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  1. everybody grip. of course it can't be easy
  2. soccer psychology is so funny. we want another goal but we have the goal we need to advance. but we really need another.
  3. also tow truck drivers are fucking crooks and no one likes em
  4. goddamn this was funny. i was just trying to explain this fucking guy last weekend. how he was viewed by the community at large and how we had to deal with him (and yes, people did report his posts with commentary along the lines of "this guy has to be a psycho, he knows way too much about towing") and i found it nearly impossible to explain. might as well try to explain both tacos.
  5. they still got that dq in italy? that was always my stop for iced tea on my way from Dallas to Austin. dq's days have been numbered since they deprioritized their iced tea. i actually make dining decisions based on that shit
  6. i think they are keeping warm with a little of granddaddy's cough syrup
  7. Jesus christ that was uncomfortable
  8. well you don't know as much as you might like to think but yes my sis and meth had a bad relationship that ended sadly. but maybe you haven't been around drug people, i dunno. he's doing some serious drug people shit. none of it makes sense because he's living a completely different brainspace than most of the rest of us. some of yall think it's genius. i see a smart person going crazy manic and doing dopamine fueled shit.
  9. I'm just an observer. i think spacex is kickass. i low key want a tesla. I'm watching a dude whose behavior changed suddenly around the time he met and started fucking a singer. you're free to disagree, chrispy
  10. this dude is on meth but that's only his pre-party. his real drug is fanboi adulation.
  11. i do my best yall. not everything is cut and dried or codified in some way that i can run every comment on this website through "moderator bot" for appropriate levels of distastefulness. if it's just me wondering, generally, i leave well enough alone. but if i'm responding to a report and i can see the context of the thread... i dunno. i do my best with my judgement. i'd rather not suspend anyone, but this is a community with self-policing standards and pretty hands-off rules as far as things go. parliament caught a 24 hour suspension. it's not the end of the world for him or anybody, but i'm sensitive to these remarks, so i'll take it under consideration.
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