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  1. Yeah x 3. Brace on debut. And De Bruyne’s through ball on the second… Just beautiful.
  2. Four world champions and a guy who might have been had his teammate not been the winningest driver in F1 history. Not bad company. Hope Danny lands somewhere decent and beats both McLaren drivers next year.
  3. More like this Which is accurate. Palace in all honesty deserved a draw. But we ain’t complaining about all three.
  4. Yup. Santi was world class at his peak, a truly sublime midfielder. One of the very few “late Wenger era” players who would have seen the pitch in the 1997-2005 sides. If we could invent a time machine and bring 2012-14 Santi into this side… we’d be scary good. Though if we’re bringing past players into today, 2002-5 Vieira and Henry would be my first two picks.
  5. This. Kroenke has opened the bank and Edu has picked his players. Really want a former captain to lead us back to glory, but if we fail to qualify for CL, I can’t see him back next year.
  6. Chanting for an Invincible, a three-time league winner, a club legend. Just so happens to be managing the opposition. Pure class.
  7. Top of the league, motherfuckers!!!
  8. Fucking thank you, Saka. God I’m relieved. Phew Music to these ears.
  9. Really need another MF before the window closes, because we look clueless when Plan A doesn’t work.
  10. Followed by a Ramsdale hoof to a Palace player. We're all kinds of out of sorts. Definitely time for a sub and tactics switch. I feel like I've seen how this match will play out. Way too many fucking times...
  11. This. Shouldn't be getting bossed in midfield.
  12. Ben White really isn't a RB; really really need Tomi back. Soon.
  13. Tasty free kick here... Nearly.... damn it.
  14. Point blank save. Ramsdale keeping us ahead. The next goal really needs to be scored by someone playing for The Arsenal.
  15. Saw a quote that "what is a handball" is very similar to "add salt" to a recipe. Pretty accurate. How much salt? Who TF knows, since we all prefer a different amount.
  16. Yup. Bundesliga title race already over.
  17. That was laughable. Of all the diving that goes on in the EPL (coughcoughharrykanecoughcough) THAT gets a card for simulation? It's almost as if refs assume Xhaka needs a card per match.
  18. Should be two. I'll take One-nil. Regroup and come back out how we started the match.
  19. Should be a brace, but nice goal Gabby. No 2 will have to come later.
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