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  1. I was truly disappointed that the polar bear didn’t maul them while they were sitting around the campfire in that open warehouse. Actually feeling a bit apoplectic about it.
  2. My subpoenas Walk through courtroom doors, And roam all over mar-a-lago floors, I stepped on stage, while J6 raged, All the magats gave, and the rubes got played.
  3. what time is Engoran supposed to drop that lump of coal in Trump's stocking? Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence.
  4. Hoping it’s mooseoutfront with his shit stick to start slapping some fools upside the head.
  5. Sure Elliot- whatever you say.
  6. Obviously he’s no dummy then.
  7. The only endorsement you need my brother in Christ. Thar will come a payday, what a payday - hallelujah!
  8. Is this allowed under NY rules of civil procedure? A party who refuses to testify (for good reason, knowing that he would have his ass handed to him on cross examination), can deliver closing arguments? Even though he's not a licensed attorney admitted to practice in NY, and is represented by counsel instead of pro se? Seems like another manufactured grievance for him to whine about. "I had the greatest closing argument in the history of NY jurisprudence, many people said it was even better than those of Jackie Chiles and Vincent de la Guardia Gambini. But that radical, leftist, marxist, Trump hating judge denied me my 1st Amendment rights, and wouldn't allow me to speak."
  9. What a hypocritical asshole. The company you keep can indeed say quite a bit about a person, Mack.
  10. The ewes will not replace us! Whoop!
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