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  1. This. Did their lobbyists not murder board them before the hearing? And I personally know the MIT lobbyist. They should all be unemployed this morning. Once again, we are having a version of the "Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom from consequences" debate.
  2. I have no idea, but the level of destruction leads me to believe they are taking the approach we did in the second and third battles of Fallujah, where the IDF just destroys strongpoints from the air or artillery rather than take and clear, then does whatever below ground reconnaissance to secure tunnels they need. I think they've decided they are going to take a PR hit no matter what they do, so they are being thorough (or at least trying to be).
  3. This is my take. Once Hamas couldn't find/produce any more hostages, the IDF concluded they are most likely dead and are moving to the next phase in the operation, which I think ultimately ends in northern Gaza being a defacto DMZ. Flooding the tunnels is part of that process.
  4. Well what the hell do you expect of a bunch of California ex-pats who were too stupid to get into UCLA and Berkley?
  5. It warms my heart to see an RGV team in the semi's, even as a Westlake homer. I remember the excitement around that 90 Mission team with Detmer, and I'm always quietly rooting for RGV teams to do well.
  6. I’m all for cross training, but I’m not sure fall ball makes sense for a football player….
  7. Bateshorn

    2023 Heisman

    I’m inclined to agree, but if they didn’t give it to House of Spears in 2009, I doubt a D line will ever get it.
  8. Washington’s strengths are great pass blocking and Pennix accuracy. It’s not entirely clear to me how strong he will be if the rush gets to him consistently. I didn’t see any obvious dipshittery on Debeor’s part as the season wore on. My question is really where the Huskies fall vs. the Horns on the athletic perspective.
  9. I have no idea wtf happened, but thats across the River.
  10. To me, there are three problematic precedents putting Alabama in creates: 1. If over Texas, It explicitly refutes a stated rule about the primacy of head to head results. It makes what was unsaid, that they are more guidelines than rules, openly said. 2. if picked over FSU, regardless of how awful the Seminoles looked last night, it overturns a decade of precedent that undefeated conference champs get in (assuming somebody has a loss), regardless of SOS, eyeball, etc. 3. it more or less makes the SEC champ an autobid. And it will empower Sankey and his successors to eventually argue 2 loss champs are also autobid.
  11. These teams make an argument for banning the forward pass for certain teams. ”nope, we watched your practice this week. You have to run the single wing. Sorry. “
  12. You can not convince me that Louisville doesn’t have a DB or RB that can run some sort of 3 play RPO offense that could beat FSU
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