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  1. thanks for posting the article. It says this: Is there some other data point in the article that you're referencing that makes what he said propaganda?
  2. My question re: content wasn't an ask that people post Russians blowing up Ukrainians (truthfully I find it hard to stomach the footage of Ukrainians blowing up Russians). I just wasn't sure what content is flooding social media (I mainly asked the question because there have been so many people talking about all of the mis-info happening in the Israeli-Hamas war and that same complaint isn't brought up with respect to this war).
  3. I do makes posts questioning things. Each time, I'm shouted down as a chicken little pussy. It's ok, I'm a big boy and can handle it.
  4. maybe if you keep saying the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over again there won't be a single view point on this thread that doesn't align with your opinion?
  5. One other thought would be to not immediately dismiss/crowdsource any posters/opinions/thoughts that aren't 100% cheerleading.
  6. As you're aware, you're about to be roundly ridiculed and probably crowd sourced. But yeah, this group collectively spends a lot of time lamenting the social media-driven echo chamber effect within our society while creating what has to be one of the strongest echo chambers imaginable when it comes to this thread/war.
  7. The meat of this is that Twitter's reach/audience is declining overall but Elon's reach has doubled. So, his plan is working.
  8. I am not on Twitter nor Reddit so this site is my window into the social media world aspect of this war, so I legitimately wasn't sure if they were pumping out content or not.
  9. he double checked it. what else do you want? don't worry!
  10. I just seems wildly inconsistent with how they've operated in the past for them to not try and leverage online platforms to drive the narrative. They can't put cameras on their drones and upload the videos? That seems crazy to me.
  11. question: this entire thread is basically links to tweets showing good things for UKR and bad things for Russia. Are there tweets showing Russia blowing up UKR shit/people and y'all just don't post them here? Or is there not that type of content on Twitter?
  12. spoiler: that won't make the problem go away.
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