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  1. Fantastic band. Pete was a pretty conflicted and complex guy but he is a true musical genius. Daltry is pretty great too but a poor man's Jagger.
  2. One of my favorites from him. He said his daughter was arguing with him about something and said things were not fair. His response- you were born in the USA, white, smart and well off. You better pray things never start getting fair.
  3. sheeeit


    While I appreciate all of the technical stuff on this thread, I really like the stoned posts better. I am feeling fan fucking tastic right now!!!!!!!!
  4. I can certainly see the perspective of your posts. Especially in hindsight. But, IMO, the "FDR knew the attack was coming and let it happen to galvanize the country" withers under scrutiny. We could debate this for 100 pages as historians have done for years but the following points are what seal it for me: 1) Carriers- At the time of the invasion, carriers were considered secondary to battleships for naval warfare. They were used much more for transport than active warring at the time. Obviously in hindsight, they were critical. Most of the conspiracy ideas come down to the carriers and radio intercepts (next point). As mentioned above, the carriers were not coincidentally missing from Pearl. They were all out on missions that had been in planning for a while and one (there were only 3 in the Pacific at the time) was in repairs and had been for months. Also, as recent intel has shown, Japan had a spy at Pearl giving them regular updates. Yamamoto knew on 12/5 that there were no carriers at Pearl. The spy gave them direct intel. He decided to attack anyway because they still figured that they could cripple the US fleet long enough to get strongholds around their supply lines. 2) Radio Intercepts- Contrary to current thinking, we really did not have word for word ability on Jap codes. But, most importantly, the Japs (just like us and every other military) would routinely send out false messages to try and fool us. The attack on Pearl could very easily have been an elaborate ruse designed to get us to pull back our defenses so that the Japs could take over the fuel routes that they desperately needed. We sort of knew where their ships were but not really and they could move around without detection. One of the reasons that our carriers were not at Pearl was because they were reinforcing bases that we thought were more likely to be attacked. 3) Audacity- Using carriers as attackers was relatively new in 1941 (interestingly neither Germany or Italy had a single carrier at the beginning of the war). Attacks from carriers were mostly short ranged and involved 6-10 aircraft. When the Japs used 6 carriers in a combined long range strike it was the first time in the history of war that it had been done. Trying to convince FDR and the military that Japan was going to do something so bold that had never even been contemplated before was a tough, tough sell and rightfully so. Japan used something like 350 aircraft in the strikes on pearl. No one in the world had ever seen anything like that before so it is not surprising that we did not plan for it. At the end of the day, we knew there were Jap ships near us and that an attack somewhere was likely and that war was likely inevitable. We also had the foolish (certainly foolish in hindsight) belief that Japan would make a declaration of war (as was customary at the time) and give us some time to prepare. FDR made mistakes and we got very, very lucky. But I will never ever believe that a US President would knowingly allow an attack on our troops and fleet. Ultimately the overwhelming industrial might of the US and our spirit were going to win any war but it probably should have been a lot harder and taken a lot longer to beat back the Japanese.
  5. I hear this a lot but just completely disagree. On 12/6/41 and before, there was deep disagreement about the war. Even after Pearl there was still opposition to the war. The opposition post Pearl was much smaller but it existed. There were near constant marches and protests in DC at the time, but no one really heard about them nationally. The difference is that in 1941 the crazies did not have a voice. The media, as it existed at the time, would rarely, if ever, give anti american voices a platform. But there were just as many extremists on each side of the political spectrum then as there are now. Perspective is really hard at times. We all saw mass protests and looting/burning etc in Portland. Seemed like the whole city was taken over. At its absolute peak there were about 1000 people involved. That represented .15% of the population of Portland. Crazies like Antifa, Proud Boys etc garner an oversized and undeserved percentage of news coverage in today's world but represent an almost statistically insignificant number of people. Obviously small groups can do great damage but they do not represent the actual morals and values of 99% of the country. If the US was directly attacked in some fashion where the actual fate of the country was at stake I firmly believe there would be millions of citizens lining up to fight.
  6. sheeeit

    CDC letter

    I actually think that if this statement was put out specifically for recruiting then it is an even dumber thing to do. Who are we kidding? Recruits are 17. They know the Head Coach and the coach specifically recruiting them. 95% have no idea who the AD is. You think they know the AD at OU, A&M, Alabama etc. No chance. The negative recruiting with this is also really easy. Any outside coach/recruiter will ask a current recruit why they would want to go to a program where the admin has to make excuses for the poor performance on the field. They will ask a recruit why so many highly rated and talented players that signed with Texas are no longer on the team. Other coaches will rightly call it a train wreck and that Sark will get fired soon enough just like their last few coaches. The elite and confident players needed to win already expect to get playing time wherever they go. They want to be developed. CDC is getting barraged with calls/texts/emails/tweets etc on what is wrong with Texas and what Is wrong with Sark. He is tired of answering the same question over and over and over. He put out a letter so people will stop contacting him. He will just refer them to the letter.
  7. sheeeit

    CDC letter

    Lol. So recruits watch the games and know the talent is lacking. The coaches tell the recruits directly almost daily that there are all kinds of opportunities to get meaningful playing time immediately but a nuanced letter from the AD that likely none of the recruits will ever see from a guy most of them have never even heard of is going to be the clincher for them signing. Shit maybe he is a genius.
  8. Quite possible. My dad said the very best port/duty or whatever it is called was Cuba.
  9. Interestingly, my dad was an officer on a ship (I think it was the Blandy) during the Cuban missile crisis. 13 Days was a pretty good movie about the crisis for those interested. It is almost impossible to explain what happened in those days to my kids today. They just can not imagine a world where no one knows anything about what the other side is doing.
  10. Back to the surly we love. Calling out a poster for trolling and being lazy by trolling and being lazy. https://www.foxnews.com/media/usa-today-correction-fact-check-biden-watch ""Corrections & Clarifications: This story was updated Sept. 2 to note that Biden checked his watch multiple times at the dignified transfer event, including during the ceremony itself," the correction read at the top of the report on Thursday"
  11. Can't believe I am going to type this but you actually make a good point. There seems to be a little grey area on whether or not he could legally own the gun but I agree that if the straw purchase was illegal then that guy should be prosecuted. I also actually agree on the mom. Kids do stupid shit all the time. IF, she knew he was going to get a gun when she drove him to the riot, I think she could be prosecuted as well.
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