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  1. I bought one. Worst case scenario its a gift/.
  2. What is this? The link doesnt appear to work or am I not smart good with Imgur?
  3. huge


    Also I used Maggi instead of woosty. And extra hot Louisiana sauce. Dropped the usual trinity into the roux but also sautéed a red onion and a head of garlic and added that when I started to fold in the stock.
  4. huge


    Dark and aromatic
  5. Due to population and money sooner or later we are going to be able to make a run in a world cup
  6. I am a gun positive person but if AR was off the table all of a sudden I would back it.
  7. Same, and my knives are sharp sharp, but I will put on sunglasses, preferably my Costas, when I'm cutting a bunch of red or yellow onions. I was sick this week then had to dice 3 med onions.. Went ahead and put on the ski goggles like I was an Astro
  8. Its different and not cheap but worth a flier for anyone with any sort of nose and wallet.
  9. huge


    I wonder if anyone anywhere is able to see what in the hell they were calling on that offsides. Now on the broadcast they showed the actual offside and maybe it was (much earlier in the play than I think most were looking). YAY TECHNOLOGY
  10. Thats exactly what I need. My "big" one now is 9.5 QT I'm going to order that today.
  11. Spice was great but I needed a bigger pot. Ended up with too much meat and not enough liquid. Lesson learned.
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