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  1. I dont know about the bat being better than anything. Last year might have been a dead cat bounce.
  2. I ended up buying the Armagnac and the Port Cognac ones. They better be good. OR ELSE
  3. Also I am very pro-conservation while also being pro O+G. Maybe that's incongruent.
  4. I am a data collector. Be careful what you wish for.
  5. I am all about anything hold and k/9 related
  6. Also, havent human body temps been lowering, where the 98.6 we grew up with is now more like 97.5?
  7. Pedro has the better hair. Burt has a much better moustache.
  8. My Houston area contract ends March 3. Best bet is to wait til about a week out @SydneyCarton I did notice that If I do nothing and go month to month with TXU my rate will be 17.1
  9. We need to vote on categories. k/bb is the WORST
  10. It's funny. I am about to go out and buy my 8 year old a PS just so I can play this game. 10 years later. And the third episode influenced that as much as the first two.
  11. I don't mind places like that doing shit like that. I'm not going to buy it. And I didn't expect to find something like that at retail. But if they want a show pony in their display good for them.
  12. Full size tractor or powerwheels?
  13. I played a decent golf course in Waco once.
  14. Nothing like that in 77079 but we did have a shelter in place at the elementary school.
  15. huge

    Meet an inmate

    I'll do my part donating to the wreath fund
  16. I watched both and I dont know that I agree with this. About to start S2 of MOK.
  17. I still have never tested positive. Once I was sure I had it due to the usual symptoms but alas, I seem to be above the rest of you on the evolutionary scale.
  18. The idea of preferring a chain link fence in my back yard is so foreign I cannot answer the question without my head exploding. But you post here so yes, you are the asshole.
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