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  1. Let’s not even call it a mess. They are simply coming my back to the reality that almost every other team in the country has to deal with. Deboer is a still a good coach, but instead of being in the championship hunt literally every year, maybe bama is in the hunt every 3-5 years. Boo hoo for them.
  2. I was watching the radio sync broadcast where they don’t show commercials. He spent several full timeouts talking with the officials. Not cussing them out but what appeared to be a level headed conversation.
  3. Bingo. No disrespect becasie he’s a good player but taffe and Thompson and Crawford are just not nfl dbs. Against nfl qb and nfl wrs it ain’t gonna cut it. Washington probably could have thrown for 600 if they had tried to
  4. Still the best coaching staff texas has had since… muschamp was on the payroll.
  5. Nope. Just call 3 more fades in the endzone Hook and ladder
  6. All you sad fuckers just remember: texas and sark have gotten closer to a national championship than aggys with jimbo and OU with Lincoln and the new guy. We’re gonna be just as good if not better next year.
  7. We should all remember, all this shit penix is doing is the same shit Colt McCoy did as a senior. There’s really no substitute for experience and accuracy
  8. Yep. Look at Washington’s depth chart. Mostly juniors and seniors. They are where texas will be next year.
  9. Penix has been good for like 3 seasons and was a heisman finalist. Hes a senior. He’s showing that he’s the best player in the field today. the Washington oline was voted the best oline in the country . They are showing why they are the best.
  10. This dude is one of the only person in the world that having a beard makes Him look less like a pedo
  11. I hope she tells him to give CJ Baxter the ball or no sex tonite.
  12. Dear coach Sarkisian, I asked Santa for a new PS5 and didn’t get didddly shit. So for Christmas all I’m asking is for you to GIVE THE FUCKING BALL TO CJ BAXTER. with much love and hookem, Dingleberry Switzer
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