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  1. The Adams pecan pie was solid, HEB needs to bring that one back (if it ever opens again)
  2. Ricky is the guest on Today's Joey Diaz podcast. Some football talk, some weed talk, and Diaz being Diaz. Not a bad listen.
  3. Link, if you need one:
  4. Topper13


    Looks like this game's going to be feast or famine. #Heardle #72 ️️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  5. Topper13


    First time caller #Heardle #71 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  6. NIL will be the death knell of college football as we know it
  7. We need 2 Live Crew next year, to shake things up.
  8. I would argue that St. Louis' team is now playing in a desert locale with a midget for a QB, but Pops would correct me that they are a Chcago team.
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