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  1. Fuck standing room only tickets. There's literally no point in going. Save money and go to a watch party instead.
  2. We're playing Colorado again? All too easy!
  3. OUTSTANDING! The meltdown in Colorado is truly in full swing.
  4. Won't be surprised if it's on Fox for Big Noon Saturday
  5. Seriously who gives a fuck about which uniform we wear on Saturday? Not me. Just fucking win. That's all we should care about.
  6. Does the MVP get to powerbomb Yormark through a table?
  7. Agree with this. Fucking stupid that Dart rail, TexRail or TRE don't have a station in Arlington. But those fucks don't want metro rails or public transportation because then they lose out on all that parking revenue. Fuck that.
  8. Overall we should be able to win 10 games. Georgia coming to town and the road game against Michigan will be difficult. 10-2 next season.
  9. That what Pamela Handerson and Handgelina Jolie are for
  10. In that case, they may as well just do what the G5 championship games do and the higher seed hosts
  11. Once again, why would it rotate to Jerry World? Is the Big 12 championship game going somewhere else?
  12. You're right if we end up in the Cotton Bowl in the future Why would it rotate to Arlington? Title games haven't rotated in years. If it does rotate the SEC title game would most likely be in New Orleans.
  13. We've made everyone else eat shit for their comments this season. Let's keep that train rolling
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