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  1. 307 hr, 09 min, 43 sec. Sigh.
  2. Surely there's nothing wrong with a little feast on our time?
  3. This. All the cast delivered Emmy-winning performances throughout the series. Brilliant writing, directing, and cinematography, with equally as brilliant acting.
  4. “What did you do on your summer vacation?” Bottas finished P1 in his age group (p4 overall) in a 60mi bike race. Not shabby. https://www.instagram.com/p/ChQii0Vu1IH/
  5. FIFY. And yes the smoking crater of Utd is a thing of beauty. To think if “Agureoooooooooooooooooooo!” doesn’t happen, Ferguson goes out with back to back leagues. The universe owes Utd two decades of mediocrity after the run they had with SAF. Very apropos. Wenger did manage FA Cups his second decade, but the rot had clearly set in and set in down to the core of the club. Only now can we see it starting to be removed.
  6. Two from two with three winnable matches to come. Really impressed with the bounceback as Cooter mentioned. The LC second was a soft one for Ramsdale to concede, and there are areas to improve but… trying hard to rein in my optimism. COYG, boys. GOYFG.
  7. Really, really deserved a goal Martinelli did. What a shift he’s put in today. And like the commentator said the left side was so damn good today. Zinchenko, Martinelli, and Xhaka look really damn dangerous together.
  8. Yep. Vital to get one back immediately
  9. Fulham in the early 2000s had McBride, Bocanegra, and later Dempsey.
  10. Yup. Massive, massive upgrades during the summer window. Jesus, Zinchenko, and Saliba are pure quality.
  11. If Xhaka got a yellow for diving last week, Vardy should have there.
  12. Whaaaaaaat?! VAR doesnt fuck us? First time ever?
  13. That’s a flop, but mike dean will fuck us
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