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  1. Agreed. But questions at kicker always matter.
  2. ztejas

    USMNT 2022

    Eh. Better than BM. Not sure why Chelsea would do that, though.
  3. Fall Camp 2022: The Vagina Monologues
  4. ztejas

    USMNT 2022

    You can play CP at the top of a 4-4-2. The US has done it. Chelsea has played him in just about every position on the field save CM and CB. He's not a great false 9 - but he can play on both sides and is decent playing underneath. He obviously excels the most as a true winger .
  5. Why would the salesman lie to her?
  6. Nvm. Fuck that loser. Baty's cool though.
  7. Nice post. Definitely worth creating an account over.
  8. What a bunch of contradictory horseshit.
  9. Ewers is basically a true freshman. He's on a different timeline than Card. The fact that their abilities are already sort of intersecting tells me that Quinn probably is that dude. And - competition never hurt anybody. We know that Card is a workout warrior. Make QE earn it - he'll be better for it. I do agree with you that I want the better guy to play. I just don't see it being Card.
  10. You are 100 percent defending the guy. Ewers is gifted in ways that Card never will be. We have nothing to lose - why would we not take the guy with the higher ceiling? Of course it is. What I mean is that in college what's more important is being a gamer and making plays and imposing talent and athleticism advantages against opponents. If one guy knows the playbook a bit better but the other guy can scramble and throw it 40 yards off the wrong foot then I'm going to go with the latter. (I should have said "as important")
  11. ztejas

    USMNT 2022

    Holy fuck give me a break with the fucking loan shit, Chelsea. Either play him or sell him Tuchel. Take your Pulisic break-in-case-of-emergency panties off and make your mind up. This shit is getting to be infuriating. It will be better for both he and Chelsea to move on. Agreed but Newcastle is still the prem and he'd be a star there. Ranking it I'd go Juve, Newcastle, Atletico, Milan. Granted Chelsea kind of needs him with their current roster set-up so I'm not sure I'm buying that a transfer is imminent.
  12. I genuinely like your football takes but your defense of Card on here is getting to be weird. I can watch Quinn Ewers throw one football and know that he and Card have completely different outlooks at the position. This isn't the NFL. Fundamentals and playbook knowledge aren't exactly all that important. Quinn is going to win us more games.
  13. I was going to talk shit then I saw that he literally has his fucking phone number posted to Twitter and figured that I'm enough of a man by this point to not humiliate someone that pathetic.
  14. I guess it's just bugging me aesthetically. We did well to plate one there... then totally pissed it away.
  15. Yeah that take was fucking brutal.
  16. Show me Hudson Card once in his life throwing that ball.
  17. @shadow_operative2.0 I've immediately noticed the red outs counter. It's irritating me.
  18. He's starting. Say what you want about Sark he isn't blind.
  19. The Masters is great but the way that it can kind of validate someone's existence gets annoying. Part of the reason I treat the majors more equally than many others do (I also think that - situationally - Augusta is the easiest to win at). Reed is by all accounts a shithead of a high degree but he gets to think he's minted because of 4 days of golf he played at Augusta.
  20. ztejas


    What the fuck is this bullshit? You're better than this.
  21. Sounds like I missed some classic Ranger baseball. Time for the comeback. The Yankees lost, so that's nice.
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