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  1. Yeah I got mine earlier today too. Shitty selection compared to recent years. The fair weather fans are back in town.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/athletic/5650358/2024/07/22/mountain-west-pac-12-schedules-merger/
  3. You’d think they do TEX and TEN but if Tennessee want to be called UT and have people confused them for Texas then go right ahead lol.
  4. Yes you can. You can also rent them before at the stadium each game as well.
  5. Yeah I travel for work a bit too, and my favorite is when I fly on one of those small regional planes where the roller bags go under the plane and you have to wait in the jetway for them to bring up your bags. I always travel with a duffel for that exact reason so I don’t have to wait. Anyways it never fails that some asshole makes a fool of themselves and rushes to the front of the plane and then has to stand there and wait on their bags as I walk right by them.
  6. Yeah this sounds like a douche of a flight attendant on a power trip. Team Davis here unless the FA has a bruise or multiple eyewitnesses or something more…
  7. Basically, if the ACC stays together and it’s just Florida State and Clemson that get out they, alone, don’t bring enough money to pay for themselves, much less bring in any extra revenue for the existing membership. Nor do they justify pissing off their TV partners. The Big Ten just pushed FOX (CBS/NBC said no) for more money for Oregon and Washington and the SEC is trying to get ESPN to pony up for the 9th conference game. Timing is everything. Now if FSU/Clemson leaving starts a mass exodus and UNC, UVA, Miami all decide the grass is greener as well, then that is a different story and it becomes a land grab akin to what just happened to the PAC12 with the 3 remaining power conferences picking up the best pieces and leaving the rest as a shell of its former self.
  8. Could get to 80%. I’ve always said, the Jayhawks are a dark horse for an SEC invite. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kansas–Nebraska_Act&diffonly=true Also, how the fuck is Mississippi not on that list? (No, I’m not going to read whatever stupid logic they used)
  9. It’s just not a good time. Contracts were just renewed and we’re in a bear market with streaming so people aren’t over spending at the moment. The SEC would want this to drag out until 2028 or so and they can get data on how their 16 team setup is working, how the CFP is working, and how streaming is going to look as well. At that time, if the ACC/FSU/Clemson settle I could see them making the move. I think FSU just sat on their hands too long. They are a big brand, but they aren’t one of the biggest brands like ND which everyone would bend over backwards for.
  10. https://sports.yahoo.com/texas-oklahoma-were-pay-big-135448646.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9kdWNrZHVja2dvLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAANbCGkzudUo-zqjyaKfduI7h2I6M34YfzgTYOlXCaffmEFRN8zD7SAihyvum9_xWVhTqcIvtFmGsy9WJSuIPHFf4LR4vJO2bXS3hxHDRBvpb62Y4WVvOpt80JYge76z8P7RyzAUj3DorPj84eoKdMzIAFiUwGilney11Cd93-HQ5 Texas and OU paid $0. They got released a year early and thus did not get paid by the Big 12 around $80 million. If I quit my job under contract for making $50k/year a year earlier than expected, my employer doesn’t get a $50k dollar exit fee, they just don’t pay me for services not rendered. This whole $100 million dollar thing was PR bullshit that list of the media ate hook, line, and sinker. The only concession UT/OU made to the Big 12 was to pay the new G5 schools a partial share a year early and by switching around a few OOC games for FOX. The obvious reason for this was…
  11. I’m going to pistol whip the next person that uses “OUT”…. Also, we’ve gone over this before, Texas and Oklahoma didn’t pay an exit fee. They took the same payout as the remaining 8 Big12 schools their final year, and moving around a few OOC games for FOX, those were the only concessions.
  12. Yep. Remember that the Big Ten’s new deal included USC/UCLA but not UO/UW. Their next deal in 2030 they’ll be able to roll in that new inventory and add in the new markets to their valuation. So yes it made sense to add them at a discount now when it will boost their future valuation and make up for the short term hit. For FSU/Clemson, they likely bring value but the SEC/B1G aren’t really digging into their new valuations just yet (they need to see how they perform with their current makeup in the new CFP and baseline that to their past projections before diving into more future hypotheticals). Their TV partners are capped out so even adding them at a discount is going to be dilutive to the current members though it may be additive to the TV partners. I could see both the Big Ten and SEC running models with possible new members in the next go around 5 years down the road, but before then I’m not seeing the value for the conferences or their network partners as neither wants to be out more money.
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