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  1. If for no other reason than DKR's great ballsy championship call and the perfect execution thereof, this was definitely one those games you always remember. I was 18, a freshman at Rice but a football fanatic. I watched this game in the smoke filled, dank and dreary Will Rice "College" TV room with about fifty other guys. Bama was mediocre that year and has lost to Auburn 49-26 the previous week. I was starving for a good football game and this was it. A few people hooted when Tricky Dick made it into a photo op but looking back now I can't blame him. Helluva game and to win on the road like that and win late, made this a vintage well-earned natty for Coach Royal and the boys. James Street could spear a goddam marlin with the points of his sideburns. Bravo OP for helping us remember.
  2. Had we TCB vs either Tennessee or LSU, we would be in, deservedly or not. We did not and therefore we are not. That is fucking that. I hope the Dogs and Frogs end up in the final and if so I will be 100% behind HypnoToadZilla. Don't like Wolverines or Buckeyes. Nossir, I don't like 'em.
  3. Fallica always brought this guy to mind:
  4. Great themes above, no doubt, Peter Gunn so cool, but this old geezer is partial to the late 1950’s WB Westerns, in no particular order: Maverick Cheyenne the Rifleman Bronco Lane Sugarfoot Bat Masterson the Rebel
  5. Skylar always made me think of Monica Vitti, which made me feel kinda warm and fuzzy, which I liked. I was compelled to sympathize with Skylar and all of the predicaments Walt's bizarre schemes put her in.
  6. Bama Llama

    F cancer.

    That's the ticket. Never give up. Never give in. Fuck those cancer cells in their microscopic goat asses.
  7. And heads explode all over college football fandom a la 2011. <<OR>> We choke on Cadillac's Auburn voodoo and our heads explode . . . AGAIN. Shades of 1972/17-16, Cam in 2010, Kick Six, ad nauseum et infinitum.
  8. These guys make Doug Niedermeyer look like Mr. Vandreesen.
  9. Who is more Trumprepugnant Batshit Crazy, Kari Lake or Marjorie Taylor Greene? It’s like watching a monkey playing with a hand grenade. You know how it’s going to end but you just can’t stop looking. Except and alas, these assholes have thousands of supporters who actually vote for them. Jaysus, Mary and Joseph, how did it ever come to this?
  10. Bama Llama

    F cancer.

    Take Mike B to MD Anderson in Houston. The fine docs there create excellent treatment plans for specific issues and specific patients. Two close relatives of mine went in scared and pessimistic and came out cancer free. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t quick but they were fucking cancer free.
  11. Well played and well won, LSU. Like Clark in the wildlife fun tent cabin with Ellen, they went for it and by God they got it. Our offense was too anemic too much of the time. Daniels made us look silly on defense. He’s a tough out. Bravo Horns for beating K-State. As for Bama, Citrus Bowl here we come.
  12. After my DVR got fried by lightningand I got a replacement, it took my cable provider several, ahhh, months, shall we say, to realize I was receiving literally all the HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and a handful of others for free, about 60 different channels in all. Anyhoo, I would scroll and cherry pick movies to archive, and Eye In the Sky was one. Very cool and well done. Features the smallest robotic flying aerial camera spy device you ever saw. Well worth the watch. The English speaking skinny pirate from the Maersk Alabama plays a good guy, of all things.
  13. Looking forward to watching this one. These teams destroyed UF and UK in games that were expected to be somewhat competitive. GA tight ends are very effective and Thurston B. Bennett the 5th always seems to know where they and that sneaky fast Bama killer #84 (McConkey?) are, hso he can check down to them when under pressure. I’m still in a daze after seeing Tenn “waltz” up and down the field at will on Bama and Tenn D is underrated. Guarantee you this - the Pillsbury Doughboy in red and black will be hopping up and down trying to get GA defense to switch out calls as Tenn O lines up in 15 seconds between plays. How GA defense handles Tenn a-go-go is a key. Get a few 3&outs and Tenn could get too far behind and UT defense to gassed to win. In the end, I’m for UT. I just derive a sick pleasure seeing painted up GA fans in spiked outfits with sad little faces.
  14. Alabama won't back in, slide in, or be "allowed" in the CFP unless they win out and if they win out they should be in. This issue could easily become moot Saturday night in Baton Rouge. LSU is rising and Bama has struggled on the road. If TCU wins out, they'll be in, and should be. Let the chips fall where they may, let's rock and roll.
  15. I was there too. I saw 60/40 Horns fans, a great site, a beautiful day, two well-coached teams playing hard. Even after Colt went down, Squints brought Texas back within 3 and Texas had big momentum. One more long pass to Shipley and you guys are in FG range and if the kick’s made, we go to O/T where anything goes. The sack-fumble changed all that. I didn’t see any Bama fans storming the field. If you’re saying we’re “no better” than Aubies that’s your prerogative. I respectfully disagree.
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