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  1. Lol. So aggy's all-time greatest player in the history of pigskin was, and will always be, a complete fuckup. How apropos.
  2. Slightly related; slightly off-topic question. Does UT have any Tom Landry related honors like a statue or anything on campus? As an alum and lifelong (don't judge me) Cowboy fan, I actually didn't even know Landry attended UT until I read his autobiography. Sports aside, he accomplished quite a lot in WWII as a B-17 pilot.
  3. Just caught up. A little dusty in here. Not to go CR or anything, but the folks we consider "heroes" today v. these guys. Eeesh.
  4. Something else that I didn't catch while watching. And, I don't think it's made the 40+ list of stupidity or plot holes over the last 3 pages. We knew Annie was killed by the group of scientists; however, the Eskimo Mafia did not know this. Why did they go after the entire crew?
  5. Wait. Why was there a spiral on the cave ceiling? What was the shit moving around under the table? Why'd the electricity go off? How did Clark get untied from his torture chair? Why the hell would two cops go spelunking w/o any plans if they got lost? Why would two cops split up to chase a crazy dude through a research center? Why'd Danvers leave an orange peel in the shape of the spiral? I'm not going to go rewatch, but I thought Annie died in a cave. IIRC, she was in a lab room when murdered. Your partner disappeared. You're second in command disappeared. 7, no 8 scientists just died "randomly". A witness disappeared. But, hey! Good luck with the local political scene.
  6. Guess I'll give it a shot, though for some reason, I prefer the group episodes like XL.
  7. Does Pearl Harbor count? I mean, some of it is real.
  8. Christ. Are we already fuckinging up on the basepaths again?
  9. I just want to make the tourney this year. I can't believe that may be too much to ask at a school like Texas.
  10. Gotta be scheme, yes? Seems as if you can coach defense easier than offense. At least as far as talent goes. An untalented team can still be in the right spot and/or hustle on D.
  11. Well, I was on the 40 in the mid-90's. Not everyone can be prestigious enough to make the "Chicks over 40...." thread.
  12. Yep. That was me for the last 15 mins of the game. And holy hell I hate rooting for Chelsea.
  13. Damn. I f'd around and found out.
  14. Yep. I've now watched two NF games just to see Reynas debut, only to be disappointed. I figured being up a goal, West Ham down a player in the 75th, ball controlling midfielder = win. I guess not.
  15. Um, yeah. About that...
  16. https://mrgamingstreams.com/247/longhornnet Assuming attendance doesn't include the outfield.
  17. You're welcome. I found a stream, and we scored 5 runs.
  18. LOL. I saw "Courviosier" and thought of The Ladies Man before scrolling down and seeing that you'd posted the meme.
  19. Tennessee's schedule is ridiculously effing easy. I'd put them in the Top 10. Aug 31: Chattanooga at Tennessee - WIN Sept. 7: Tennessee vs NC State (Charlotte) - WIN Sept. 14: Kent State at Tennessee -WIN Sept. 21: Tennessee at Oklahoma -50/50 Oct. 5: Tennessee at Arkansas - WIN Oct. 12: Florida at Tennessee - WIN Oct. 19: Alabama at Tennessee - 50/50 Nov. 2: Kentucky at Tennessee - WIN Nov. 9: Mississippi State at Tennessee - WIN Nov. 16: Tennessee at Georgia - LOSS Nov. 23: UTEP at Tennessee - WIN Nov. 30: Tennessee at Vanderbilt - WIN
  20. My wife sells stuff on WhatNot. I think that's what it's called. Her niche, so to speak, is Disney and Harry pansy pussy Potter stuff. She does ok as a hobby; however, those that do it full time probably rake in some cash.
  21. I've had many a sports injury - 2 ACLs, 2 broken ribs, dislocated foot/ankle, broken wrist, dislocated shoulder twice, herniated disc in my back a couple of times. I think it's perfectly ok to get doped up for a few days when recovering. It's 2024. I want to think most doctors will understand the length of time a painkiller is needed, then cut it off after that point. I state this because in Knoxville, I had a doc that would - quite literally - just fill prescrips left and right as needed. I seem to recall his degree was from Guadalajara or somesuch. Luckily for me, I don't have an addictive personality or genetic disposition for such, so I could easily walk away. I can see how those with that kind of disposition can get easily addicted. Anything over 2 weeks, IMO, needs remediation.
  22. Got you for 3 bricks. Thanks for helping those in need.
  23. Yes sir. A female friend and I were looking for an apartment one year. Long story short, she had the cash and credit score, so she got more of the say-so. One of the spots we looked at was a block from the field. I damn near resorted to begging her to pick this spot. I did get a cool pic one time of Troy, Aikman, and Irvin standing side-by-side from about 5 feet back once. I need to see if I can find that.
  24. Lol. I brought this play up to Carl Eller once on a business trip. He's still pissed about it. Said Pearson interfered. I argued for a second before I realized he was about to beat my ass.
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