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  1. Please give your experiences and recommendations for locks, etc. for doors, double doors, French doors, gates, and windows. Not interested in alarm systems (already have one) and much prefer to not have to clean up the mess if I am forced to use my bedside table friend.
  2. Don't know why my link isn't working. Anyway, go look at Dick Dale's Showman.
  3. Both of these guys have only one year of eligibility remaining. No way they can learn Sark's system in only one year.
  4. Even when I was young and flexible. that "egg" would not have been my preferred sexual location.
  5. Does that fan dealie work? Looks interesting.
  6. I looked briefly and didn't see anything on this. I like metals just because I think they are fun. Fun to look at. Fun to hold. Just fun to have. My dad got me started, but his reason was "for when the commies take over". I think we all talk about the "security" that owning metals provides, but I never see how that would work. How do you envision using your metals? The girl at the checkout at HEB doesn't give a shit. Of course the HEB would have to actually be open. The gas station attendant, he won't fill my tank for gold or silver. Maybe you could find someone who would trade guns for metal, but you can't eat guns. Question is, and this is an honest question because I don't know and I would like the education. What will you try to do with metals...when the commies take over, or the Ruskies, or the Chinese, or the zombies?
  7. One good thing about a catheter. You can sit and drink beer all night and not have to get up to pee.
  8. The hit at 5:50 third quarter? We would have definitely gotten a late hit or roughing the quarterback called were teams reversed.
  9. Talk about hearing aids. Brands. Options. Comfort. I know nothing.
  10. Go to a neuro ENT. Do history and physical. Hearing test. Balance test. It's a pita but you will learn as much as is possible for your individual circumstance. ENT may say tough titty but you will know you've done everything you can. Until then live like a nun. No alcohol. No salt. No nsaids. Read the labels on all medicine bottles. It's not only nsaids that aggravate it. Look for the term "ototoxic" and stay away from it. Protect your ears. Pay attention to noise that may not seem obvious, for example the wind and motor noise of a boat. Lastly, tough titty.
  11. As the saying goes, "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy". Be the Queen.
  12. Similar but not exact situation. My thoughts, worth exactly nothing, but I can suggest suggestions from counselor and being old and weathered. Kids are in the process of separating, which is normal, but not easy for any involved. You can't fix it. Step back. Be kind but unattached. Treat them as you would the checker at HEB, kind but not offering suggestions or help...unless requested, and then tread lightly. As I am sure you know, they don't want your suggestions. They see it as you saying they don't already know this stuff. They see it as infantilizing. And in fact, they do already know. Trust your previous parenting. Play the long game. All easier said than done, especially for dads who have the natural instinct to fix it. I call it "Be the Queen" patterned after the Queens on The Crown. Kind. Interested. But not offering solutions. Trust your previous parenting. You know you did a good job. As for the spouse...I got nothing.
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