to be kidding me. These are fix bad type calls
  4. why are we being dumb with the inbound pass? we want the clock to run dummies
  5. i thought i was the only person in the world who loved the new way they are calling charges
  6. disu out for the game. our shot selection is fucking horrific
  7. i woulda bet next month's mortgage payment on them giving the flagrant there
  8. we gonna win the whole fucking thing with an interim coach lol
  9. lol biden just dropped "bonjour canada" on parliament
  10. everything that guy said is bullshit. he would not have outlined in detail the worst case scenario as he currently saw it without having already seen it.
  11. is it cheating? what about grammarly or Google or Microsoft auto generators "swipe" suggestions? what about using a dictionary? plagiarism is about ideas but most term papers are merely reconstruction of others' ideas with proper endnotes. is using a calculator or excel for simple math cheating? at what point does using automation mean efficiency vs laziness? also when does all this automation mean 20 hour work weeks and the good life as we automate stupid stuff that previously took forever?
  12. hayden_horn


    i mean, only sign her up for softball if you are armed and ready to defend her against the legion of men pretending to be women playing softball that want to crush her. it's a fucking hard world out there. at this point, though, i would be more concerned about the tegan and sara.
  13. hayden_horn


    i don't 100% know, because i'm not her, but i would imagine that using extremely disingenuous dad RAWR arguments like "i don't want dudes destroying my daughter in sports RAWR" is near the top of the list. also near the top is pretending if you don't use a slur, you aren't offending people with your opinion. what part of "the trans issue" do you disagree with? can you at least let us in on what "the trans issue" is in your world? because in my world, it's nothing at all. just like you having the hiccups or someone needing to burp. it just is. it's not an issue. it doesn't need to be an issue. i feel like you are coming at it like someone else is making this an issue. why do you think that?
  14. hayden_horn


    yeah, so it's the fact that you seem to imply that only the language you use is offensive that is the problem you are having here. you know it's possible to be offensive to people without calling them names, right? you're going to have to do some real work to onvince me this isn't some hateful troll job, hoenstly, because i'm struggling to not ban you for 60 days this next time. convince me you are a real person who really believes these things.
  15. hayden_horn


    and they were very angry. and hungry, but mostly angry. i'm going to compare this movie experience to when you were 15 or something and you were dropped off at the movie theater meeting friends, and you had an idea of what you wanted to see, but you weren't sure and oh shit that's sold out, ok, let's see the dinosaur movie even tough i don't know anything about it, oh it's got adam driver, interesting, and by the end, there are all kinds of problems with the movie, it wasn't really that good, but you were out with your family and both teenage sons at the same time at alamo drafthouse and you are weirdly okay with them actively whispering to each other and laughing at the movie and you suddenly realize you are 45 and can still have fun at a shit movie. so that's how this movie is.
  16. which, i mean, let the, uh, first among us cast, uh..yeah. this houston takeover has always been the republican endgame. i'm not surprised that the democrats haven't seen it even though everyone seems to have been yelling it forever. isolate and control local school boards and city councils, etc. grass roots the fuck out of this. use bigger bully pulpits to advance smaller local agendas in line with nationalist party rhetoric. i think the republicans are going to fuck this up because they rushed and went at the king (houston isd, really? only reason they couldn't go after austin was recapture, i guess), but this has always, always been the goal with public school. look no further than the state school officials and how the textbook circus goes. it's a clusterfuck, by design. republicans seem to have the philosophy that only they can fix what only they can tear down. but then they fix fuckall and leave the rest of us holding the bag. fuckers.
  17. one hell of a light show on the travis hays county line. not sure i have ever seen anything like it. just one massive thunderhead with a number of smaller ones with lightning jumping between them. continuous but distant thunder. incredible
  18. lol right? I'm over name hires. fuck it. we got a guy. hire this man.
  19. I'll watch this later but I'll argue that the last of us was a real story wedged into a video game more than a show adapted from a video game.
  20. yeah, it does bring in a whole consent angle. "well, we're pretty sure she would do it, so we're doing it" isn't exactly a moral revelation. i mean, yeah, she might well have done it, and she basically had resigned herself to the end of the journey being the end of her life potentially. that's what the whole hangdog thing was about (in the game it's really disconcerting, because she's so irrepressible the whole time), but they basically snat5ched her up, figured out who she was, drugged her and prepped her for surgery. bingo bango, let's go, she'd do it, so let's not ask her.
  21. nah grimes got him on that meth pipe and he hasn't looked back
  22. it's actually worse (better?) in the game. you spend the whole game wading through blood of hunters, zombies, etc to get her to that point. then they (make you?) really unleash joel. there are hints throughout the game of what joel is capable of doing. he has a whole sordid survival history we aren't fully privy to but we know he's done some bad shit. in fact, tess frames this as his redemption. which it might be but he does some bad shit to get there. the game really holds up a mirror though. you kill the entire game sometimes in really monstrous ways but only at the end with joel's rampage does it suddenly feel gross. no spoilers but as joel you kind of have to shoot the doctor but you don't have to shoot the nurses. i shot the nurses because i was in for a penny but yeah. and then joel lying about it. twice. and the okay at the end. so great. also thought the pacing was perfect. your last real boss in the game is that fucking psycho cannibal. everything after that is denouement even your rampage in the hospital and the giraffes and all that.
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