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  1. Are you by chance also a Rangers fan? Because I’m sensing a them here.
  2. What the fuck just fell from the sky in the 48? weather station reminded me this morning it was 50 days since last rain. Quarter of an inch, I’ll take it.
  3. Yeah, I've replaced that once already, won't do it again.
  4. I was in Boulder last weekend for a wedding and it was hot enough to cancel a friends return flight from DIA due to the density altitude. Think it was 98 that day.
  5. I pay $70 flat for Gigabit. Price has not changed since I signed up over 5 years ago. Google Fiber.
  6. It was just a half day I think. We were poor just out of college kids, so no real amenities. Think Southwest Airlines.
  7. The historical sites, the food, the booze. We slept 3 hours each nite because there was so much to do. Do everything.
  8. Edinburgh is one of my fav cities on the planet. I wish we would have stayed there longer and London shorter. nothing against London, that’s just how much I enjoyed Edinburgh. We did the train from London and saw the countryside which was really enjoyable as well.
  9. My weather station only got to 108, but the feels like was 117. Humidity was 40% edit to add, it was 80% 3 hours prior. Heat really knocked it down.
  10. This was where we stayed this time. Really cool place, but with a two year old, all the stairs and art were a constant battle.
  11. Locals next to us bitched at the heat this last week. 89-92. I showed them my weather station in Austin at 108 each day. They agreed that 92 was ok. seabreeze makes all the difference.
  12. So we had the sand bag anchors on all 4 corners. This has been our solution for the last 5 years and never had an issue. The difference this time, the tent we lost was a 10x15, so it had much less support up top, and that is the point that failed. Bent up at the top, then sheared some of the connections as it was collapsing. It never moved from our spot. A second 10x10 that we have used for years had no issues.
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