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  1. Did you really just type this? Or is this satire?
  2. None if legit. But smugglers and less than above board vessels will change their flags to avoid issues and/or hide their origin.
  3. Because 10 “right wing” west Austin Republicans give money to a guy slightly less left wing (but still a democrat) it’s a “concern”. I could not care less. Garza fucking sucks and has not done his job. He needs to go. End of story. In any rational political environment the opposition candidate should be able to sweep the floor with him based on his ACTUAL performance, but knowing how stupid and tribal our populace is, they know that there is no way that will happen if they have an R next to their name in this city. So people who actually want the city to get better, donate to the to a more moderate opposition party candidate, and in turn that is used by the extremes as evidence to continue to support the failed incumbent.
  4. I’m confused. So the kid is either the guys son of half brother, either way he’s raising the boy as his son. Why would anyone have an issue with that (assuming there is no fraud, abuse or neglect)? There are many people in the country raising children that are not their own. Feels like a crucial fact was left out of this story… Did they try to claim welfare or some other government assistance? Is there an inheritance issue or is the grandfather suing for custody? The story sounds like some nosey neighbor is just trying to satisfy their curiosity at the expense of the child/family for no real reason.
  5. Stopped playing football (again) in 2015.
  6. Those records are incomplete. Winspedia has the real records. Baylor is our 3rd most played game and hopefully in 35 years if we go back to playing Arkansas annually and can play Rice 16 times, they’ll move down to 5th. HEAD-TO-HEAD RECORDS Oklahoma 63-51-5 Texas A&M 76-37-5 Baylor 81-28-4 Rice 75-21-1 TCU 65-28-1 Arkansas 56-23-0 Texas Tech 55-18-0 SMU 47-22-4 Oklahoma State 27-11-0 Houston 17-7-2 Missouri 18-6-0 Kansas State 14-10-0 Southwestern (TX) 20-2-0 Kansas 18-4-0 Iowa State 16-5-0 Tulane 17-1-1 Colorado 12-7-0 LSU 9-8-1 Nebraska 10-4-0 West Virginia 6-6-0 Vanderbilt 3-8-1 Notre Dame 3-9-0 Haskell Indian Nations (KS) 6-5-0 Alabama 8-2-1
  7. We haven’t played SMU since the breakup of the SWC. We hadn’t played UH since the end of the bleachergate series until we were forced to this year. We’ve played Rice nearly every 4 years like clockwork. These are not coincidences.
  8. They settled out of court but yes waiting makes those dealings far less complicated. Ultimately they could have brought in the entire MWC but that would have cost them some portion of money they are saving by waiting. If merging with the MAC would have made them more money it would have already been worked out.
  9. OSU/WSU get CFP money for 2 more years. They have the ability to block the 5+7 move but it hurts them and spurs their relationship with the rest. The only reason they are waiting to join/merge with the MWC is that they make MORE money doing this 2 team conference on their own. Their TV deal expired but some of their other deals (like bowls/sponsorships) go for 2 more years. They are paying the MWC to join their TV deal for football and for games because it’s makes them more money than just joining outright. Otherwise the likely merger would already be done.
  10. Rice gets an honorable mention.
  11. If Texas and Oklahoma voted for 9 it would have been a split vote but Alabama seems to have changed their tune in this too which would have tipped the scale.
  12. Herby won’t do it because he calls many of those big games so he won’t pick them. Desmond won’t do it because they are (rightly or wrongly) overly concerned with not making the only black guy on the panel be the clown (no CR). I get many don’t like McAfee but the simple solution is the obvious solution. Occam’s Razor says McAfee is going to be the guy that puts on the mascot head when Corso finally makes his exit. People just need to get used to that idea.
  13. So who do you think put the mascot head on? That’s the iconic bit they aren’t going to retire with Corso. You need a big personality to pull that off. McAfee is the obvious person. Desmond, Kirk, or Saban ain’t doing it. At one time I thought Mack Brown might be able to pull it off but then he went back to coaching…
  14. NIL is 100% outside of the University and not subject to title IX. The big question is if football splits off from the AD and is no longer subject to title IX then what happens to women sports? Popular sports like volleyball and softball are likely fine, and those with male counterparts like track/tennis/golf/swimming are okay too, but if I were a coach of w soccer or rowing I’d be worried. I’d hope that the school would keep them all use this opportunity to expand and add men’s soccer or lacrosse but if they are paying out athletes directly it likely won’t go that way.
  15. “Indoctrination” would be having a class on human sexuality and spending 90% on LGBTQ topics. A class specifically about LGBTQ isn’t indoctrination at all unless they required students to take it. You can argue, whether a class like this is needed but there are likely hundreds of classes that you could say the same things about. Back in the day I took history of rock and roll, children’s literature, and human sexuality as electives. They were entertaining and I did learn some new things which provided a more well rounded educational experience but weren’t necessarily essential to my degree plan.
  16. If he refers to me then I don’t know how you got that. I point blank said the SEC/B1G would not get 9. I’d set the over/under at 7.5. That being said allowing a Liberty level school a permanent spot over their 2-3 loss team is what’s pissing them off. If they go full at large then that problem goes away.
  17. This year was not like most years we all know that. Washington and Oregon, Texas and OU would be adding some losses to the SEC/B1G side. Remove those teams and you remove more losses. Arizona lost to USC/Wash but they won’t play going forward. It’s all going to balance out with the weaker ACC/Big12 #2 having better looking teams by record than the 3rd/4th place SEC/B1G team, rightly or wrongly.
  18. It’ll never be nine if you’re giving out 3 other autobids. One of Big12/ACC will get 2 most years and you still have ND sitting out there. That’s why the SEC wants to get rid of them and go all at large.
  19. Nope he’ll be the Corso replacement. Saban replaces him as the coach on the panel. Mcafee replaces him as the clown. Sometime in the near future you’ll have: Desmond, Reese, Saban, Mcafee, and Herbie with Mcafee putting on the mascot heads. Just have to figure out how to not piss everyone off by kicking Corso off the show before he’s ready to go.
  20. The AAU also changed the formula to reduce ag subsidies as no longer dollar for dollars which hurt schools like Nebraska and Iowa State.
  21. They did at one point. Not sure how long those are good for if they never use them. Either way, right now is NOT the time to rebrand. The Big 12 brand has outlasted the PAC12 and looks to be in a good spot to beat out the ACC too. Change the name to the Big16 and the casual fan isn’t going to know what that refers to for a few years. You lose the identity that was built around OU and UT which still gives some credence to them being a Power conference. On top of that, if the ACC falls apart, and the “Big 16” adds 4 more are you just going to rebrand again? The wisest moves is to stand pat, wait for the ACC drama to unfold and then pick up the best pieces (Pitt, Louisville, VA Tech, NCSU). Then might be the best time to rebrand as the Big Twenty or BigXX, or maybe even something without numbers.
  22. Umm… https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/espn-dtc-launch-2025-disney-streaming/?zephr_sso_ott=V4epIB
  23. They will just withOUT the Oregon State, Baylor, and Wake Forests of the world.
  24. Washington State and Oregon St were available to play and are playing more MWC schools than agreed to because they were already scheduled as out of conference matchups. It would have been that difficult to arrange that if everyone involved was competent. These were the OOC game before the changes: K State v Arizona, Baylor v Utah Oregon St v SDSU, Washington St v SJSU (these could have been MW conference games) cancel and schedule each other it’s ain’t too difficult
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