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  1. Man, you gotta learn to let Costco come to you. Sometimes what’s out is gone, but then you are in a Costco. Just let the aisles take you where they may. Maybe there’s a cheese that didn’t used to be there? Perhaps a new coffee? You won’t know until you fully ride the wave, padwan.
  2. Me, on my first cup of coffee, reading this thread at 7:30 EDT:
  3. I don’t know how to tell you this, and if you are a neat freak, this is going to put you on tilt: your body is absolutely teaming with all sorts of pathogens, virus, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms. You are basically an Amazon rainforest and full of life along for the ride. Most of it has no or an actually positive effect on you, either because you have a robust immune system or it’s a cobeneficial relationship. The masks reduce the chances any of those organisms pass along to somebody else, particularly in a medical situation, whose own ecosystem may not be able to handle their introduction. Your mouth in particular, is kinda an open sewer.
  4. In all fairness: Magnets are magic…
  5. What is fascinating to me is that, as a child of Texas urban wealth, I was able to pass in rural communities for most of my adult life, but in the last 5 years, I really can't do it anymore. Part of it is clothing: I lean towards what you expect costal bobo elite to wear: patagonia, bean, tech gear, etc. But part of it, even when I'm careful how I dress, is just manner and colloquilisms, etc. Even when I slide into my Texas twang, people know something is a bit off. I particularly noticed it in West Texas. Also, I've used this phrase before: Farmers are welfare queens in Carhartt.
  6. While the Wallflowers weren’t exactly reinventing the wheel, I also don’t change the channel when they come on Sirius. I’m just saying.
  7. I can’t remember where I read it, but I guess Buffet was adjacent to the 70s Austin Music scene and either Jerry Jeff or Robert Earl Keene knew him and basically said his entire schtick is manufactured . He’s the furthest thing from a laid back island burnout that you can possibly imagine: a super controlling, business oriented persona.
  8. Give the man credit where credit is due: He gave great gif.
  9. So, explain this to me like I’m a golden retriever: SVB basically invested it’s depositors money (or at least the portion it didn’t loan out) in relatively safe investments that it couldn’t turn back into cash money honey quickly, or at all if the guaranteed interest in those investments was so low they were untradeable at a reasonable discount at current market prices, so some poorly chosen words started a run and they couldn’t recapitalize quickly enough to staunch the flow? So it wasn’t so much that the money was in Karen’s house, it was more I don’t have it today because nobody will pay me for the safe thing I stored your money in?
  10. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cpq4N_iPpL3/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= im fucking dead. 😂 “muppet bank”
  11. I just bought a house at 6.1. The House I bought in 2004 was 5.75. It’s not like we are talking pre war here.
  12. But wait, I was told the Tech Bros knew better than us, average peons who properly diversify our holdings, step carefully when taking on debt, and just seek to earn reasonable long term gains.
  13. Florida will always slide into your DMs. Regardless of topic.
  14. As an owner or GM, do you really want to get on the phone with the player and have to calm him down when he gets insulted you don’t want to over pay for him? It’s one thing to tell Irsay to fuck off when he offers an eightball, a voucher for the Landing Strip, and a bottle of Walker blue. It’s another thing if you are Arthur Blank and you’ve put together a guaranteed 175 million plus a side deal to trade for a couple top tier players to fill holes and Lamar starts yelling at you about disrespecting him.
  15. I worked as an intern at TNRCC 25+ years ago. It was pretty pro industry back then, but most of the careers seemed to take their jobs seriously and tried to find balance. I can’t imagine what it’s like now.
  16. I gotta admit, Page 165 is bringing the chuckles pretty well. Quite scrong.
  17. Este The guaranteed price for top tier QBs rn is somewhere between 100 and 150 million. Except for the fucking Browns. The problem isn’t collusion, it’s that Lamar Jackson is asking for 100 million more than the going price, doesn’t have an agent who can at least listen to offers, even if the answer is going to be no, which is part of the reason you have an agent: to screen your calls. It’s pretty much just a pricing dispute between a buyer and a seller with the added complication of no formal business protocols to ease the negotiation.
  18. Cedric Benson would have nodded knowingly.
  19. Honestly, Rodgers is old and Allen turns the ball over a lot.
  20. I think he would make the Falcons a damn good team. But $250 million is a lot of cheddar. The Ravens already offered him more than Russell Wilson got from the Broncos. And now that that deal blew up in the Broncos face, I’m sure everyone is a little wary of big deals for non Patrick Mahomes level players.
  21. I’m not the one holding out for Deshaun Watson’s contract. But feel free to make it personal.
  22. As a Saints fan, it's so fucking frustrating. I'm sure Mickey Loomis will now trade away half his picks to overdraft a swing G/T by two rounds.
  23. There's a lot of players moaning about collusion between the owners, but the truth is Jackson has been good, not great for the last couple of years, is a bit sloppy with the ball, can't stay healthy.....And the Browns were absolute fools with that Watson contract. Nobody is getting that kind of guaranteed money again. At least not for a few years. We are a long way from 2019.
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