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  1. Expect this kind of game out of Shannon multiple times this year. I think he gets in his own head a lot and tries to do too much, and you get the bull in a china shop shit he was doing for most of regulation. He does have a beautiful game when he puts it together, though.
  2. It was a really entertaining game other than the OT period I guess, lots for a team to learn from and work on I'm just mad that now I have to listen to this Jimmy V speech for the 1 millionth time before I get to watch more basketball
  3. Obviously not enough to keep him from playing but I thought I read he tweaked an ankle or something like that recently
  4. Did Mitchell start? I didn't tune in for a little bit. Looks like he went out shortly after he got that dunk, maybe he tweaked something. e: And didn't Disu get hurt a little bit recently?
  5. Looked like Mayer fouled him before the shot but nobody was looking at that
  6. Oh wow I thought that was gonna be basket interference for a sec
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