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  1. Presented for consideration, “Leftover Sliders.” Pulled and chopped the leftovers from two Costco chickens & mixed in some Frank’s Buffalo sauce. Other is leftover beef birria & its sauce. Served Cheese’d and guac’d on Kings rolls with an ice cold beer. *Not pictured: the other three I ate
  2. At this point, I think Arteta wants him to die on the pitch.
  3. Me flipping the match back on after lunch be all like:
  4. They’re going to convert one of these at some point. Yikes.
  5. Could be 3-nil. Sigh. It’s def not ending 1-nil. We really need to be finishing these chances, because they’ve nearly scored three themselves.
  6. Sneaking fear we’re going to regret not converting one of those chances for 2-nil. Saka looks worn out; maybe we should have started Jesus on the right.
  7. Gotta convert that. We need another goal or two to kill this off soon. Chelsea have talent; we don’t want them hanging around/growing into this match.
  8. Not even a yellow for standing on Tomi’s ankle?!
  9. Leandro motherfucking Trossard!!!! Lets Go You Gunmers!!!
  10. Sausage, egg, hot sauce. Black coffee.
  11. Yup. We didn’t give them much. Convert a few of our good chances and this is a 4-nil cakewalk.
  12. Opponents seem to have gameplanned how to slow him down (in addition to kicking the shit out of his legs), in addition to fatigue seemingly once again has catching up with him. Arteta & Edu must find someone this summer they trust to play RW to spell him every now and then.
  13. Three points and onward and that’s all that matters. This was a tricky fixture.
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