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  1. Just got a text we are back up.
  2. Just got a text that we are out again in 78748. Had been good since Thursday morning. Interestingly enough they claim the outage started on Thursday, So I’m wondering if this is a system issue.
  3. Got power back at 11:45, and lost it again an hour later. First time since 7am yesterday. Got it back again at 2:30, been back ever since. Woke up expecting to see lots of outages fixed on the map, and wow. We were a group of 5500, so maybe we got prioritized, but we were without power for pretty much the entire 21 freeze, so color me surprised.
  4. Shit is melting like crazy down in south Austin. My roof is almost ice free and dry.
  5. I’m literally about 10 inches from being that guy.
  6. Went outside to grab firewood, and counted 9 different limbs/trees cracking and falling within a minute. Sounds like a war zone. Driveway and street in front of my house are still just wet, not ice. Damn yard is one giant puddle. If this were 2-3 degrees colder, I’d be in trouble.
  7. Lost half of a mature Cedar Elm here in 78748. Thankfully it was on the property line with the COA drainage ditch, and all fell into it.
  8. Nah, but 10 sanding trucks would do. Hell, I’m actually surprised some enterprising northern city hasn’t rented out a fleet of of their usual crews to come down south for events like this. Y’all likely wouldn’t miss them and could probably have a nice little addition to the cities coffers.
  9. damnnit, second time in 5 minutes. We need the ba-dum-tish monkey gif as a rep option!
  10. you get the laugh rep, only because we don't have a ba-dum-tish rep.
  11. Isn't it obvious? We were finally onto him about his rain magnet to Bee Caves. Sucked all the rain from Austin for years, and we finally recognized the pattern.
  12. I wanna believe you, but probably gonna take another winter or two.
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