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  1. We've watched two episodes. Gets the service industry correct: Chaos of service, constant shit talk, abusive chefs, blowouts in the walk ins.
  2. Absolutely riveting book. The image of the Hellcat and Avenger pilots doing close dry runs and firing their service pistols out of their cockpits on the Japanese ships at close range once they ran out of ordinance makes me well up every time.
  3. Fun fact: Poison Ivy is native to North America. John Smith and the settlers at Jamestown bitched about it.
  4. I always say: The problem with New York isn't actually New York, it's fucking Midtown, which is the worst. Once you get out of that part of town, NYC is as charming, fun, and varied as ever.
  5. Lol. When I first moved to DC (again, as a Native Texan), I was at happy hour, trying to get in the pants of a staffer with some western Senator, and somehow the conversation about public land came up. I said something to the effect of “you mean parks and such?” And she proceeded to explain public lands to me as I exclaimed “What do you mean the federal government owns most of Nevada? The government doesn’t own land like that!”
  6. Born and raised fifth generation Austinite. By the time I graduated from Westlake, I was ready to see another part of America, so I went to Maine. Eventually landed in the DC area in the late 90s and I've never left. Wife and I are sick of living in the mid-Atlantic. If I have to put up with the humid summers, I don't want to deal with the traffic and the high taxes, and I fucking hate winter at this point. Plus, I'm starting to get a bit burned out on the performative progressive office politics. We are looking to move somewhere South of here, probably where the politics have always been conservative as fuck, so we can just be everyone's token liberal friends. I've been on the front lines exchanging blows in politics for a quarter century. I'm tired. Other than possibly San Antonio (my son is at Trinity and loves it), I'd never move back to Texas, especially Austin. It's not so much the politics as much as it's run like a disintegrating second world nation.
  7. My kids are grown ass men now and wife has GE-Clear. We abandon them with the poors on the reg.
  8. Luke has you covered here. I have a Brondell travel bidet permanently stashed in my carry on, and I just got one for my desk at work now that we are RTO.
  9. Sadly, Corona virus took Cafe Mozart. RIP.
  10. They pour heavy at the Monocle. Don’t plan for an early morning. Charlie Palmer is also good for spotting Senators headed to fundraisers.
  11. Lol. That fucker is going to be 120 years old, doing fat rails and getting blown by hookers, while y’all are still hanging on to the next 9-8 team is going to put it together. When I was still a youngling on the Hill, I got wined and dined by AT&T and the baby Bells over getting into each other’s telephony business. All they gave a fuck about was land line access, either long distance or last mile. Neither of them had any fucking idea of the future.
  12. It’s pretty but crowded AF. If you want to see them in a less crowded setting, you could try the Arboretum.
  13. We were all young and beautiful once. Congrats on a wonderful partnership. It’s a rare thing.
  14. The power of the Vietnam memorial now sort of obscures what a controversial design it was at the time. It's why the sculptures of the three soldiers was included up the hill, as a compromise. The additional sculpture if fine, I suppose, but it does, in a way, detract from the raw power of the wall. As does the Women's memorial. Maya Lin's simple, elegant design, especially when paired with the Grandeur of the Lincoln Monument and the lush, rich design of the Korean Monument really makes that end of the Mall the best. To @miguelito point: The Renwick is the best thing in the surrounding WH complex. Great small museum.
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