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  1. Like, he's not going to outright say it, but to him, Palestinians are uniformly no better than the Nazis. There are plenty of people like him in this thread, many/most of whom will not say what they truly believe. There have been so many posts in here absolutely laced with Western/Israeli media propaganda and a hideous amount of Islamophobia, and half the time they probably don't even realize what they're doing and how genocidal their rhetoric is. It's made me lose all respect for some posters in this thread, and definitely all hope for not only the extended family I have in the region, but the world in general. We're all bloodthirsty pieces of shit and it'd be great if an asteroid wiped us all out so we can't further pollute the universe.
  2. He's not only saying that, but straight up saying that Palestinian civilian lives are worth less than Israeli lives. His entire view on this issue is drenched in IDF propaganda. You're never going to convince him that Palestinians are humans. They're animals to him, period.
  3. Brother, I'm well aware of what happened in mid-2021. My point was it's not a surprise than an incumbent ruling body experiences a surge of support in the wake of a crisis like that. It happens all the time, even if the ruling body is dogass. Not always, of course, but it happens. I'm not disagreeing that Hamas support within Gaza among civilians is a problem, I just disagree that it justifies murdering them en masse.
  4. Yeah I wonder what the context is behind that. Must be nothing.
  5. They shouldn't be treated any differently, but they are and will be, is my point. You and I both know only one side is going to see any real consequences from this shitstorm. e: Not that the Israeli lives and families affected by this aren't real consequences, but you know what I mean.
  6. The differences, of course, being that A) a majority of the Palestinians in Gaza were either toddlers or not even alive when the "choice" was made, and B) there is only one side that will bear any consequences here. You know it and are ok with it.
  7. Yeah that is an interesting thing to think about. I've never done it but I considered it just out of curiosity. I wouldn't care one way or another of course, but I can see how some people might find it very weird.
  8. Sorry, to clarify I mean their actions since October 7th. Obviously they bear at least some responsibility for such a far right government coming into power in the first place, and vice versa for Gazans.
  9. I don't actually hold Israelis responsible at all for Netanyahu or his government's actions, FWIW.
  10. I meant hypothetically, if the shoe was on the other foot.
  11. There are some things we disagree about in there. Their land WAS stolen, and the notion that "they started a war", while technically true if you are referring to the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, is embracing a version of history that purposefully ignores the realities of what had been occurring there for decades prior. The notion that "they elected Hamas", while technically true, again ignores the circumstances and realities that lead to a far-right fundamentalist group gaining power and enough support, and is often used to push for genocide as if they were elected by overwhelming majority or something instead of a relatively thin margin by plurality. If you want to take an absolutist position, then more power to you I guess, but you purposefully ignore a lot of historical context and detail that I suspect you would never ignore when you turn your lens toward Israel.
  12. I understand your position, thank you for clarifying.
  13. Ending the apartheid would most likely involve all those things you said. Sure seems like you're conflating all Palestinians with Hamas when you say "well, if the Palestinians are going to keep killing people, they're going to reap the consequences". You could just say Hamas, but you're purposely saying Palestinians which is a conflation, intentional or not.
  14. I'm just amused at the contrast in the two statements you made in that post. You basically went from "Hmm maybe Israel should end the apartheid" to "well actually all Palestinians are Hamas".
  15. Ah yes it's all the Palestinians, got it. Thanks for clearing that up.
  16. Killing a bunch of them without addressing the environment and conditions that lead to a far-right fundamentalist group like Hamas gaining power is just kicking the can down the road. They'll either return or something worse will replace them.
  17. Again, I have no clue what you're ranting about. I'm not sure how anything in my post said "fuck democracy".
  18. Sadly, it'll never happen for a number of reasons. Unconditional support of Israel might as well be a constitutional amendment at this point.
  19. What in the literal fuck are you even talking about?
  20. Says who? And who said Hamas' tactics are Israel's fault besides the voices in your head?
  21. Bro if you want Israel to slaughter every Palestinian, more power to you. I'm just not gonna engage with the argument.
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