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  1. Weigman polishes his Bama transfer tape with the W today.
  2. No one is trying to take away their opportunity. Your lens on any cristisim directed their way is clear. They are entitled to /deserve every dollar they can earn. They are also incredibly privileged to make 6 figures for a buisness that loses millions of dollars every season. People have the right to not support their campaign for more money based on arguments of “fairness” instead of the buisness reality of the league they play in. This has nothing to do with the auto response of “mysogoney” or “hate.” Women ignore the WNBA at a higher rate than men. They should be doing everything they can to grow the sport and court half the population to watch them instead of real houswives. Instead we have ambassadors like Lisa Leslie telling Lebron and D Green they should not go to the casino or club and instead give the extra money to WNBA players. The victimhood is exhausting
  3. The other extreme would be to create streaming only content (not licensed out to other platforms), that pays residuals in perpetuity (per view), would be guaranteed to lose money if given enough time.
  4. Is the “bleeding money” just referring to the current streaming models and their failure? Or is the strike “causing” them to bleed money? If so, how? What are the network shows not returning this fall that will be missed (most popular)?
  5. Loud music does not equal a loud crowd
  6. Damn, I remember when the most offensive adds were the Taco bell adds taking up real estate on the big screen.
  7. Maybe just don’t go to the club one night and give that money to us lol
  8. And the only people watching Silver: ”“It’s interesting: Women’s basketball is largely supported — just in terms of the demographics — by older men, for whatever reason, who like fundamental basketball, and it’s something I’ve talked a lot to the players about,” he said. “We’re not connecting with almost the same demographic that our players are. I’m always saying our players are roughly, let’s say, 21 to 34, in that age range. I’m saying [to the players], ‘Why do you think it is that we’re not getting your peers to want to watch women’s basketball?’”
  9. Crowd was just fine 02–09. Didn’t need a strip club DJ either. The atmosphere deteriorated after the decade of failure that was 10-20 The atmosphere is certainly better, but none of the last 5 years would make a top ten list.
  10. Yup. Only racing/passing was the first 4 laps on new tires. Yellow at the end saved the day and provided an exciting finish. Apparently the cars would melt if they follow at 1 second for a handful of laps.
  11. Yeah. This thing played for years. Bring it back!
  12. Try to remeber it’s a business to play professional basketball, not a charity. The IRS would consider it a hobby at this point for losing money 25 years straight. They should have way more focus on trying to attract paying customers than seeking pity for their 6 figure salaries.
  13. Tried to watch with niece and nephew, they bailed after 20 mins. 🤷‍♂️
  14. I miss sprint races. FP is not the same
  15. Reminds me of this years back when discussed on this board in 18 Now that HBO is owned by AT&T, the network's new corporate boss, John Stankey, wants HBO to develop more shows and movies to compete with other streaming services like Netflix. HBO has previously distanced itself from Netflix's model to focus on quality over quantity. HBO CEO Richard Plepler has even said "more is not better." But at a recent town hall with Stankey, Plepler seemed to change his tune, and said "we need a lot more to be even better." https://www.businessinsider.com/hbo-is-trying-to-be-more-like-netflix-under-att-2018-7?amp
  16. Friend in the industry told me October was his best hope when discussed back in April. He knew it wouldn’t be a quick resolution. Haven’t been able to see what he feels about that now. Still possible though.
  17. Make sure you “turn on” the channels in your guide if using custom
  18. Not writing off. Just saying he’s a role player in the playoffs. A better version of Ayton.
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