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  1. 2.87 inches in 78748. I was quite stunned when the gauge read that this morning.
  2. While I'm not the CFO, I do and have worked closely with their office for the last 18 years. And I didn't say staff salaries was the reason. But the total cost of supporting a staff force of 5000 vs 25000 is a major drag on a CSU's budget.
  3. I'm in South Austin, 11 miles from campus, and work 7-3 so I don't have an hour commute each way. It's still 30 minutes in the morning and 30-45 in the afternoon. All on Mopac. I-35 would be double that drive time.
  4. Not the thread to get into it with you, but agree to disagree.
  5. The amount of staff has ballooned on college campuses in the last 3 decades to mind blowing amounts. It's one of the biggest reason that the cost of higher education is out pacing inflation at such a rate. Purchasing folks are another like IT that do not need to be butts in seats to do their jobs, and lots of the folks I have worked with that are in different states are project managers.
  6. I'm staff. I work with people daily that are not even in the state, and never have been. During COVID, lots of remote workers were hired to fill staff vacancies, most from out of state. And lots of folks have gotten used to only 2-3 days on campus, with zero productivity drop. University staff don't exactly make the big bucks, so we are expecting a not-insignificant number of departures from staff. Especially in IT roles, that can go make much more elsewhere.
  7. CIO immediately did damage control through internal Teams channel, stating ITS policies will not change as of now. His message was sent within minutes of the email hitting, so my guess is most CSU's leadership are in full damage control mode.
  8. Said earlier on the NSF broadcast, that the main difficulty now would be thrusting away from ISS. Especially if they continue having thruster lighting issues.
  9. UnivTex34


    That was a spare flap. Who needs it?
  10. @Slacks is a meth dealer? Who knew? Don’t care still came. Homie, a piece of unsolicited advice, don’t stan for fascists. He’s not even the fascist in name only like most right wingers claim, he’s an actual, self proclaimed fascist. Posted multiple times, on this site. He supports people that want to, and given the opportunity will return slavery to the US, and amazingly deport his fascist ass back to Iran. And if you claim he is just trolling, well, he should be ejected to the sun just as quickly if he is an actual fascist. just Stop.
  11. What’s funny about Icono/ @Macklemore that he doesn’t understand, while he may not be the first to be deported under a Trump dictatorship, he will be second. Brown and having sucked cock for drugs, puts him in a class that actually may move him into the first category. He’s literally the poster boy for leopards eating faces party. It’s fucking hilarious.
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