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  1. You mean the Provo with a median housing price of $453k? https://www.redfin.com/city/16042/UT/Provo/housing-market
  2. I know there is a narrative that people want to live in bumblefuck, but housing prices and demand don’t lie
  3. Well, the parts of America that people want to live in.
  4. Baking soda is basic (alkaline). It’s why any cleaning idea that involves combining it with vinegar (unless you want the foaming action of the reaction) is sorta dumb. But I’d recommend Oxyclean Free. Leave it to soak overnight. Works like a charm.
  5. It's true, your mom does appreciate some afternoon delight.
  6. Related: I once stayed in an airbnb in San Antonio where the coffee maker barely brewed. Three rinses of vineagar later, there were literally tiny balls of limestone in the bottom of the carafe.
  7. Some of you guys really slept through chemistry in high school, huh? Descaler, as previously pointed out, is an acidic solution designed to remove deposits left behind by your water, which for you guys living in the Edwards Aquifer means a metric fuck ton of calcium carbonate (I.e. limestone) Coffee descaler is vinegar based. Dishwasher cleaner is citric acid based. Both are acids designed to desolve and wash away gunk in the tubes of your respective appliances. The poor man’s version of dishwasher cleaner is an upright cup of vinegar run on the sani-cycle. Tl:Dr- it’s fine. As to the type of dish soap: it’s all about the sudsing effect, which is added to Dawn so people feel like their hand washing is getting shit clean. Shit gets bubbly when over aerated in a dishwasher splashing around. You can get rid of the suds by dumping a 1/4 cup of neutral cooking oil in the dishwasher to reduce the soapiness and then run the dishwasher empty. For all the chest thumping about Cockrell, I’m a humanities major from Bates fucking College.
  8. It’s like when you first go on Spotify, before you’ve uploaded and curated lists, and you are just liking a few songs and getting used to the interface. It gets a lot wrong before it learns what scratch’s your itch. For example: I like certain country music, but in general, I’m not a big consumer. But you click like on Dwight Yoakum’s cover of “I want you to Want me,” then the algorithm assumes you want to see a dozen big hat country channels, and not a clever covers channel.
  9. Man, you gotta learn to let Costco come to you. Sometimes what’s out is gone, but then you are in a Costco. Just let the aisles take you where they may. Maybe there’s a cheese that didn’t used to be there? Perhaps a new coffee? You won’t know until you fully ride the wave, padwan.
  10. Me, on my first cup of coffee, reading this thread at 7:30 EDT:
  11. I don’t know how to tell you this, and if you are a neat freak, this is going to put you on tilt: your body is absolutely teaming with all sorts of pathogens, virus, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms. You are basically an Amazon rainforest and full of life along for the ride. Most of it has no or an actually positive effect on you, either because you have a robust immune system or it’s a cobeneficial relationship. The masks reduce the chances any of those organisms pass along to somebody else, particularly in a medical situation, whose own ecosystem may not be able to handle their introduction. Your mouth in particular, is kinda an open sewer.
  12. In all fairness: Magnets are magic…
  13. What is fascinating to me is that, as a child of Texas urban wealth, I was able to pass in rural communities for most of my adult life, but in the last 5 years, I really can't do it anymore. Part of it is clothing: I lean towards what you expect costal bobo elite to wear: patagonia, bean, tech gear, etc. But part of it, even when I'm careful how I dress, is just manner and colloquilisms, etc. Even when I slide into my Texas twang, people know something is a bit off. I particularly noticed it in West Texas. Also, I've used this phrase before: Farmers are welfare queens in Carhartt.
  14. While the Wallflowers weren’t exactly reinventing the wheel, I also don’t change the channel when they come on Sirius. I’m just saying.
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