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  1. Rainier is a threat but the one that is far, far more dangerous is the Cascadia Subduction Zone which could fuck everything up from Northern California to Canada, particularly west of I-5. The geologic record shows 8.7-9.2 earthquakes lasting up to 9 minutes with a major tsunami that has the potential to reach 100 feet or more. The PNW coast will jump/slip 6 feet or more to the west, coastal towns isolated, bridges out, tsunami hitting Puget Sound and bouncing around a few times while running up the Columbia--it's bad news all around and the response will overwhelm this country. It's a quiet front as pressure just builds and builds with minor deep tremors miles out in the ocean until it moves in a big way. Decent chance only the southern half goes though the whole thing is not at all out of the question. These earthquakes happen every 300-500 years with the last one being in 1700 as documented by the tsunami records in Japan. Speaking of Japan, The CSZ is the same kind of megathrust earthquake they experienced in 2011 but will be across a much greater area. (Discovery Bay geology shows the past 6 tsunami deposits over the last 2500 years.) Anyway, Washington's a great school and has a great campus in a cool location, but fuck 'em when they play Texas.
  2. And then you consider that black clothes are supposed to be slimming.
  3. Plus, LBs are usually key contributors on special teams whether they start on D or not.
  4. Did Rogers Hornsby, Nap Lajois, and Jackie Robinson play for the Astros?
  5. It's €‎2,000 (he already paid €700). €2,000 is about $2,081 at current exchange rates. Hot European escorts typically charge €150-300 per hour (plus extras), or so I hear. Do the math and €2,000 for a night seems in line.
  6. Hey, there will be no Trejo defamation on my watch. He showed up and did his job as best he could. He caught the ball and kicked it. Beggars can't be choosers.
  7. Yeah, but can you drive it to the hunting lease or tow a boat?
  8. Didn't the male escort guy let it slip at one point in the previous episode that the only people at the villa are gays and old women? Leads me to concur with the theory that Stifler's mom is being set up.
  9. Ohio St had some really shitty defensive calls too. That staff is not ready for prime time.
  10. Crawl, walk, roll--there's not much height difference between the three for Jimbo.
  11. I don't want Oregon in Texas. Much rather play Washington or even Utah. Still, if it is the Ducks, we need to crush them and the way the Beavers ran the ball, I think we will regardless of whether RB1 and RB2 choose to play.
  12. Wait, I thought Sanders was just a simple guy who has a father/son relationship with Gundy and enjoyed hunting birds in Oklahoma.
  13. Auburn all set to make a second-half comeback. They have Alabama right where they want them. (I don't see Hugh Freeze at Auburn making a big difference, but it would be a very Auburn thing to do.)
  14. Refs fucking with Oregon State in a big way. 14-10 Oregon at the half.
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