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  1. Same, only silver lining is that he played just 78 games last season as he enters the IL this season.
  2. Give the money with intention to never see it again. Keep up the “loan” ruse so she will not ask for more (when she doesn’t pay back the first one).
  3. Looks like Danny just couldn’t adjust away from late breaking. In this side by side it’s clear where he loses the majority of time to Lando who brakes way earlier for each corner.
  4. The Yankees have double the payroll of all but a handful of teams in the MLB. More teams would “try” if they had $120 million annually to add to their current payroll. At least they aren’t the cubs
  5. Lol. Just read that recipe. Though was just a link to the storage method. No thank you mayo
  6. https://noblepig.com/2014/05/chunky-guacamole/
  7. Tractor supply still best bet for an 18 gun safe on a budget?
  8. Those are certainly your projections both inner and outer. I’ve said multiple times she doesn’t deserve to be there and neither do the others. My point was that she wasn’t kidnapped and forced to be there, and trading a terrorist and a murder for her release seems like a poor choice. Finally, neither you or I know if the substance was planted. The absolute certainty on either side is ridiculous. * And if we do proceed with the swap, bring them all back. Don’t leave anyone behind. I hope they can find a deal that does that because any deal will be poor anyway.
  9. Yet she chose, for seven years, to work in this Russia for a million dollars a year and was headed back there, not trying to leave. The unequal $200k WNBA salary forced her hand I know.
  10. Ninfas still has the best refied beans IMO. Nobody else has that same Silky smooth texture and amazing flavor. Nothing really close.
  11. So much this. They have a spending cap now, let them test their cars in the real world and regulate/invoice accordingly. This season proved a 60% wind tunnel is not a real substitute for on track testing. Ultimately wasting money on upgrades that don’t translate.
  12. IMO cars are too big and tracks to narrow to get rid of DRS at the moment. Id like them to switch to a system like Indy and every driver gets a certain amount of time with DRS open where ever they want it open on track
  13. No matter how many tens of millions more money you spend than the Astros, Yankees still have the monopoly on trash. On the field and in the stands. You can’t buy class. Got to love the high horse from a team caught cheating with electronic devices in the same freaking season. Suck it up buttercup, you’ve got nothing to stand on. Cheater. Spent $100 million more, cheated as well, and still got sent the fuck home in 2017.
  14. Honest question: schools and church ok to shut down to stop the spread but not Dore Alley Kink fest or Big Mike’s tool box? Seems we have a window to stop the spread
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