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  1. He definitely gave off the uncle rico vibe with all the “no doubt in my mind , I coulda ended the whole thing by pulling the trigger” braggadocio. And my recollection of the chronology must be slipping. Were the feds really oblivious to the child abuse allegations until somebody gave them a copy of the Australian television segment on the Davidians after the standoff had already begun? Even after 30 years the FBI and ATF guys, except for a couple of the negotiators, all keep doubling down on how they did nothing wrong. Morons.
  2. Indeed he did. And he got one yesterday, that he's still pouting about.
  3. Did your parents have any children that lived, Private Patterson?
  4. Get a trout dog. Get a whaler. Or a clamwich. Let's get out of here.
  5. Mercado San Miguel is the tits, and is only a block or two from plaza mayor. First stop I’m going to make in Madrid when we go back in May.
  6. I wasn't sure about that either, but since Goldstein had also received a summons from the grand jury, the inference was that Old Man McCutcheon is murdering anyone who might testify against him, including his own son.
  7. https://www.thegrubwire.com/andre-the-giant-diet/ Anybody want a peanut?
  8. Ruettiger bulked up enough to move to NG. “Who the fuck wants to move to Cincinnati?”
  9. Glad you're feeling better... Can't wait for your next album.
  10. It wasn’t until my last blood draw for the Texas Cares study that I learned that I had previously had Covid. Vaxed and boosted, so my case was evidently so mild that I didn’t even know I had it.
  11. These winter storms have taught me one thing. When the lights go out, Brisket never misses an opportunity to ask some dude if he'd like to check out his dinghy "lifeboat".
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