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  1. Lucky for Donald he’s not a follower of Christ, so he doesn’t have to worry about all that nonsense
  2. I would love it for some dumbass old owner like the raiders or "commanders" or hell, Jerry Jones think they are smarter than everyone and hire Jeff Fisher and he goes 0-17. Then I would like urban Meyer to say on a public forum that Jeff Fisher is a shit NFL coach,.
  3. As a guy who was just merely a child when the dome was erected and as a current bexar county resident... In retrospect the dome was a dumb ducking idea. It was like a dorky virgin in his early 20s buying a 5 bedroom 4000sqft house for a family he'll never have. At the same time the alamo bowl has turned into a pretty decent second tier bowl destination. And as a part time UTSA fan it is nice not having to worry about the heat or weather. Still, for those living in the UTSA area and for students it's a pain in the ass to get there.
  4. Remember that time the NFL community thought Jeff Fisher was a quality coach despite a career 500 record and a complete dogshit record without Vince young or Steve McNair?
  5. I keep checking the tv expecting and aggy bowl game? Did I miss it?
  6. I don’t remember claims he “cheated”, but that it was obvious the players were bought. (Probably with bags, but perhaps with nil deals). Then we all laughed because jimbo claimed it was just good ole fashion quality ‘crootin
  7. That’s or it all may just be Traylors agents trying to squeeze utsa
  8. Sure, like I said a win is a win. Just worried that there will be a slight increase in talent in AAC. Those close wins might turn into close losses.
  9. It’s really fucken sad that lazy Mack, old Mack, and now fat lazy old mack are still better coaches than Charlie strong
  10. This is the same dude that swapped out trevor Lawrence late in the season right? I just looked and dj ugulaiaia had a complete shit game against South Carolina and they lose by 1. Dabos decision not to sub him out cost them a chance at the playoffs . Wat an idiot.
  11. Call me when Mack punts down 21 with 3 minutes left in the game
  12. If I remember correctly Herman got a commitment from Ewers then the decommitment . Then Herman got fired. Sark got hired. I’m guessing sometime In there klubnik committed to Clemson. Sark then went 4-7 and went after Malik Murphy. I have no idea if sark even tried to get klubnik or not
  13. That kind of worries me, especially if Frank Harris leaves. Utsa often struggled Against cusa teams. Undefeated is undefeated but they needed several late comebacks to get the wins. Struggled against utep a week ago, barely beat army.
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