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  1. My Vamp team continues to win. Worked my way into the 3 seed, and have a chance at a first round by if I win this week. So same question as the last few weeks. If you could have one or the other the rest of the season, would you rather have: Davante Adams Puka Nacua I'm leaning Puka right now based on upside, but the injury concerns me. Davante seems to have come back down to earth after his early start. He seems like more of the safe/consistent option. Here is my lineup currently, so I'm not even sure either of them move another guy to the bench: CMC Bijan Chase AJ Brown Kelce Mostert Kyren Thoughts?
  2. my family is from LBK, and my parents know Deterding (I went to high school with one of his daughters). They claim he is working the championship game.
  3. I use Plex instead of channels because I've had a Media server set up forever, but same otherwise. It's fantastic. DVR feature works fantastic as well. Works for every TV in the house, with one antenna (or on my phone/tablet/computer anywhere I have internet).
  4. Apple has all of that as well. Direct in app integration with Yelp and OpenTable. Uber/Lyft/Public transport direct in app integration. I get it's cool to shit on Apple, and especially Apple Maps after it was so bad for so long, but that just isn't the case anymore, at least in the US. It is as good or better.
  5. https://xpeditiontrailers.com/features-%26-options I covet one of these. Lifestyle Overland on YT just got one.
  6. So I don't know how much this might affect this decision either. I'll be favored in my remaining 3 games. Next week, I'll probably steal Mahomes or Stroud. Week after, he only has Davante/Nacua that is worth anything. Final week it's Hurts or Jefferson.
  7. Well, it's looking like in my Vampire league I'm going to win again (win number 6). Unfortunately, I'm at a loss at the player I should steal from my opponent this week. I have: CMC Bijan Chase AJ Brown Kelce That I have stolen. So if you could have one player on your roster going forward the rest of the season, would you rather have: Mixon Mostert Diggs Diggs seems like the obvious choice, but his regression the last few weeks, coupled with a week 13 bye has me second guessing. Mostert has Achane back to split carries (I'm aware of the Achane re-injury concerns). I don't know if the Burrow injury is a positive or a negative for Mixon. Any thoughts?
  8. https://www.sbnation.com/2023/11/17/23966359/f1-las-vegas-grand-prix-qualifying-delay-sporting-regulations
  9. This statement makes it sound like you are new here, but you have been around forever. He's an attorney.
  10. Put into words much better than I did.
  11. Disagree. We are way past the point of that, and it needs to start being plastered everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, it will be an inflection point for some to realize how fucking juvenile they are. (or we could continue with the now is not the time bs that we as a society are so good at, and continue ignoring it).
  12. https://www.apple.com/tv-pr/news/2023/10/apples-highly-anticipated-action-packed-limited-series-masters-of-the-air-from-steven-spielberg-tom-hanks-and-gary-goetzman-to-premiere-globally-friday-january-26-2024/
  13. I’m hoping for an Aggy vs TxSt bowl matchup. I’ll take TxSt by 14.
  14. @gofuckyourself to the white courtesy phone. Both for the Avatar and the username.
  15. I just hope the check from Toyota was large. lol
  16. Nothing like knowing you are correct than when slorch is arguing against you.
  17. Well, being the prestigious idiot that you are, you must be an expert on the subject. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….
  18. the Tech T-Shirt fan argument. You know you have hit a nerve when a moron brings this up. to be fair. He would have hit better than your everyday catcher this season.
  19. Only you aggy Astros believe that. Complete lack of reality is your MO. Just like 90% of your aggy fanbase.
  20. To point 1. Correct. Have pitchers reported yet? To point 2. But it wasn’t aggy when the first guy said it? Give me a fucking break. It’s ok, your dude talked shit, and couldn’t back it up. For all of you that bitch this isn’t a real rivalry, well maybe now it is becoming that. Both teams will be good next year. This is only great for us as fans. I can’t fucking wait. Quit being pussies. 90% of your fan base are aggy’s, and it’s rubbing off on the rest of you. Pull the sand out of your vaginas. You would be reveling in this if the situations were reversed. And you are lying if 1) you don’t think the situations could be reversed, and 2)Deny you wouldn’t love it if they were. It’s ok your dude ran his mouth. But if you have a loudmouth douche like Bregs, sometime it’s gonna come back and bite you in the ass. Learn to deal with it. Aggy
  21. How does the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEXAS RANGERS ass taste? We know how much you enjoy the taste?
  22. Well I’m gonna kill this bottle of bubbly I opened during the speeches. May go find a cigar. Not thinking much further than that.
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