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  1. FUCK YEAH! We’re the BEST at throwing it behind the line of scrimmage…
  2. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33371549/acc-pac-12-big-ten-commissioners-push-back-college-football-playoff-expansion-critics From Feb 25, 2022 If the ACC and their “Alliance” had passed this vote the 12 team playoff would have started this year. So they were in favor of keeping the format that ultimately fucked them.
  3. lol yeah never said I believed it, because it was stupid as shit. Quickest way to turn the whole country against them and squander their goodwill victim pity parade would be to pull a dumbass stunt like that.
  4. Rumor was that they know they’ll get smoked by Georgia, so they’ll sit out the bowl in protest and claim a UCF style national title.
  5. I don’t think it will anytime soon, but that’s just my opinion. I think it will hold like this until the next major realignment in 2035 (FSU). Between conference consolidation and a possible DI split I see the SEC/B1G being satisfied with 3-4 spots a year. Just think how different next year will be. Texas/OU in the SEC would have added losses and bumped a school like Mizzou or Ole Miss out of the top 12. Same goes for UW/UO in the Big Ten removing Iowa/Pedo as well. SMU’s two loss season would be part of the ACC bumping Louisville down and Arizona would be battling K State, Okie St, Utah, Kansas, Iowa St for the Big 12. I don’t think we need major debates on how many 3 loss teams or G5 teams are being left out, so this model should hold for some time.
  6. Looking at this, maybe NCSU should have been #5
  7. It’s going to 12 teams with autobids to the highest ranked 6 champions (likely dropping to 5 with the death of the PAC12). The SEC and Big Ten champs will always get in and I assume the Big 12 and ACC champ will too, unless they go the way of the Big East. The controversy over autobids will be at the G5 level between the MWC, AAC, and others. See this year Liberty getting a NY6 bowl over SMU. Still somewhat a beauty contest. After that it will be mostly comparing 2/3 loss non champs against each other for those final spots. If in place this year that would be Oregon, Mizzou, Ole Miss, Pedo, OU, Iowa, LSU, Arizona, Louisville, ND Do you give preference to CCG participants like Oregon/Iowa/Louisville? Is it SOS/SOR based? Player availability? Game control? That bullshit will still be around but at far lower stakes and I think that might be for the best as it will allow multiple teams to think that they still have an outside chance of hitting that gutshot straight and weaseling their way into the playoffs. I think that system would actually be better than the NFL’s wildcard where you 100% know the outcome. But maybe that’s just my unpopular opinion.
  8. The FCS gives autobids to conference champs and IS STILL A BEAUTY PAGEANT for their at large teams…just like the basketball tournament. Just nobody nationally cares about those left out since the field is already bloated. The NFL gives bids to their division champs and sets criteria for their wildcards. That is not a beauty pageant but that can’t be done the same way in college football, because FBS does NOT have the same parity as the NFL. To do this the P4 would need to breakaway from the G5 at a minimum to limit the field and then maybe you could get close to NFL scenarios but with salary caps, a draft, transfer portal restrictions it’s still not going to be close to the same.
  9. He was always injured at Arkansas too. So we just needed the roster spot?
  10. Yep Most pro leagues have 30ish teams. College football has 134 (70 in the P5). College basketball has 360 or so. You can’t say these things are the same.
  11. Next year they have no divisions… So you want to talk about worthless…undefeated Ohio St vs undefeated Michigan on Nov 25th will literally mean nothing. undefeated Michigan v one loss tOSU in Dec 2nd decides who will get the conference title and the first round bye.
  12. Yeah something more to this story…
  13. You have it pretty much correct. I would just note that they’ve said they’d re-seed after the first round. It’s important because like last year #3 & #4 wouldn’t get a first round bye. I’m not sure if that was officially codified or not. I also don’t think FSU would be a 5 seed if they were seeding it based on power rankings like in the basketball tournament. Definitely behind UGA and likely tOSU, but agree they’d likely try to avoid rematches until the semifinals/finals.
  14. You do that and you punish Alabama for scheduling and losing a tough OOC. If that happens every major program in the nation should immediately cancel any quality OOC game because you’re basically saying you no credit for them. Putting Texas and Alabama avoids that scenario, and only opens them to the new world order that SEC/B1G teams will get in over ACC/B12 teams with a better record, and that they will take major injuries into account when seeding the playoffs going forward. It’s harsh, and unprecedented, but overall it’s the best path forward. If we had a 12 team playoff this year, would FSU even be in the top 6? I think they’d be behind UGA and tOSU at a minimum.
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