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  1. So fuck the FCCFuck the FBIFuck the CIALivin' in the motherfuckin' USA
  2. Just bought my first pistol. Sig Sauer P365X. I'm pretty pumped about it.
  3. I'll definitely do this. Thoughts on that entry level modeling amp?
  4. Thanks guys. His guitar playing has been mostly classic rock stuff. For some reason, he's a big Grateful Dead fan. I understand that a strat is more versatile than a tele, but don't really understand why. Is it the extra pickup? What types of music would one prefer a tele versus a strat? Sorry for all the questions.
  5. Hey guys. My 17 yr old has picked up the guitar this last year and is really into it. He has an acoustic and I'd like to get him an electric for Christmas. I'm pretty set on a Squire Tele, but am open to other suggestions. As for amp/headphones, I'd love to get your thoughts on reasonably priced beginner-type options. THX.
  6. Somebody call up Trudy on the telephone. RIP Charlie!
  7. Jeff Kocurek is excellent. Also a Longhorn
  8. Anyone remember the Continental Cafe in Ft. Worth, right near TCU campus? I ate there a bunch as a kid when visiting my great-aunt.
  9. Outstanding work. Very powerful. I know you're a lawyer, but registering it will give you more/better options for enforcing your rights against copiers.
  10. So as it relates to the team segment in that 247 article, he got a ton of shit wrong. Green played, Foster played, Overshown played. Those fuckers make up a huge portion of their 'inside scoop."
  11. I remember some suited-up guy coming in, clearly his first time, and taking way too much time to order. They shouted at him, "hey, briefcase! Platter!" He took it like a champ.
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