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  1. is he the one who ran a construction business (or something like it, roofing maybe) in DFW?
  2. which workers are the ones who get like $2.37/hour and rely on tips? is that strictly reserved for wait staff at sit-down restaurants? can I assume that anyone working a counter is getting about $12-15 at least?
  3. I definitely enjoyed it but I didn't know much about Oppenheimer outside of "he's the guy that made the bomb" so following all the characters was a bit difficult. I think if you have read the book (that the movie is based on) or are just especially knowledgeable about that part of history that this movie would be like porn on ecstasy or something.
  4. that’s ridiculous and stupid.
  5. Julie Dobbs in afternoon drive-time is a savvy move by KEGL. The Hardline better be sweating.
  6. I’d never known about this… “elaine! to my archives.” or, google. interesting stuff. https://seinfeld.fandom.com/wiki/The_Bet
  7. yeah but Nolan took some creative license with the timeline. it bothered me that he put Heisenberg in the film when Breaking Bad didn’t take place for another 60+ years. I found it to be lazy writing.
  8. to get things off the trending topic I have a random question. can someone fill me in on the origin of the chili davis jokes that gordo makes from time to time? jub and junes seem to crack up whenever chili davis is mentioned and I somehow missed how that became a bit.
  9. 8:40 meh. now, monty… he’s got something.
  10. I’m just an armchair lawyer but this website says, per Metalico Pittsburgh Inc. v. Douglas Newman, Ray Medred and Allegheny Raw Materials, that non-competes only apply after the term of employment ends if the employee continues to work as an “at will” employee. someone who went to law school can correct me. https://non-compete.law/2017/05/03/does-a-non-compete-expire-when-the-term-of-an-employment-contract-ends/
  11. yeah you’re still talking about dan and jake. this situation is about the P1s and what is being taken from us. jake wasn’t getting millions but he was compensated. the end of all this is just no more hang zone for thousands of people every day. those guys are selfish as fuck.
  12. I’m gonna take a contrarian stance here. They’re supposed to do the show for the P1, obviously. But their egos are bruised so they are taking something away from a big chunk of the metroplex that loves and supports the ticket and the hang zone. They’re making it about themselves when it’s always been about us, the P1s. now, firebomb me. Sirois and Danny both quit did they not?
  13. I’m not a law expert but wouldn’t the non-compete only apply if your contract has not expired? like if you resigned or quit? how could they have any control over you if you were not under contract?
  14. I’m appalled that so many of you jump to black people when “city” is mentioned. that’s the most racist part of any of this garbage. plenty of white idiots protesting and cussing cops in the city. probably more whites than blacks to be honest. this whole charade is a joke, though. it’s not a good song, and now we’ve all had to listen to it.
  15. I mean so much shit is fake on social media. it looks legit and probably is, but if it were somehow edited I wouldn't be surprised. but that girl was a badass; would be a cool scene in a movie or something.
  16. @Angry Gorilla do you have any knowledge of what drive time hosts make?
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