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  1. I see now that it was some nutter in Arlington VA that shot a flare gun at the police. Apparently had the gas on for a day or so?
  2. The fart hop takes that one to 11
  3. EHT small batch might be "worth" $50 It was a hard pass when you could still find the SiB on the shelf. Not sure why people think it got any better when it became scarce. for @Gale Snoats I would recommend the new offerings from 2XO. All 3 are great and the bottle looks good. $89
  4. I would read Nutty and do the crossword while sitting on the Abel's patio on a Thursday afternoon watching the HH trim walk by and drinking pitchers with ice baggies in them. 93-97
  5. BIL came correct with a badass pot of collards on thanksgiving. Smoked turkey necks and some sort of hog in there. This is how traditions are born. He is now required to bring them every year. Awesome addition to our spread.
  6. Every time I click on this thread I spend money. Thanks a lot assholes!
  7. huge


    now youre just showing off
  8. Look if we need to throw some money at this problem, I know a guy
  9. This is where I am. Unless I see or read about something specific and I seek it out, I tend to end up with OXO and if I want to "upgrade" later I can.
  10. thats a lotta tortilla biz there flipflop
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