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  1. First, I wasn’t making a judgment call, just stating a fact but the issue is far more complicated than many here are acknowledging. Teacher’s retirement sets most of these rules in order to protect the pensions for all teachers. While the legislature can butt In occasionally, most of the times when they do, it’s with the support of the TRS. Allowing teachers to double dip puts the pension fund at risk which is why it’s discouraged, but even then, sitting out 1 year before you can double dip isn’t exactly a crazy stipulation if you ask me. I have 2 family members currently double dipping as we speak and a third about to take their year off so they can.
  2. Otherwise teacher would retire, collect full retirement and then return to school full time and basically get double pay. Teachers retirement makes them sit out a full year before they can do that. They allow them to sub X number of days during their year off but they can’t do more than that.
  3. ACC only does 8 conference games due to the ones with SEC rivalries and the 5 built in ND games each year.
  4. Honestly a sneaky lynchpin in this would be for the Big 12 to go after Washington State. Almost everyone thinks the PAC10 schools are valuable to other conferences for one reason or another, and each one has been rumored as an expansion candidate with the exception of Oregon St and Washington St. Oregon State is just a small state with nothing special about it other than its mascot and baseball, but Washington State punches above its weight class in TV ratings and is in a growing area (especially if you include Idaho) in an already good sized state (even if most of the population is on the other side). If the PAC crumbled tomorrow one could see 4 joining the B1G, 4 joining the B12, and WSU would end up stranded in the PAC10 with OSU 8 MWC members. But WSU’s vulnerability may be the Big 12’s ticket to Western expansion. Take Washington State and you now put some urgency behind the realignment musical chairs and a school like Arizona also decides to jump. Then as the other four corner schools come in, Washington has an easy out to leave assuming the Big Ten is truly off the table, and once Washington joins Oregon would follow. If the Big 12’s end game is to get very big then I think it’s the best plan short of raiding the eventual ACC leftovers which could be over a decade away.
  5. Been without power near Spicewood/183 since 10am. Tree limbs snapping every 20 minutes or so it seems. Helped clear some limbs with my chainsaw this morning for some elderly neighbors (they were trying to do it themselves with a hand saw), Later in the day I hear a chainsaw in my front yard. One of my down the road neighbors is standing in the back of his jacked up pick up taking a chainsaw to one of my oaks trees that is over hanging the road but still had a good 8ft of clearance and multiple car have been able to pass through. And mind you, it was not just a small limb but basically the whole main trunk of the tree so he could get his big truck out. I would have helped prune or lift the tree, but this guy didn’t come up to my house and ask just started hacking away at it. I yelled at him and he probably hates me now, but that’s the kind of inconsiderate shit that I can’t just take a live or let live attitude.
  6. Me too, but he made a business decision that he believed was best for him and his family. Hope he goes in the 2nd or 3rd and gets a nice fat contract.
  7. Edited to clarify because I knew one of you fuckers would get technical on me. https://dwazoo.com
  8. My money is on the Dallas World Aquarium and this is some mafia level shit headquartered out of Campisi’s.
  9. Stay classy. If you do immediately know an example in history where a nation decided to attack another to claim territory when they were having massive internal problems at home then I can’t help you. South Korea and Switzerland have reversed their positions on supporting Ukraine (even if just passively). Iran also announced it would change its position on Ukraine and would now be linking its banking system with Russia.
  10. We can agree to disagree, but just to clarify. The COVID part was more pointed at China and less at India. The thought is that of the pickup and focus on Taiwan has been that China’s COVID policies have been an abject failure and their only play has been an over the top focus on nationalistic pride. A ‘quick and decisive’ re-conquering of Taiwan forcing reunification (I feel like I’ve seen this movie before) would be a way to deflect from that failure and highlight a major milestone for the people of mainland China to celebrate. China’s lust for Taiwan won’t go way, and with the world distracted by Russia, this could be their best opportunity to reach that goal without making front page headlines all over the globe. While people would not be happy with them, with the war in Ukraine and a possible world wide recession on the horizon, would limit the ability to enact too many sanctions. But even if they do enact some token sanctions, China now has a few partners in Iran/Russia/NK plus a few like India/Brazil that are less inclined to follow the lead of the West that could help offset. Still China would mostly be betting that the US can’t quit China’s cheap labor cold turkey, and that they’d eventually get away with it and everything would normalize within a few years.
  11. Two theaters of war. Iran has already been assisting Russia. I don’t think it’s a far fetched as you do for a WWIII situation to arise with teams already loosely established (West/West like countries supporting Ukraine vs Russia and their allies/China/NK/Iran). The Middle East is a mess and with South Korea considering going nuclear, China and India struggling with COVID the Far East isn’t much better. Can mutually assured destruction prevent this from going full all out war? Absolutely…but I see a powder keg waiting for a match to kick off and this could be the start of that. When the major players are focused on one war other players may try to take advantage of the distraction. North Korea/South Korea, China/Taiwan, India/Pakistan, Israel/Iran were all on my bingo card once Russia invaded and I think we can check off that last one now as Israel flying into Iran’s airspace seems like a pretty major escalation to me. Yes, this could be a lot of nothing, but I think a reasonable person would agree that with Israel’s direct attack on Iran, we are closer to WWIII this week than we were last week.
  12. My point was FOX is missing out on ~20 games between ‘23 & ‘24 including a pair of RRSO game and Michigan at Texas in ‘24. Giving them more inventory/options with conference game from BYU/UH/Cincy/UCF aren’t going to move the needle. Out of those, the only notable OOC home game in 23/24 is Cincy hosting Pitt in 2024. Clearly that’s not an even trade for FOX. I’m not sure what if anything that has to do with a boycott. At this point Texas/OU want to leave, the Big 12 wants them gone, ESPN wants them in 2024 (after they get the 1st tier rights from CBS but could likely live with getting them a year early), so FOX is the only sticking point and they have a legitimate issue here. How do you compensate them for 20 games of Texas/OU over 2 seasons including 3 major blueblood vs blueblood opportunities? Putting aside the logistics of getting it scheduled, but even if both agreed to a 6 year OOC series (encompassing the full timeline of the Big 12’s new deal) think 6 year agreement for Texas/Tech & Oklahoma/OSU (or just home and home with UT v TCU/Tech/Baylor & OU v OSU/KSU/ISU), that would still only give FOX the opportunity for 6 UT/OU games (which they would also have to fight with ESPN for those rights, since the B12 is a joint ESPN/FOX agreement) and that doesn’t even offset a single year of their deal with UT/OU in the B12, much less 2. If I was FOX I’m not going to play ball unless I get a long term series or multiple OOC from both UT/OU, and I make ESPN trade me some game picks and/or straight inventory from their agreement to offset my loss. In summary, 2023 seems like a near impossibility, but 2024 could happen with some wheeling and dealing between UT/OU/ESPN and FOX.
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