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  1. Having the trailer parked in the driveway, running off the generator with cool AC blowing two hours after the rain stopped, is a great benefit to owning a RV and having it stored just a few miles away.
  2. Dewalt has a bunch of 20v usb charger, a 200w /120v inverter adapters and even a multi battery 1800w inverter “generator”. Lots of options. I bought this one that has USB A and C out out to charger phones etc and it also takes usb-c charging inlet to charge 20v batteries off of a usb-c wall charger or from my truck 12v usb-c outlet which is my primary need. It won’t power 120v ac devices though, need a different adapter for that.
  3. Blue shop towels and duct tape for the win. Will fix up anything short of a partial amputation.
  4. Spent a long weekend at the lake just getting home this evening. Got a trailer disconnect alarm on the dash a few miles from the park on our way there. Pulled over and took a quick look and notice one hub was about 200F Vs 110 for the other. I guessed that the brake was hanging up and I’d limp to our site, put the trailer in the jacks and take a look sometime over the weekend. I finally looked at it when we put the slide out in to leave. Since you shouldn’t see part of a brake sticking out the adjust access hole I pulled the hub. Don’t think that magnet arm and brake shoes are supposed to be shaped like that. New brake plate and hub already on the way Check your axles, brakes and bearings frequently happy campers and hope those don’t explode on you rolling down the road.
  5. Yes Yes Verbal agreement over the last 2 years that the person would not be allowed back into the property I.e. enforcement of a trespass notice that was in effect at the time the person left and has since expired. Sheriff will not issue trespass notice unless all property owners agree and one doesn’t agree now so no way to enforce. There are cameras but trying to eliminate access before anything happens again.
  6. Not sure what you are trying to say but an owner of any portion of an undivided assert in Texas can force a partition or outright sale.
  7. Exactly. I don’t manually lift shit if I can scoop it with the bucket or grab it with the forks. 8’ section of telephone pole for a corner post? No problem, just throw a strap on it and lower it straight down into the hole.
  8. It’s too far gone now to consider the current owners moving the property into and LLC or LP. I wish our grandfather and then dad and his siblings would have done this type of planning. They always said don’t sell the land but didn’t take into consideration that certain relatives can be shitheads and you don’t want to be in business with them. We really don’t want to sell out completely but that’s really the big hammer to force every to the table to come to an agreement and how to partition. That is our primary goal. We already have a plan in place for our dads estate upon his death. We will create an LLC to hold the inherited property with each of us heirs having an ownership %. That % will be put into our individual trusts. We will have buyout and exit agreements already in place to take care of the situations we are current at with the other relatives. We might shift our timeline a bit to speak with a lawyer and get a better feel for the process of forcing a partition or sale.
  9. To give some additional perspective, we have been discussing partition of the land for almost 8 years. We’ve had 3 meeting this years but more aimed at ownership/management issues of the property and cattle operation. Things were going really well to the point of committing significant $$ upgrading a barn and reworking the dam in the lake. Our immediacy is driven by the return of a relative who has been convicted of multiple felonies over the years. This person has previously caused thousands of dollars worth of damages to the joint property and personal property of all of the owners on the ranch and presents a significant liability. This person was not supposed to be back on the ranch but upon their return one of the other owners has decided it’s ok for them to go onto the land. It seems the only way to protect my dads assets is to separate them and prosecute if there is trespassing.
  10. We’ve been discussion the partition of ~250 acres of family owned ranch property for several years and have even made some preliminary maps showing division lines/parcels etc. The current owners are my father and some of my cousins. Due to his diminished health, I act as POA for my father with guidance from my sisters (no pics). The property has multiple old barns, several small ponds and a 10 acre lake internal to the property. The property is also situated on a large lake an hour or so away from Dallas and has about 6k Ft of shoreline. Due to some recent events, I would like to push for an immediate partition based on the previous discussed maps. I am writing an email stating I’d like to meet within the next 10 days to sign a letter of intent of the existing division plan. If the other 3 landowners can’t get on board and come up with an amicable partition agreement with 14 days after that, I’d like to begin a petition of partition with the local court. I have yet to send the email to set any of this in motion nor have I met with a lawyer regarding the above plan. What do I need to be aware as I go down this path? Should I have a lawyer draft a Letter of Intent to get all the parties on board once or if we can reach agreement on a partition plan?
  11. Buy something with a front end loader. Your back will thank you for years.
  12. We have a 500 gal tank gravity feed tank for the family property. Buy 250-350 gallons at a time and treat with biocide/anti-gel and run a filter in the hose. I keep my personal tractor on a different property and if I don’t want to road it up to the barn I’ll just haul 5 gal jugs. Probably going to buy a 100 gal portable tank, put it on a heavy duty pallet with battery and electric pump. I can use the FEL and pallet forks to load into the truck or a trailer and haul to the fuel jobber. There are several threads on Tractorbynet forums on fuel transfer tanks with ideas like this:
  13. Land planes are supposed to be great for gravel road maintenance from what I read on TBN. I would talk to the dealer there in QC to see what brands he carries vs TSC.
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