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  1. That's the one who came out bisexual and has to live with his hateful rhetoric. I hope she gets the love and support she deserves.
  2. Good early failure for the team to build on for the actual season goals.
  3. Just about every stat line in our favor, just need better shot selection
  4. This Illinois team seems underated on paper, even at #17.
  5. Carr inspired by Derka's post of faith! Came out dropping dimes.
  6. Stewart had 3.5 sacks against Kansas in 2021, in the Coastal Carolina win. The entire Texas defense managed 1 sack in our loss.
  7. College football bowl picks - Predicting the score of every game (espn.com)
  8. long version of the game short version whole season
  9. His face is stuck in a constant state of "oh fuck, I sharted in the middle of a crowded room".
  10. Which is a valid point, risks have to be weighed against costs. That process would require a competent, functioning government which partisanship guarantees we will never have again.
  11. Does he fit a BV defense? Isn't he used to running 2 DLs and 2 DEs in the 265 to 325 range?
  12. Believe Coleman decided to take Cain over Singer lol
  13. He got caught by angled pursuit from a 1st round nfl draft pick, after he shook a tackle.
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