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  1. Not sure this is age related but...what can be done about drop outs on Spotify? About every other song I get a 1-2 second drop where nothing plays, then it comes back on in the same spot. I hate to lower audio quality from hifi to normal, but maybe that's it.
  2. Yeah, but I bet he has a bitchin' Crosley! Those babies could pull in Chicago!
  3. Judy Collins “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?” Then went to “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” sound track.
  4. How old? Real old. Sundial? Pish Posh...I got one of those newfangled time keeping devices that uses a swinging pendulum. Works even when there's no sun.
  5. Thanks for your time. I think I am wrong. I was expecting the first song to "stop" but what it does is pause, which does indeed allow me to click on another. I guess it's a convenience so I can go back to the place I paused if I want to. It will take me some time to transition from turntable to digital.
  6. I guess that's correct. I was just thinking the first played song would stop completely, but I am able to start another. I guess I'll just have multiple going in the "background" which I think I had compared to having too many appps open in the background of a computer. Thanks.
  7. Help out an old. How do I, to use vinyl as an example, "lift the needle". I often want to listen to one song from one album and then go to another song from another album. At present it wants to play the entire song before I can go to something else. I'm brand new to Spotify, so I may be using it wrong.
  8. One time my mom found a pack of Marlboros I thought I had adequately stashed…
  9. And all this time I thought Drifter was the descriptor in your username
  10. If you’re at home waiting for someone to show up and you are tired of waiting, go take a dump. They’ll show up mid squeeze.
  11. I should have been more clear. I don't care if I can play music in every room. I don't want to play music in every room. It's just me and the spouse and resale value is not important to me. I will die in this house. The new owner can figure it out if they need music in every room. I just don't want to go through the time and expense of removing all this wire if I don't need to. I guess I have answered my own question. Just stuff the wire ends back into the wall and patch the sheetrock. Guess I just needed to talk it through.
  12. I thought I saw mother today. Same hair. Same gait. Same size, but mother has been dead for 7 years. I'm a grown ass man. I should be past the grieving bullshit by now. So many things I wish I'd have done differently.
  13. I am moving in to a new, to me, house and the previous owner had a rather spectacular system set up. Wall/ceiling mounted speakers in at least 4 rooms. All controlled from one of two media closets. When he moved he took all the equipment, but obviously (I guess obvious) he left all the speakers and wires in the walls. I haven't been paying attention for several years and every thing seems to have changed to wireless now, or at least most things. Is it worth it for me to have someone come trace and label all these wires? I don't have the time or patience to do it myself. If it's worth it who in Austin would do such a thing? My first reaction is to just say fuck it and go with Sonos or whatever is the flavor of the week. I no longer need T-Rex to shake the house, but don't want to just use the speakers in the TV.
  14. Explain something to an old. Why would an upper, for example Adderall, laced with a downer, fentanyl, be an item? If I want to study, or otherwise get "up", assuming I live through the first dose, why would I seek that same pill a second time? Is it an "8 ball" thing? Seems counterintuitive.
  15. Just rewatched the Kennedy episode of The Crown. The back and forth between Elizabeth and Jackie, the insights they learned from each other, and especially when Elizabeth saw Jackie's dress at the end. Big lump in the throat.
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