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  1. Cops lie and a surly poster laps it up? Say it ain't so.
  2. Post tribute, sing kumbaya, give your thoughts and prayers, and fuck right off back to not caring or doing a god damn thing about it. America!
  3. Ok, and how do you think he does that? Without a perpetual enemy he has no power.
  4. I'm not sure how you can ignore the fact that Bibi faces serious prison time if he loses power as if that doesn't heavily weigh into his motivations.
  5. I'm fairly certain I could personally choke the life out of every single cop that was there and did nothing, one by one, and never feel even a little remorse. They deserve worse and if there's a hell, they can't get there fast enough. Every single one. I have never in my life said it, but I'm pretty sure I would applaud vigilante killings at this point. I'm so over the apathy and inaction I'm about to go into my Joker arc. At least in my head.
  6. This is, of course, the real answer. Which Bevo will ignore in perpetuity.
  7. It's honestly shocking that an anti-parasitic with immunosuppressive properties was a bad idea to take when you have a viral infection. Mind blowing really.
  8. I am in agreement that showing up masked to someone's door in the middle of the night is an intimidation tactic (a laughable one, when you're a spindly college nerd, but still, it is what it is), or at least an attempt at making oneself appear threatening. I honestly would have laughed had I saw that on my camera notifications in the morning and realized all that happened was a non-threatening note was left on my door. I certainly wouldn't have run to the press and cried home invasion. That to me is intensely hilarious.
  9. I agree that they should stop doing this. I'm gonna stop short of branding them dangerous criminals quite yet and/or calling them pedophiles like the guy whose posts you keep liking.
  10. I mean I think some punishment is absolutely in order for what that kid did. Perhaps trying to brand him a criminal home invader isn't a great place to start. In case you're confused, that's the first thing this regent did. That's just Rex projecting again.
  11. Who said it was a mistake and not a deliberate act? Wasn't me. I'm not sure who you're arguing with. e: I understand that all anti-Israel protests are unacceptable to you, but most people aren't there...
  12. I don't really disagree with any of this. He shouldn't have done what he did, it is obviously threatening and hostile behavior. At best, it's an incredibly stupid thing to do for any number of reasons, at worst it's pointing out "I know where you live" to someone as a direct threat. The question is how do you respond to such a threat? I would personally feel more strongly about it if a written threat was actually made in the note, but it doesn't seem like that was the case. A list of demands and a plea for dialogue doesn't really move the needle any further for me. It actually moves it backward a little for me because it indicates, at least to me, that he's just a stupid college kid that decided to try and make himself heard in one of the dumbest possible ways rather than someone who would actually try to harm someone. I've quite literally had strangers come up to my house and yell at my goddamn doorbell camera in the middle of the night before (sorry Rex's mom, I just don't love you anymore), but I never felt the need to call the cops on them or pull a gun on them, so what does that leave us? Despite the attempts to characterize it as a home invasion, it clearly was not and I doubt any laws were even broken. So again, where does that leave us?
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