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  1. So here’s a question for the Surly Law Dogs: when he inevitably starts running out of money, how does a court break out the paternity payments? Is it like bankruptcy where there are senior and junior debt holders?
  2. Man, speaking of Dusty TV moments, In Excelsis Deo is up there:
  3. Well, shit, if we are going to do ER, we might as well full send an ugly cry:
  4. I still think they are favorites to take the majority. I just don’t think he wants to deal with Trump’s shit. Also, it gives him the the space to cut deals in the lame duck if Trump wins (like repealing/modifying the insurrection act)
  5. That's my take. If he had shown the stones to convict Trump during the second impeachment, they could have barred him from running for office. Trump destroys everyone who tries to help him eventually.
  6. I know I've been on a Miami Vice kick lately....
  7. It's a flawed film, definitely not one of Mann's best, but once you start seeing Miami Vice as tone poem about a doomed romance and not a cops/drug dealers movie, it becomes a crazy rewatchable film. The cold opening into "Numb Encore" slams, goes very hard: As to greatest scenes ever.....well, what's in the box:
  8. I'm not so sure I agree 100% with your policework there Lou.. According to NASA, she's about 22.5 hours light time away, or 15 billion miles. Give or Take. A light year is 6 trillion miles (again, approximate). That's .25% of a light year, not 25%. Voyager is the fastest moving man made object in history @ 38,000 mph, for 46 years, and she's not even a light day away. As a species, we aren't getting out of this solar system anytime soon.
  9. Daddy Jpow for weeks: "I'm not cutting in March. Maybe not even in June." Wall Street after inflation comes in barely above predictions "HOLY SHIT, I DON"T THINK THERE"S GONNA BE A RATE CUT!!!!!!"
  10. I've posted this before, but I've had numerous admissions officers tell me "Well rounded applicants roll off the final admissions table." They'd rather see a dedicated drama kid who went all in and can speak interestingly and eloquently to that passion, than East Coast Becky, who was cheerleader, soccer captain, student body vice president, soup kitchen maven, and leader of the church choir. I had a friend whose school mate did admissions at Princeton and one year they let all the qualified tuba players in, because the marching band graduated a bunch of tuba players. Grades and test scores are likely all sparkling at a certain level of ranked school and above, so they want to get to know you through the application as a human and not a perfectly curated applicant. Let your kid be a kid. When they get to 7th and 8th grade, if they organically develop a passion for something, encourage it. Then develop a Deep Safety, Safety, Match, Reach, and Lottery school list, cross reference it to cost, apply early.
  11. Some people are miserable pricks who are only happy when they have something to hate on.
  12. Pair of Fucking Imbeciles would be a great band name.
  13. These are excellent posts. Very Unsurly-like in both their information, clarity, and general lack of muledick.
  14. This is 100% what Boeing should have done with the 737 twenty years ago. You can argue about whether the 787 was really the right move, given the 777 emerging dominance in global long haul, but regardless, trying to glue a modern hi bypass turbofan onto a 50 year old design was such a Jack Welch/McDonnell Douglas quick cash grab style move.
  15. And the 777 is their real money maker and desirable product. It's the last engineer led Boeing plane and a damn near perfect sub-sonic trans-atlantic carrier. Overbuilt, but not a maintenance hog, economical, flexible in routes options and interior design, and ironically: ideal for a non first class international travel market, since truly rich people fly private now, so most international outside of Emirates has gone to business, premium economy, economy as a 3 tier design. But it's long lifespan is more a product of General Electric's absolutely genius engines than anything else. Those genius engines are the downfall of the MAX: the low slung wings don't really accommodate such big, efficient turbofans, so they had to stick them way out in front of the wings, upsetting the balance of the plane. Boeing tried to fix it with a software flying assist program. It, er, didn't work right.....
  16. So, putting aside the structural managerial incompetence at Boeing due to a variety of reasons, mostly related to the short term demand of our capitalist system and regulatory capture, flying is, statistically speaking, literally one of the safest things you can do. It’s much, much, much more dangerous to be outside on a cloudy day.
  17. They are beefing up the fleet at Diego Garcia for whatever they are eventually going to do.
  18. It reminds me of Boy #1's admission's counselor: "Maryland is not a safety school. Have a back up option if that's your first choice, because I have kids crying in my office every March when they get rejected and haven't considered another 4 year school."
  19. As my wife and I joked when watching the two UW-UO games (and the Colorado game): That's a lot of Rich California kids who didn't get into their first choice UC school.
  20. It's all blow off from the impossible tight standards for UT (and A&M to a lesser degree). There is just an avalanche of fairly well off, fairly smart Texas kids that want to go to the Main Public State School, and if they can't get into Austin, they are going to look at Fayettville, Tuscaloosa, Oxford, etc instead of UT-D, Tech, UTSA, Houston.
  21. Yup. Kentucky offered Boy 1 guaranteed instate for 5 years, but they framed it around a merit offer. On the East Coast, it's hard to overstate how much New Jersey's lack of viable in state options past rutgers drives admissions and tuition prices. New Jersey kids form the core of most of the East Coast public and private school revenue.
  22. Depends on the school. Texas and Florida are notorious for encouraging in state students and being very hard on out of state applicants. Other schools, like Wisconsin, charge full freight for all out of staters, because they are a seller school and don't need to offer aid to get out of state attendees, but they still prefer instate kids as a mission. Maryland on the OTOH, lives and dies off of full freight NJ kids (as does Penn State), so they tend to be very fucking choosey about their instate acceptances. If you are a middling student from central NJ, getting into College Park is a breeze. If you are a high achiever from Montegomery County, Maryland, it's fucking brutal getting a yes from Maryland. They need that out of state money. For somewhere like Oregon, they literally can't get enough in state bodies to fill up UO and OSU, so they have to entice California, Texas, and Colorado kids with financial aid packages.
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