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  1. For future reference try the espn app (phone or smart tv). They normally win Stan the abc feed.
  2. Flashbacks to the OJ Bronco chase?
  3. Hey if he plays 3x as many minutes That’sa decent stat line!!
  4. What’s the pros and cons of the Toronto pick being conveyed or not? I think the odds are more or less 50/50. on one hand, by many accounts it’s a weak draft and the 7th pick might. Or yield the quality player as it would in the 2025 draft. Plus that’s two guarantee contracts for players that are likely 3-4 seasons away from contributing meaningfully. on the other hand if Toronto decides to completely tank next season then the pick becomes 2 second rounders. Which is just pointless. (That’s a shitty deal btw). may dream scenario is the pick conveys, and spurs draft two future hall of famers, but realistically if it conveys they trade to some other team for a future 1st
  5. I’m retrospect that guy did the spurs a huge favor. Spurs got victor and primo hasn’t done jack shit in 2 seasons after basically being handed the starting PG role.
  6. Are we still being bitter about Kawhi and laughing internally every time he is injured? Or am I just a petty asshole ?
  7. I was watching the radio sync broadcast where they don’t show commercials. He spent several full timeouts talking with the officials. Not cussing them out but what appeared to be a level headed conversation.
  8. Still the best coaching staff texas has had since… muschamp was on the payroll.
  9. Nope. Just call 3 more fades in the endzone Hook and ladder
  10. All you sad fuckers just remember: texas and sark have gotten closer to a national championship than aggys with jimbo and OU with Lincoln and the new guy. We’re gonna be just as good if not better next year.
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