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  1. Is it me, or does France look like their backups are just fucking with Tunisia?
  2. Would not be surprised if Saudi Arabia beats Mexico.
  3. France has already secured their spot into the knockout stage. Everyone on the roster who hasn't gotten much playing time gets to play today.
  4. Would not be3 surprised if we win by 2 goals. They haven't faced a defense like ours or dealt with an attack as aggressive as we have been.
  5. Someone get the garden hose. Please tell me he still showers that way. That shit was classic last year.
  6. Good luck to him wherever he ends up. He still has two years of eligibility I think.
  7. If you have to import fans and pay folks from other countries to be "fans of your country's team" then you don't deserve to be in another WC or host.
  8. That’s “we are the twelfth man! Whoop!” Translated into Arabic
  9. In honor of having an aggy school in Doha and for spending multi millions just to be the first eliminated, Qatar is wearing new honorary uniforms today.
  10. Because Fox carries the rights to the games lol Seriously though, I'd rather have the Senegal game on Fox and middle eastern aggy game on FS1
  11. I think Senegal beat Ecuador and advances. LOL at Qatar spending all that money just to lose and get humiliated. We can all agree that Qatar is the Texas A&M of the tournament.
  12. Same. Their government wanted FIFA to kick us out of the tournament over a tweet supporting women's rights. Fuck them. I seriously hope we beat the shit out of them today.
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