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  1. From Espn. Seems like a decision on QB is close
  2. Great insight CTJ, but we need to play the best players period. Worrying about upsetting boosters or future profit loss is part of the reason why we are in this predicament as it is. Whoever gives this team the best chance to win needs to play, hype be damned.
  3. We suddenly need Brennan Thompson to grow up fast
  4. A few national guys are starting to insinuate the unthinkable….
  5. Angilau being hurt would massively suck but one silver lining could be that it would provide a young guy like Campbell or Hutson an easier path to PT
  6. Sark also seemed really impressed with Jaray Bledsoe’s pass rushing ability
  7. No Terrance Brooks on the two deep means that the article belongs in the trash
  8. There’s some chatter that Matthews could announce today.
  9. Aggy just signed 6 5 star d lineman last class. I know we like to dump on them but that’s a really hard pitch to beat for an elite LB. However, the case is the same as it’s always been, if Texas wins on the field, we get who we want. At some point we have to just win
  10. That’s a big kid! Especially when you consider how large T’vondre Sweat is
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