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  1. Main anchor was never deployed. Can see it easily in the videos and pics.
  2. We always did: - 401k up to company match - Roth IRA until income limits kicked in - 401k max contribution - 401k catch up after 50 - Brokerage account Probably left some on the table regarding the HSA accounts but Oh well.
  3. Welcome back to the Chit Show!
  4. I had one of the Slime 12v lighter plug compressors and it would start popping fuses at ~50psi. I run the rv trailer tires at 75 so there was no way it was gonna work for those. Dewalt handles 75 psi no prob. If I was gonna buy a stand alone I’d spent the $$$ on a Viair 450P-RV. Those things are great for rv tires or setting up onboard air. The Dewalt is $120 for the bare Tool (no batteries) right now and will probably drop close to $100 during Black Friday. I paid $100 for mine I think.
  5. I carry a bunch of Dewalt 20v stuff including the inflator and the big 1/2 impact all the time in my truck. Makes dealing with tire issues a breeze. Used it this weekend on a utility trailer and tractor tire. Almost every battery tool brand has a decent inflator to go with their battery ecosystem. Project Farm has a couple of really good cordless inflator reviews.
  6. Attempting the Iron Lotus in the middle of a hockey game is pretty impressive.
  7. Chinese robot says Fuck You Asimov and your robot laws.
  8. The Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition makes it debut at the FLIBs this week. Beautiful boat from a collaboration between 2 great boat builders. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cy09y9HurEH/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  9. We did some projects with his company several years back. Never met the old man as we mainly dealt with the son. For whatever reason, the projects never really planned out. Clash of personalities I guess.
  10. My mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.
  11. I can understand the sentiment, but I’d cut a bitch for the belly and cheek meat off a 50# op.
  12. Eclipse shadows from the live oak tree in my front yard during the 2017 partial eclipse. Didn’t know this happens and I noticed it as I was going into the house to get some stuff to view with. A programmable shade level welding helmet also works pretty good for viewing eclipses.
  13. Feel free to show up and wave a sign or throw a molotov or two. Supposedly some Greenpeace types are supposed to show up so you never know.
  14. Hopefully, only the ones for calling your side piece and not one you need for other reasons
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