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  1. He did more than keep the wheels on the wagon. He led a very talented team to six straight postseason wins. The question is whether or not he can put together another group of guys like that. He deserves to get a few seasons to try. Evaluating him in December is pointless, anyway. We could go 10-8 in the B12, wind up a 9 seed, but if we win a couple more tournament games it would be another good season. I'd certainly rather have RT than that chucklefuck fraud on the other bench that beat him by 20 last night.
  2. Primo? Primo sucks and he's on the Clippers.
  3. Sweat is going to be consensus AA 63 for Texas and unanimous on top of it. Also - CBS selected a kick returner and punt returner on each team. SI just had kick returners. Are there supposed to be 4 or 5 spots for STs?
  4. This roster just isn't very good without Disu. I still don't think people appreciate or realize how good Carr was last season - dude made everything work on O. Abmas is a nice scoring guard but he just isn't the overall player that Carr was. And I don't know what the fuck is up with Tyrese. He should be a very good college PG and we've seen flashes of it but most of the time he's just sort of a middling D1 player. Not sure if it's a BBIQ thing or a heart thing or what but too often he's utterly forgettable. Terry tried to reload and did a pretty good job but it's entirely possible that we just lost too much from last season. That team was really fucking good and would have made the final four if not won the whole damn thing with better injury luck. It isn't realistic to have a team that good every season unless you're a top 5 coach at a top 5 program. These guys need time and they need Disu back and I think they have the chance to be pretty solid come March. They played one of the best teams in the country really tight the other night. This season is nowhere near an indictment of Terry yet - he's missing his best player and has a veteran point guard that's putting up abhorrent numbers. I like Terry a lot and think he will wind up being at Texas for awhile and put some more very good teams together. In one season he did more than Shaka did at Texas in six years. It's also possible he winds up being very meh and CDC finds someone better in a few years.
  5. He's not exactly inspiring confidence for the future.
  6. In fact, if we could leave Cedi Osman in Minnesota that would be great.
  7. It's rather difficult to put in a lineup worse than Collins, Johnson, Osman, McDermott and Branham in the 4th quarter of an NBA game that you're trying to win.
  8. I'm not sure how many more times I can watch Keldon Johnson fly into the lane and throw the ball 20 feet in the air this season.
  9. I think Texas wins because I think Shaka is a fraud.
  10. Apparently we have the highest assisted % of made field goals since the 2017 Warriors. That is where the similarities between the '24 Spurs and '17 Warriors begin and end.
  11. Damn I don't think I've had a shock tart in like 15 years. Do they still make those?
  12. Nah that shit is fucking fire. And it's alcoholic cousin twisted tea.
  13. ztejas


    RIP. Icon.
  14. Man this really makes you think.
  15. Gotta rename that street. Can't wait for him to get out on $12k bail.
  16. K. Texas has more plays of 40+, 50+ and 60+ yards on the season than UW. We also have the nation's leading punt returner.
  17. No - Washington does, too - and their DC is going to fucking need it.
  18. Lol UW ran for 125 on 3.8 ypc against Utah. At home. First game against UO they ran for 99 on 4.3 ypc. Second game against UO they ran for 157 on 4.2 ypc. Those are totally middling numbers in the 3 games they played against a D worth a shit. And then there was the 13 yards on 13 carries against a shitty ASU team. UW isn't beating Texas on the ground. They're going to have to air it out from the jump. It may or may not work, but they're gonna need something to work because Texas with a month of prep is going to put points on the board.
  19. I don't know who this @FonziDelNegro guy is but he has potential. Someone get a tee time with this cat and give us cell phone flop out v2. Wish I could make it for round 2 in NOLA but it's not in the cards.
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