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  1. Imagine all of the dorks that bought those hats... lost your first and only MCWS, and then promptly lost your head coach to Big Brother?
  2. There's beauty in simplicity. I used to tape the button down on the phone of one of our old timers so when he'd pick up the handset to answer a call, it was just dead. Someone else picked up the call and placed them on hold, and I eventually had to show him what was wrong so he could continue working.
  3. The prices (for me) are largely controlled by the insurance companies since I'm doing wholesale collision sales My competitors are showing up to work each day with the hopes of their system coming back online, but since we're all commission only sales, they're just sitting there doing nothing all day for free.
  4. This is a glorious, glorious thing for me. A few local dealerships whom are my competitors in the wholesale parts industry have been effectively shut down, but our partners in the shops can't sit around and wait for them to come back online, so they're purchasing from us in the meantime. I'll take it!
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