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  1. Malibus are really pretty boats. I think overall they have the best design aesthetic. I do like supras as well. Centurion Enzo’s are really good looking. But im a direct drive closed bow guy lol
  2. Glad the mastercraft phase is over. Now if we’re talking Stars and Stripes, that’s a different story.
  3. I’ve read that report. If you’re in bear territory carrying anything less than 10mm loaded with buffalo bore - you are an idiot.
  4. I’m an international arms dealer lol
  5. I love the chassis Carbon fiber all the way around Guaranteed moa Stupid light Cool looking.
  6. It’s about $1200 for me. Industry discount. 6.5 PRC is on the customer build docket for next year. This would just be a play gun for deer and yotes at the ranch and a 1000 yard target gun to practice with. I want minimum recoil.
  7. Someone talk me out of a waypoint with the carbon fiber barrel in 6mm creed.
  8. Yeah I’m gonna have to disagree here. I think these things are dumb, but forgetting something happens. Sure it’s a major component, but shit happens. I had a customer that forgot his ammo he had shipped for a hunting trip - so it was still in the shipping box on his table. He had fmj rounds, but no hunting loads.
  9. 3+ I believe Gen 3 or whatever. Some updates from first gen or whatever - they are not my specialty but they’re good guns. I’ve almost bought one a few times but I’d rather have a rifle caliber in the same size right now so….. I’d probably buy a grasshopper mouse over a scorpion because I like the name better lol.
  10. Who wants to see Seinfeld for $400? Maybe if I was there on business and there was nothing else to do and it was $10.
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