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  1. You're about to give Kyrie something like 3 years 100M. Good luck. We'll take our chances with Sochan and a top 3 pick in the draft.
  2. They'll be awesome for a month. Just watch. Then the bus will crash through the guardrails into the ravine.
  3. What in the fuck are the Mavs doing.
  4. How do you figure the money is going to flow in if they get relegated?
  5. ztejas

    Rodney Terry

    Oh for fuck's sake. Yes. He has an accent and a unique voice. Comparing him to Charlie Strong is ridiculous. He's absolutely intelligent and engaging.
  6. Agreed. They're a top 12 team. I'm not confident in anything past that. The American is really shitty this year.
  7. ztejas

    USMNT 2023

    Ton of season left. Bournemouth and Soton are just dreadful so I see both of them going down but the 3rd team could be almost anyone at this point. Forest actually has the 3rd worst GD but they have 9 points in their last 5 matches now.
  8. Assuming Jesse gets canned unless he wins one of the ManU games. They have 6 days between games after that 2nd tie. I'm not sure the last time a side this valuable was relegated but it's been awhile.
  9. Which is nonsense. The article can say whatever it wants. Arizona beat osu by 32 points yesterday. Why would they drop a seed line?
  10. ISU needs a good kick in the penis in Moody.
  11. No, Palm doesn't. The bracket they linked to in the article is from Friday. The author of that article is a dipshit. I'm posting Lunardi because he's basically the authority and he has already updated everything.
  12. No - that bracket is from 2 days ago. I have no idea how Kansas was a 1 seed going into yesterday but Texas is a 2 seed today? Apparently the B12 #1 only gets a 1 seed if that team is Kansas. I also don't understand Arizona being over UCLA (that one especially - makes zero sense) and Alabama being over Tennessee.
  13. Just watched extended highlights of the 2nd half. The Bishop block/steal to win it was fucking nuts. And obviously his scoring around the basket was huge - he had the game winning bucket, too. Where has that been all season Christian??? Mitchell staying would be fun but he's probably gone. There are too many NBA plays I've seen him make this season. Stuff like what he does at 13:52 here (should be linked to the right timestamp) is going to raise some eyebrows. It's rare to find a guy as big as he is that can guard the way he does on the perimeter and he's a pretty good ball handler and a good passer - especially when running the floor. Obviously his offensive game is raw but that won't keep him from getting drafted.
  14. I guess it was 6-3 that I predicted down the stretch since we had already won the Baylor game when I commented. But I said a few games ago that we could win the B12 and that 14-4 will likely win the conference (and it's now basically a guarantee that 14 wins would do it). I think the number will be 13 but it's entirely possible that 12 wins gets a share this year. There doesn't seem to be much separation between the top 5 teams and everyone but us already has 3+ losses. I would be stunned if 13 wins doesn't earn a share and I think the only reason it wouldn't is if Texas goes 6-2 down the stretch here. You would think the B12 gets a #1 seed but it's possible we wind up with a bunch of 2-5 seeds instead. Texas is the highest B12 kenpom team at 9th and will be the highest B12 NET team at 7 or 8 maybe when they update the rankings. It's possible they give the B12 a 1 seed out of principle but it's also possible that the B12 doesn't actually have a top 4 team.
  15. Thinking it will be in the neighborhood of KU -2 but I could see a pick em.
  16. Maybe I don't understand how you define "talent" then. College talented =/= NBA talented and certainly not when a lot of these guys are undersized and not NBA athletes. They aren't playing NBA teams.
  17. They aren't NBA players because of their size and athleticism. Not because of what they can or can't do with a basketball. If Timmy Allen was 6'11" and Marcus Carr was 6'5" they would have been in the league years ago. He was good last game, too.
  18. I had 7-3 and thought we'd win today. I did not think we'd win today watching the first half. But the team that came back and won is the team that I thought could win 7 of the next 10. So, who knows?
  19. Well I missed the first K St game so I don't think it's that straightforward.
  20. Yeah this is very much a team-led team. You can give Terry credit but I'm giving more credit to the players for deciding they didn't want to lose this one.
  21. Nah Kansas will move up to 5 and we'll maybe move up one spot to 9. Do you even Kansas?
  22. Holy shit! I missed the 2nd half and just checked the score. Another comeback win. These fucking guys.
  23. Without Tyrese and Bishop probably up 15.
  24. Bishop with a scorching 0 points and 0 rebounds.
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