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  1. We’ll get them healthy just in time for their respective NT managers to re-injure them. Oh, and we’re losing Tomi and Partey for the Asian and African cups, respectively, this winter. FML
  2. We almost have an XI of injured players: Saliba, Timber, Rice, Partey, Fabio, Martinelli, Trossard, Saka. That’s 8/11 of a side that would finish top 4. Either London Colney is built on a cursed ancient burial ground, or there is some serious problems about our medical and training programs that need changing. Players who went their careers without injury at their previous clubs suddenly become brittle after joining Arsenal. IIRC Gabriel Jesus mentioned in an interview that Arsenal train much more intensely than City. Correlation? Maybe. But clearly something is massively wrong with how we train, recover and treat injuries.
  3. I'd be fine with a 2hr ep. Immediately caught that, too. My take as well. Makes total sense that someone who always was in-tune with the world around him would have a deep connection with the the Force. Him whipping up with just Force Push and Force Pull was impressive. Someone had to get Leia's message to that committee. R2's off with Luke, so who else would she send? Plus, it gave all of us the chance to yell "THREEPIO!!!: Oh, and C1-10P is fucking awesome; I never thought a droid could rival R2-D2 for #1 on the droid list, but damn if he isn't 1 or 1A. Also, did anyone else catch Anakin tell Snips to "trust your instincts" during his training holo? Qui Gon, who believed in the Living Force and "feel; don't think. Trust your instincts," trained Obi-Wan who trained Anakin, who trained Ahsoka. The philosophies of masters transmit down through their padawans, and on again. Nice touch. Thrawn also showed restraint by not telling Morgan to shut the fuck up. I'm the Grand Admiral, I'm the master strategist, you're my lacky. Now please stop interrupting me with stupid questions and even worse tactical suggestions. Baylon seeming to abandon Shinn... a final test for her, perhaps? "Survive, and you are fit to serve along side me." Interesting, as he seemed to show concern for her a few eps ago when Ahsoka Force Pushed her into a column at the Stonehenge-esque location. Perhaps using Shin as a distraction/cover while he goes off to find whatever (or whomever) he was searching? Either way... I'll say it again: what a shame that Ray passed away. He's killing it as Baylon.
  4. We advance, hopefully to face a lower league side where we can rest key guys and get young ones a match.
  5. From this angle, I'm not sure how the ball made it through to Reiss. Still... One Nil to The Arsenal. LFG! https://dubzalt.com/storage/videos/b22ea5.mp4
  6. Glad ESR is getting a start. Not sure I'd have risked both Benny Blanco and Gabi XL. A youth player makes the XI! Let's get out of here with a Havartz goal, a solid showing from ESR and Reiss, and no injuries.
  7. Must also be pointed out that we replaced Xhaka with Havertz, and that looks a downgrade so far. While Kai may eventually come good for us (Arteta clearly values a still young and talanted player, and he rehabilitated Xhaka after all), I think we may have underestimated what the 2021-2023 vintage of Xhaka brought to The Arsenal.
  8. I didn't realize only five of the grid have contracts beyond next year; "Silly Season '24" should be extra silly. And that McLaren graph is crazy. They went from challenging AT and Haas for 18th to challenging for podiums. Incredible improvement.
  9. We shouldn't see anything less than a full B side tomorrow, and it looks like we're preparing a youth-heavy squad. Which I'm fine with. Bournemouth away will be vastly different than Bournemouth away last year... really can't afford to drop points. There is a chance all four will be ready for City next Sunday. We'll need them. Also, there's this stat. I'd like to see what ESR can do in the LW spot; can't be any worse than what Kai is (or more often isnt) offering.
  10. It was, or at least a ship that highly resembled The Ghost was there... Ahsoka is Filoni's character, his baby. I wouldn't think he'll feel beholden to the shitshow that was TLJ in regards to her death.
  11. Tweet cuts off, but Trossard and Gabby expected back for City, and Partey back “sooner than later.” If true, they’d miss A Brentford in the Booby Prize League Cup, A Bournemouth, and A Lens in the CL. Even if everyone were healthy, I’d want to see nothing but a B side against Brentford (and yes,Arteta, that especially means Saka. It would be absolutely inane to play him in that match). Bournemouth are 17th but gave us fits last year at home (thank you, Reiss). Lens are currently 16th in Ligue 1. So what should be a manageable few matches before City.
  12. We're one point worse off than last year through six matches while playing worse football through the first six matches. Much worse football. What is slightly worrying is we haven't looked "in gear" since March. There is time to figure things out, but not much: City somehow look just as well-oiled and Terminator-like without KDB. Brighton look damn good, Liverpool seem back to being Liverpool, and sh*t are playing much better. Not to mention Saudi FC. Top 4 is going to be a hell of a battle. A bit of good news here, at least.
  13. More two points lost than a point won. We were far below level, even though s*it have improved, and more performances like this one and we won’t have to worry about a title race.
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