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  1. absofuckinglutely was I wrong about this. but let's not pretend that you knew it was going to be this incredible. so let's just all get along
  2. nah. she needs to go all in. that speech was incredible
  3. well, if you bitches would stop being so shrill and daring to have a good time and stuff, it would make it a lot easier to ignore you
  4. it's fucking bizarro world. all about that shareholder value and eyeball lock in. trump locks those eyes in. what the media doesn't understand is that if they report on kamala doing kamala things like they fucking should have been doing while joe was doing amazing shit the last 4 years, but instead...find those eyeballs!
  5. the problem with ai is that it is reductive, because it has to be, but it is beng advertised as "generative" all it's generating is a response indexed from the internet or a knowledge base. to the effect that it is creating something "new" it is doing so out of used parts, if you will. as such, it can not actually be generative or creative in any real sense.
  6. lol. this is going to end poorly for them. it's one thing to pick on fiesty uncle Joe but he's an old white guy so nobody cares. start coming for kamala and you are going to get showered with coconuts amd lime green. fuck wit the kids at your political peril old white Republican guys. #teamkamala
  7. maybe yall just need to reboot this discussion? is the shit even plugged in?
  8. like, it's obvious that he's on drugs and is a lunatic, right? i mean, i know i've hated gaetz for pretty much forever, so i know i'm biased, but thast display on the rnc floor with mccarthy, and then that face...i mean, it's like we are playing knights of the old republic and we are watching the cost of using the dark side in real fucking time.
  9. she's probably watching herself age in years rather than weeks as her soul fully leaves her body
  10. my wife lives and breathes true crime like @Nicole44. I've seen enough of these shows to know that apd is acting like pretty much every department that completely bungles an investigation and purposefully ignores obvious evidence to the contrary because of some weird political bullshit in our case it's because apd has basically quiet quit their jobs during covid and the city has no interest in making them do their jobs because the police union is up their ass. they are really lucky crime is so low in this city giving them room to maneuver. it's so cool when murder is the best political capital to spend fucking cops, man
  11. This is what happens larry when you fuck a stranger in the ass
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