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  1. Fuckin day games, how do they work
  2. Well, it was definitely a strike, right?
  3. Umpire Ángel Hernández is retiring, a source confirms to ESPN's Jeff Passan. One of the most controversial figures in the game, the source of much ire and frustration by fans and players alike, Hernandez has umpired his last game in Major League Baseball. First on news: USA Today's Bob Nightengale ESPN45m ago Omg omg omg omg
  4. Why can't we do just a little bit of this on the other days? Lose by 3, Lise by 2, win by 74, lose by 3
  5. Pretty sure Leclerc had an erection when he got out of the car
  6. Mbappe with the checkered flag at Monaco. Cool job.
  7. Senile fucking piece of shit low T butthurt idiot ump
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