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  1. Yeah, I mean, that's what 956 believes. He agrees with her, he's not hiding it at all. It's why he posts more in the DT thread now, where his pro-Palestinian genocidal views are less likely to be challenged. He's not worth engaging on this topic. He's just going try to gaslight you in the same way Stefanik does.
  2. Yes I'm sure that famous QAnon and Nazi-derived Great Replacement theory subscriber dipshit gigabitch Elise Stefanik is definitely asking good faith questions here, and I'm sure this video is in no way cut in such a fashion to make the responders look as bad as possible.
  3. This is a dangerous, and frankly pretty naive, assumption to make. I think it would be entirely fair to say that at least some Israelis (chiefly, the ones that control the government and military, which seems important) would certainly like to commit genocide. There is plenty of evidence to make this assumption based on their past rhetoric and violent action that has taken place at their behest and/or approval. It's dangerous to assume that it hasn't happened simply out of the goodness of Bibi & Co's collective hearts. They're "not" committing genocide (I put this in quotes because, frankly, there is still a great deal of debate around this, considering) because there is no possible way they could get away with outright genocide. I mean, other than just doing it and using the Western media apparatus to gaslight the world into believing they aren't, which certainly seems like a plausible outcome. Now, would it be fair to say that a significant portion of the Israeli population would want to commit genocide? No, of course not, that would be insane. I don't believe they want that any more than I do.
  4. It certainly knows what ethnic cleansing is, at the very least.
  5. Like, he's not going to outright say it, but to him, Palestinians are uniformly no better than the Nazis. There are plenty of people like him in this thread, many/most of whom will not say what they truly believe. There have been so many posts in here absolutely laced with Western/Israeli media propaganda and a hideous amount of Islamophobia, and half the time they probably don't even realize what they're doing and how genocidal their rhetoric is. It's made me lose all respect for some posters in this thread, and definitely all hope for not only the extended family I have in the region, but the world in general. We're all bloodthirsty pieces of shit and it'd be great if an asteroid wiped us all out so we can't further pollute the universe.
  6. He's not only saying that, but straight up saying that Palestinian civilian lives are worth less than Israeli lives. His entire view on this issue is drenched in IDF propaganda. You're never going to convince him that Palestinians are humans. They're animals to him, period.
  7. Waiting for brisket to like this post
  8. Brother, I'm well aware of what happened in mid-2021. My point was it's not a surprise than an incumbent ruling body experiences a surge of support in the wake of a crisis like that. It happens all the time, even if the ruling body is dogass. Not always, of course, but it happens. I'm not disagreeing that Hamas support within Gaza among civilians is a problem, I just disagree that it justifies murdering them en masse.
  9. Yeah I wonder what the context is behind that. Must be nothing.
  10. They shouldn't be treated any differently, but they are and will be, is my point. You and I both know only one side is going to see any real consequences from this shitstorm. e: Not that the Israeli lives and families affected by this aren't real consequences, but you know what I mean.
  11. The differences, of course, being that A) a majority of the Palestinians in Gaza were either toddlers or not even alive when the "choice" was made, and B) there is only one side that will bear any consequences here. You know it and are ok with it.
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