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  1. I think re-reading the passenger is a must after reading stella maris. Stella maris wow! Great piece of work.
  2. Frog and toad were my favorite as a kid. Fast forward 30+ years they are my sons favorite. Phantom tollbooth is just amazing. How is that book not mentioned on the all-time greatest list ever?
  3. It doesn't look like good weight but what the fuck do I know
  4. Too long a layoff gaining 50 lbs. Not like he was knocking people out at light heavyweight so don't know where the ko power will come from? Hoping its a great fight though.
  5. my 5 year old son has been going through a bug faze. Hes loving this.
  6. Is this the Cormac Mccarthy thread? If so the passenger really made me wish I had a sister to love.
  7. So where does Joey Freshwater come into all of this?
  8. How many times do I have to watch the catch bull shit
  9. Cant blame receiver there. Greg said it best he didn't see the corner
  10. Shout out to Spencer Burford staring for the 9ers in the playoffs
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