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  1. pretty much every political book written by someone running for office. straight up grift
  2. that was so satisfying. you could write that shit up and no one would believe it happened like that. so funny that it happened with wwe promininently figured in the whole thing. it was exactly like a big wrestling promo payoff. so great.
  3. i think sark just fucked gundy back with a slow roll sub on that 4th down hahaha
  4. well, at some point, i'm going to switch from sativa to indica
  5. nonsense. they ended his season over that ticky tack bullshit and they knew esactly what and why they were doing it. fuck this conference. score 100 if we can. eat shit.
  6. here comes the second half ref fuckjob. get ready. TARGETING? what the actual fuck?
  7. someone is going to have to explain to me why these two dorks aren't from texas and oklahoma state?
  8. i don't understand it because it seems custom designed for my hate. but i like it. i'm annoyed by that.
  9. that's not a chess match. that is stupid discretionary bullshit that should be illegal. for some reason gundy pulling that shit has me angry up 35 - 14 at half in the big xii championship. I want to win by 100 if possible now. fuck gundy and the big xii all gas no brakes fuck your mother gundy
  10. that's gundy's entire gameplan. everyone knows the red are ready to job us. gave us a few early plausible deniability penalty gifts. now the screwjob will begin. glad we got this early lead
  11. I would say be careful with this logic. the idf and israel have done some rank shit. we all need a little lester freeman in our lives. follow the arms and the terrorist acts and you will find terrorists and the terrorist leaders. follow the money, who knows where the fuck is going to take you.
  12. don't underestimate penalties like hands to the face in the endzone instead of a hold and safety. i still cannot believe that was a thing that happened. the thing is, the big xii has been fixing games for years and years and years. they've gotten pretty good at it, even calling garbage time holding against outmatched opponents so there isn't a big 0 next to holding penalties
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