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  1. To be fair, a McDouble costs more than his company made last year
  2. Because he is a large, bored child despite his claims of "constantly working" And yes, it's all about power. What reason does he have to actually care about money? He has the infinite money glitch*. *Unless he does something monumentally stupid, which he is kind of doing.
  3. He should have thought about Twitter's consent decree with the FTC and not done it at all, hence the real reason he had to shut it down.
  4. Xavier absolutely choked that game away, they had Gonzaga on their heels and just fell apart
  5. Strawther saving their bacon with some clutch shooting
  6. Gonzaga/Xavier a good one as expected. Zags gonna struggle this year.
  7. Michigan State barely survives against...checks...Portland.
  8. Lmao I'm sorry but both of these teams suck. UNC is entirely riding hype from last season's tourney run.
  9. No you're 100% right. That ball was still going up.
  10. What the fuck that was a TERRIBLE goaltending call
  11. They look like a Nate Oats coached team. Not a fan.
  12. Purdue might be better without Ivey this year. That dude was really good but a huge black hole at times for them.
  13. They're good. Duke is probably vastly overrated right now, though.
  14. Interested to see Xavier/Gonzaga, Duke/Purdue, and Iowa State/UConn today.
  15. I'm just here for the slorching
  16. Am I imagining things or did Houston go up a spot after the disaster of a game they had today
  17. I'll pay money for you to fight him irl, give me a number
  18. The Big 12 decided ramming them up the asses of aggy grandparents stupid enough to come to Lubbock was a hate crime or something
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